Monster Integration - Chapter 1922 - Mira

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Chapter 1922 - Mira

The morning came, and I woke up early, as usual, freshened up, showered before cooking myself and Ashlyn a sumptuous breakfast.

My vines make it quite easy for me to cook a large amount of food in a short time, and my control over the energy has increased enough that now every food I eat is soul food which has a very high requirement for energy control.

I again had started to give a little more focus to my energy control as I would need it to operate my new Inheritance when I level up, which would be exceedingly complex and even have a core that would change things a lot, and I need to be prepared for it.

Otherwise, it would be like giving control of complex formation to the novice who had just learned to operate the formations.

Soon, I finished the breakfast; while Ashlyn flew outside, I took a top book from the pile of books. For few days, I had been studying magical veins, not only of the humans but also of the other races, some of which I had never heard about.

I am doing it because my magical veins had widened and strengthed by 10% in the garden; It is the work of my bloodline energy; it is one of the things it did after absorbing the energy of the garden, and I want to maximize the use of it since it is a big thing.

It should not have been able to bring such a huge change in my body, seeing it had already reached the absolute limit, but a big part of my Bloodline is made of rule-bending power, and as long as it gets high energy, it could do anything..

My Bloodline had benefitted immensely from the energies in the garden; it had not only strengthened my veins but also strengthened itself considerably. My Bloodline is quite stronger than before and would be extremely helpful to me in ruins.

"Looks like someone is quite excited to see their little girlfriend," A voice said as I landed by the teleportation formation. "Councilwomen Marla, Grandmaster Rufus," I greeted the two councilmembers.

"Good, you have gotten your aura under control. I thought you would show off a little in front of your little girlfriend," Councilwoman Marla as she looked at my aura, which is at the middle of an unranked level which is still shocking when seeing I am an Emperor.

"Congratulation, Grandmaster, you have finally attained Leader class," I said to the other councilmember. This old man could be said to be one of the most talented people in the Academy, and if he had regular Apex Inheritance, he would have reached above the leader class long ago.

His Inheritance is a little different, a very special Tracker class Inheritance which is very hard to improve, but it is extremely important that before me, Pyramid had listed him as the most important person. If Academy was in danger, they would focus on rescuing him before Headmistress or other council members.

His calm days are numbered, the war will begin soon, and Pyramid will order his deployment where his expertise will be necessary.

We were just talking when the runic formation lit up, and three people appeared, two women and one man. "Lady Serena, I did not think you would grace us with your presence," Coulcilwomen Marla said to the old woman with blond hair.

This old woman had aged, but her hair had remained like she is twenty years old; she looked to be in her late sixties, just like councilwomen Marla but is much more powerful than her. She is a Master class Tyrant; some people refer to it as Monster class, as very few people are able to reach this level, and most of them are old.

"I wanted to; I have heard so much about the young pupil of your academy that I couldn't resist coming," Lady Serina said in a soothing voice and looked at me.

Feeling her gaze on me, I felt every hair on my body stood up and my scremed danger from all the corners. She is the most powerful person I have ever come across; her power is above that of the leader class Tyrants; she could kill all three of us with a single swipe of her hand.

"I am sure Micheal is delighted to be in your presence, aren't you, Michael?" Councilwoman Marla asked. She rarely referred me by my name; most of the time, she called me 'successor,'

She is referring to me by name in front of her, which means to convey I could be persuaded with enough persuasion, which is not the case, of course, but you have to show it in front of these people. The old woman is an expert in such subtle conversation tricks.

"It is an honor, lady Serena," I said as I bowed a little, "My, my, how polite, and your aura is also strong, just like that of our Mimi," she said as she patted on shoulders of Mira besides her.

Eversince they arrived, I wanted to look at Mira, but it was not polite, especially when you are in the presence of someone like lady Serena but now she herself referred to Mira, I can look at her.

Mira, I hadn't seen her for more than a year, and she had changed. No, the change would be the wrong word; she had grown, more beautiful and more powerful.

She looked even more beautiful than before; her hair had become luscious, and her eyes more vibrant. Her aura, on the other hand, is equal to mine, which is quite surprising as such strength is not easy to get. I was able to get due to honeycomb and various extremely precious energies.

Well, she had a Bloodline.

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