Medical Princess - Chapter 779 It's you, not us!

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The hall was very quiet, and a few people were very quiet. It seemed that the cry of Shao Yanru was sad, painful, and even a hint of despair.

This isn't just acting. Today's events happened too suddenly. Suddenly, Shao Yanru caught him by surprise. She could hardly believe that she had a good card and it would suddenly become a mess.

Shao Yanru couldn't make herself crying. Shu Qi hugged her and followed her silent tears. Shao Yanru cried while watching Shao Wanru, seeing her head lowered, silently looking at the ground in front of her, watching It also seemed to be sad and sad. This happened, and it was also a great disaster for the entire Shao family of girls.

If the matter of Shao Yanru's poplar and the coupling of the two princes is really brought up, not to mention that Xingguo Gong will not be good, and Shao's women will not get better.

Yu Jie stood behind Shao Wanru, and remained motionless.

"Sister Five, I'm sorry ... I ... I'm sorry to all the women of our family!" Shao Yanru started crying intermittently again.

Shao Wanru slowly raised her head, narrowing her cold eyes, she would not believe half of Shao Yanru's humility.

"The elder sister now says what's so useful!" She sneered, but her face frowned slowly.

"I ... I know ... but ... but now ... what to do ... this ... what to do!" Shao Yanru cried.

"What does Big Sister want to say?" Shao Wanru's Liu Mei frowned tightly, with a little discomfort.

"I ... I'm afraid that the emperor will be angry with his father, this ... what can I do! Father and grandmother still don't know. If we are angry, our whole house will not be better. I'm afraid that even this title will ... Also ... "Shao Yanru said and wept again.

Shao Wan looked at Shao Yanru coldly, then condensed the ridicule in his heart. Whether it was Chu Liuyu or Shao Yanru, he felt that he liked the knighthood of Xingguo Government, that's good!

"The emperor will take back the title?" Raising his head, his eyebrows tightened.

"Maybe ... maybe ... I don't even know ... Sister Five, what do we do now, if this title is really taken back by the two of us, how do we ... see our grandmother and father. In exchange ... we will be sinners of the Shaw family! "

Shao Yanru eyes burst into tears, looked at Shao Wanru sadly, full of sorrow.

Shao Wanru looked at her, her eyes lingering coldly and slowly, "Sister, it's you, not us two!"

"I know, I know, I was upset, and brought the five sisters in. I am going to be the eternal sinner of the Shaw family. What will the five sisters do now? If there is really no way, I am willing to confess my death, As long as it doesn't involve our Shaw family! "

Shao Yanru's six gods have no subject, and looking at Shao Wan as if to get support from her.

This look, look at her pale face and the behavior of just seeking death, even if there is no matter how great hatred, it seems to fade.

Regardless, at this time, Shao Yanru was heartbreaking. Thinking about what happened to her, it was normal at the beginning of the great transgender personality change. In the face of life and death, the past grievances seemed less important.

"What does the older sister think should be?" Shao Wanru's coldness on his face subsided a little, Shen Ning said a bit.

"Sister Five, first tell me how the queen mother should deal with me? Dispose of our Xingguo government?" Shao Yanru asked with tears. She didn't believe what she heard before, and asked again, her body was shaking slightly, and the book and chess rushed to help She lay down halfway, carefully avoiding the wound on her chest.

"Let you raise here for a few days. After a few days, you will be sent to the palace if you are fine!" Shao Wanru blinked slowly.

Shao Yanru held the hand of the horn and clenched tightly, did he go out of the palace? She is unwilling. If she does go out of the house, she will have no chance.

"So ... didn't you say anything to your father?" Afraid that Shao Wanru was aware, Shao Yanru hurried to the side, pretending to wipe her tears.

"I don't know about this. There may be something, maybe nothing. The emperor has left Fengyi Palace. Your queen mother will deal with it!" Although Shao Wanru seemed unhappy, she still told the truth.

"Then ... why not send me out of the house now, should such a thing happen, shouldn't you send me out of the house right away?" Shao Yanru took a moment's glance, her eyes paled, and she looked like she could not stand the blow.

This is the center of the question.

Shao Wanru sneered secretly. Shao Yanru was indeed Shao Yanru. After this major event, not only did he not collapse, but he quickly grasped the most critical point. With this, he wanted to turn around!

The talented singer did a great job, but it was just to confuse herself, or to change her mind to be more stubborn, for fear that this time she would really let her pass.

However, it happened that she did not intend to hide the news, but to see how Shao Yanru got to the position of the emperor's harem this time.

"The meaning of the queen lady, sending you out of the palace at this time, and sending it out with the two young ladies before, will make people mistakenly think that the older sister is also in a bad position with the two young ladies!"

Shao Wan answered like calm water.

