Monster Integration - Chapter 2531 Water Bindings

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Chapter 2531 Water Bindings

  A minute passed when it finally stopped pouring energy into the curtain it had enveloped itself, and a moment later, the sphere parted like a curtain, and the Apeman walked out. 

I only glanced at it; instead, I looked at the wall of water that formed behind it after the sphere parted. That wall in which it had poured immense energy it and have to be careful of.

”A few decades ago, I began on something big; it took me more time than I had thought it would take, but after what I am accomplished through it, making it all worth it,” It said languidly and once again moved its trident slowly and with it moved the wall of water behind it and formed swirl of water 

”This had become my greatest trump card; with it, I was even able to defend against the High Grandmaster for one whole minute,” It said and pointed its trident at me.

”Cannon Storm!” It said and pointed its trident at me.

Sup Sup Sup!

The watery swirl in front of its trident rippled, and hundreds of fist-size water balls came out of the swirl and shot toward me with a speed and velocity that instantly alarmed me; that immediately, I harnessed nearly all the power of boost and disappeared from my spot.

”There is no running away, human; this is my domain.” It said grandly, and the cannonballs scattered and came at me from all directions.

’It seemed like I have to deal against it,’ I said to myself and stopped; at the same time, the red glow on my saber’s blade became brighter, and its enchantments powered up even further; since I was going to clash against them, I might as well go all out.

It did not take even a second for the first water cannon to appear in front of me, and I swung my saber at it.

The blade of the saber touched the water cannonball, and I felt like my saber had touched something solid with high energy content. It is very hard to cut something like it; not many peak Grandmasters might be able to achieve it, but I am not like many Grandmasters.


A sizzling sound rang out, and my saber cut apart the think water cannonball and also destroyed the energy of the Apeman inside it, so it could not reform, and it had shocked it.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle

That was just the beginning; as the very next moment, tens of water cannonballs arrived by me, and I began to cut them apart. 

Though I did not cut all of them, and nor did I try to, it was very hard, and there was a chance that one of the balls might hit me, considering the bastard could manipulate them even when they are moving at such speed. So, I dodged those I could and cut those I could.

Still, in a matter of a few seconds, I had cut apart over a hundred water balls. Their numbers have begun to decrease, and I am having an easier time dealing with them.


I was cutting through the balls when a big surprise couldn’t help but appear on my face when I noticed the Apeman was applying a near similar strategy as me.

Thin invisible water wines coming at me; these water wires are thin, thin as water, but contain far more energy than the water balls. Most importantly, they are invisible and very hard to see and detect through the soul sense.

It will be very hard to get away once one is bound by these water strings as I could feel some sealing elements in it too. 

I couldn’t help but be impressed by it; it had made excellent use of the environment in this move. It seemed like the bastard had not wasted the decades it had spent creating this move.

After a moment of thought, I let the water wires come over me and let them bind me and once again became impressed by it; I did not feel anything. If I did not know the invisible water wire binding me, I wouldn’t felt them at all.

They did not impede my movements; it was like they did not exist at all, just like my strings.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle

I could see the hidden joy in the eyes of the Apeman as its water wires bound me, and to keep a charade, it continued attacking me with water cannonballs that kept coming out of the watery swirl shrinking with each ball is released.

Time passed, and as more and more balls were released with even faster speed, I had to tap into all the power of the boost.

Now, I do not have any strength; if I want the strength, then I will have to burn my blood, but I don’t think it will come to that.


Finally, I was able to cut to the last ball of water and looked at the Apeman with a smile. “Do you have anything else?” I asked with a smile; it was a confident smile.

”Why do I need anything else when you have already died in my eyes,” It said, and a killing smile spread on the huge ugly head.

”I die? It seemed like you are having quite a delusions.” I asked while completely ignoring the invisible water wire that had bound me, acting like I did not see them at all.

”Am I?” It asked back; hearing that, I put an expression of doubt on my face and looked around with my soul sense.

”I had told you, human, it is my domain; you are dead the moment; you have set a step on it,” It said, and anger flashed in my eyes; when I tried to open my mouth, I found out I could not. There seemed to be something biding it.

It is not just my mouth which I couldn’t seem to move, but also other parts of my body; I have completely restricted, and powerful sealing energy had formed sealed over me, stopping me from using any of my strength.

I showed the alarm I had seen in the eyes of the enemy when I bound them and also did not fail to notice how it talked.

The confidence, the languid, I guess it comes when you are confident when your enemy is completely under your control, you could kill it any moment you wanted. Unfortunately for it, its confidence of it is quite misplaced.

”You are dead human, but I guess before I kill you, I should give you a chance to speak some last words; I am generous that way,” It said, and the water-binding on my mouth vanished.

”Speak human; it will be the last words you will speak before reaching the underworld,” It added as binding came down from my mouth.

”You wanted to know my identity, right?” I asked, surprising it greatly. It was hoping to see me panic or beg for mercy, but instead, I asked it a question.

”Well, I will show you; it is time to finish this battle anyway,” I said, and my helmet disappeared. Just as it happened, a couple of emotions appeared on its face. 

First was the confusion, then was recognization, then a horror before a mix of fear and confidence settled in finally.

”You are bound, Zaar,” It said with hesitation, to which I shook my head, “No, it is you that is bound,” I said, and the next moment, water bindings shook before started to flow down from my body, leaving me completely free.

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