Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 5265 Always in my heart

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Thinking of the sudden departure of Yunqi, he thought that he should find an opportunity to talk to her.

On the night of the night, Feng Jiu came to the room of the nephew and watched her slouched there. She smiled and asked: "What happened? Isn’t the mother’s true word Dan did not work?”

"Nanny," said the child, and said: "I confessed to the master, but the master told me that he was tired, rest, let me leave."

Wen Yan, Feng Jiu stunned a bit, and then chuckled out: "I really don't think it is the Qing Emperor, I didn't expect even the power of Zhenyan Dan can be pressed down." He came to the table and sat down, watching her, she Smiled: "You don't have to be disappointed, I believe in your mother's eyes, the Green Emperor has you in his heart."

"Really?" The child couldn't help but look at her.

"Really." She whispered her nose and smiled. "When did the girl kiss you? Come, I will tell you about the story of you and the monarch."

So, this night, the two chatted in the room, it was one night...

The next day, when the child went out, the whole person was refreshed and his face was full of spirit and enthusiasm. She decided, anyway, the master is only one of her, and she can only have her one, she does not believe, the long years, the master can not be tempted!

In the days that followed, Qingdi looked at her smiles day by day, especially when facing him. The smile looked like the past, as if the confession of the day had never happened. It was strange to see him, and he was prepared to follow When she spoke well, she endured it because she saw her strange look.

Until half a month later, his body gradually turned better. On the evening of the same day, he looked at the book in the courtyard, saw her coming in as usual, and after busy, he was accompanied by the table.

He said: "Small seven, ready for the teacher to return to Yunxiaoshan."

"Then I will go back with the master." She even said.

Hearing the words, Qingdi stunned a little, holding a book, but he did not care to see it. He was thinking about things in his mind. For a long time, he put down his book and looked at her: "Xiaoqi, you confessed to the teacher that day." ”

"Well, Master, you can rest assured that even if you are not tempted by me now, I will always be by your side. Anyway, besides me, I will not let other women approach half a step, I... When her words were not finished, her hand was held. For a time, she also stunned and looked at him with a sly look.

"Now tell you, as a teacher, as early as the last life, I will put you here as a teacher." He took her hand and pressed it in the heart.

The nephew's eyes widened and his face was sluggish.

Looking at her like this, the Qing emperor smiled instead: "Happy and stupid?"

"Master, you, you didn't lie to me? You, are you telling me?" asked the child.

"Well, I didn't lie to you, it's true. I always put you in my heart. I didn't know when to start. You are already an indispensable part of my life."

He looked at her and asked softly: "Small seven, are you willing to be with you forever?"

"Well! I am willing! Willing!" She hugged him and hugged him.

Qingdi also reached out and hugged her, feeling the feeling she was in his arms. Half-sounding, said: "Let's talk to you about your business."

The nephew laughed and said: "My sister-in-law has already gone to Yunyou this morning. They said that we don't care about our affairs. We will be married in the future, and then tell them."

Hearing the words, Qingdi’s lips and micro-hooks, holding her hand: “Then we go back to the mountains.”

"Okay." The child smiled sweetly and went away with his fingers.

Two pieces of shadows follow each other, ten fingers and fingers, laughter spread with the light wind, faintly heard, their expectations for the future......

End of the story

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