Shao Yanru's head was lifted, her face looked like crying, laughing, joyful, and sad. She looked at Shao Wanru with tears in her eyes, her lips pursed twice, and she found her own voice: "The queen mother really Did you say that? "

This means that what happened with her and Chu Liuyu and Chu Liuzhou was hidden.

"The queen maiden said that indeed, the older sister can rest assured that he is injured here!" Shao Wanru stood up and said.

"Sister Five ... Could you ask for something?" Shao Yanru stared at Shao Wanru with wide eyes, with sadness and tears in her eyes.

"What is it?" Shao Wan said calmly.

"Can you ... Can you help me report a peace to my father and grandmother, I ... I'm afraid they worry about me ..." Shao Yanru's face fell into tears again, watching the tears fall from her white tender chin, inexplicably It's pitiful.

Shao Yanru was originally excellent. In this case, she became more pitiful, less dignified in the past, but a little more weak than before. Such a woman, clinging to the bedside, was full of tears. The silent cry was very distressing, and even Jie Jie, who was standing behind Shao Wan, was softened.

She looked at her own lady, and then looked at Shao Yanru's desire to stop talking.

Shao Wan refused Shao Yanru's request as usual: "Sister, I am also a show girl, and you are also a show girl now. If there is news, it is not convenient. If the big sister wants to send a message, let it go. There is no familiar person in this house! "

"But ... I'm not very convenient now!" Shao Yanru said sadly.

"I'm not convenient!" Shao Wanru refused very simply, and looked at Shao Yanru with a heavy face. "Sister, I'm just here to take care of you, but I really dare not pass on such a letter. If the sister must let me pass, I went to see the queen maiden, and asked the queen maiden to send a letter for you. The queen maiden knew that it was Zhou Wang who had misunderstood the elder sister, and she felt guilty for the elder sister. It would be feasible to ask the queen mother!

Shao Wanru said this with a blind eye.

The queen mother had Shao Yanru's heart at this time. If it was not for the sake of Zhou Wang, it would not let Zhou Wang ignore it, and hide the things that Zhou Wang had secretly dealt with before her. How could Shao Yanru run into this time? In front of the Queen Mother.

"Sister, although I said that the queen lady asked me to take care of you, I don't think it would be convenient to live here, otherwise I would have to make a bed here. Do you think I would live here or live here?" Shao Wanru looked around. Pointing to a road, "It's actually good to put a couch here!"

There is an empty place at the head of Shao Yanru's bed, and the other places are not large. This was originally the side hall of the side hall, but it was actually a slightly wider room, divided into two compartments in front and back. How many places can I put on a bed.

"Miss, are you and the young lady leaning too tightly on this?" Yu Jie also came over to look at it, feeling uncomfortable, and shook her head.

Almost with the young lady's bed.

"Anyway, I need to take care of my elder sister. It doesn't matter if I stay in one place. During this time, if I live here, I can take care of my elder sister without leaving for a while and try to take care of her body!" Shao Wanru said carelessly, A pair of deep eyes glanced at Shao Yanru, and Huer smiled slightly. "This is in the palace. I couldn't walk around at all. I'm not bored by my sister's side!"

This means to follow Shao Yanru step by step.

"Sister Wu, I think you still go back to Chu Xiugong to sleep. Sorry, sister Wu will come in the morning and go back at night. If you live in the same place at night, sister Wu is uncomfortable and I ’m not very convenient. I have never lived with anyone. A room! "Shao Yanrurou whispered, reaching for his hands and wiping his tears with difficulty, as if pulling the wound, his pained face turned white.

"I'm not uncomfortable, and it's a little too far to come and go!" Shao Wanru said unwillingly.

"It's not always good. If Sister Five also comes to Fengyi Palace, wouldn't she plan on drafting? We are only leaving you in the Xingguo Mansion. How can you not choose the draft? I have no hope for myself. Then, how can I be responsible for the five sisters! "Shao Yanru said with concern.

"It doesn't matter if I choose or not. I can't just enlarge my sister here alone. The meaning of the queen mother let me take care of you here!" Shao Wan said indifferently.

"Sister Five, you're ridiculous. My business is no longer good. If you don't even choose the draft now, what makes others think of our Xingguo Government, and how we look at the girls who are not in the court!" Shao Yanru wiped her tears again, and her strong face appeared strong, expecting to look at Shao Wanru, her eyes bitter.

Turned out to be Shao Wanru wholeheartedly!

This act is of course to let herself go. Shao Wanru looked at Shao Yanru's face, and she saw the impatience hidden behind her bitterness.

She didn't want to stay originally, so that could be related to what happened after Shao Yanru.

"But this is what the queen maiden meant ..." Shao Wanru shook.

"Don't you worry, I have a way!" When Shao Wanru shook, Shao Yanru was overjoyed and said in a hurry, she couldn't let Shao Wanru stay staring at herself.

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