Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 529 - Just Like Metamorphosis

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Chapter 529: Just Like Metamorphosis

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After leaving the hall, instead of returning to his quarters, Feng Ziqian headed straight for Heavenly Spiral Academy.

His father only summoned Appraiser Lin on such short notice because he wanted to meet Senior Shu. Yet, because Lin Jin was tied up in an emergency, he couldn’t visit the palace, so it was natural that Senior Shu wouldn’t come too.

Although his father didn’t voice it out, Feng Ziqian knew that he was mildly upset.

That was a pain shared by all emperors.

However, his father was aware of the strategic importance of Heavenly Spiral Academy. How did their nation manage to gain the status of a premium country?

It was all thanks to the Heavenly Spiral Academy. It was an institution with hundreds of years of history, and a large team of competent Rank 4 appraisers. The academy even had a single Rank 5 appraiser!

In a sense, a Rank 4 beast appraiser’s worth exceeded the value of a Rank 5 pet beast..

Without appraisers, a Rank 5 beast couldn’t possibly evolve. No one could even treat them when they got hurt. However, with these appraisers around, they could afford to field more Rank 5 beasts.

Despite his displeasure, there was nothing his father could do to change that fact.

Instead, Feng Ziqian was curious as to what was holding Appraiser Lin back.

He finally learned the truth when he arrived at the academy.

“So that’s it!” Feng Ziqian could see many of the academy lecturers waiting outside Peach Blosso, House. Even Mr. Zhong was waiting here, and Feng Ziqian soon understood the gravity of the situation.

“That darned officer didn’t clarify the situation at all.” Feng Ziqian realized that the officer was lying in his report. A sly person like him could not be allowed to continue working for the palace. At the very least, he could not be relied on anymore.

If he managed to rouse his father’s anger, and if his father decided to escalate the situation, wouldn’t he be the instigator of a massive misunderstanding?

Even someone of Mr. Zhong’s status could only wait outside, fearful of disturbing Appraiser Lin. If his father had come to interfere, he would surely annoy the academy’s appraisers, ultimately sowing discord between the two sides.

Thankfully, his father knew better and decided not to pursue the matter.

Wise and experienced was his old father after all.

Feng Ziqian couldn’t help exclaiming on the inside.

The academy operated with a great deal of autonomy. They had authority over most matters, like when their lecturers get ambushed, injured, or if they deserted from their position. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even report it to the palace.

Of course, the palace would carry out their own investigations in secret to stay on top of things.

Feng Ziqian knew a bit about Appraiser Yang Ming’s situation. He even knew that there was a suspected traitor within the academy. Since the academy had yet to arrive at a conclusion, an arrest warrant couldn’t be issued yet.

Having learned of Appraiser Yang’s injuries, Feng Ziqian was of the opinion that the appraiser’s wounds were too severe. Not only was his pet beast taken away, but even his cultivation roots were destroyed. Forget cultivation and spell-casting, he might even have trouble walking in the future. In other words, he would be no different from a cripple.

However, Appraiser Yang hailed from Great Deer Kingdom, so even if he was badly injured, Heavenly Spiral Kingdom did not suffer any substantial losses.

Again, the royal family only cared for merits.

The same couldn’t be said for the academy. No matter where they came from, once an individual entered the academy’s faculty, they were the academy’s appraisers. When injured, the academy would do its best to treat its staff. This custom has been maintained for hundreds of years in Heavenly Spiral Academy.

Now, Feng Ziqian wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

He was also curious how Appraiser Lin would treat Appraiser Yang Ming.

He was not the exception. Everyone here knew of Appraiser Yang’s injuries and they thought he was beyond repair, especially given how Mr. Zhong couldn’t help him. Still, they all wore expectant expressions.

This was because, at present, Mr. Zhong was only number two in the academy. In first place, or should they say, forever in first place, was still Senior Shu.

They were sure that Senior Shu was inside Peach Blossom House right now. With her providing guidance or even handling the operation herself, Appraiser Yang might have a chance of a successful recovery.

This was the conclusion most people arrived at.

However, after clarifying the matter with Mr. Zhong, Feng Ziqian was told that even Senior Shu couldn’t help Appraiser Yang. The person treating Appraiser Yang right now was Lin Jin.

Feng Ziqian was dumbfounded.

Instead of being hung up on the matter, the prince quickly figured out why this was the case.

Lin Jin’s master was phenomenal, so his disciple couldn’t possibly be bad right?

Anyway, Feng Ziqian didn’t plan on leaving soon. If possible, he wanted to wait for the results. Feng Ziqian suddenly caught sight of an old officer from the palace. That person must be here to gather information as well.

Without even asking, Feng Ziqian knew that he must have been sent here by his father.

Looks like his father was also curious about the matter.

Feeling rather bored, Feng Ziqian looked around and to his surprise, he noticed a large crane perched on the wall of the courtyard. The crane carried an unusual aura and its feathers were thick and lustrous. Noticing Feng Ziqian’s gaze, the bird looked back at him.

Both of them locked gazes.

In the end, it was Feng Ziqian who lost the stare down.

‘This crane mustn’t be underestimated,’ Feng Ziqian silently decided. Having seen many things in his lifetime, he had never met a crane like this one. Its gaze was just too piercing.

Looking up again, Feng Ziqian noticed a hawk sitting on the roof of Peach Blossom House.

Still as a statue, it didn’t move. The creature was by no means tiny. Its size resembled a human child that was crouching down on the rooftop.

Feng Ziqian’s gut instinct told him that he shouldn’t underestimate both the hawk and the crane.

Time trickled away and another two hours passed. It was late at night when finally, the gates of Peach Blossom House were pushed open.

Everyone shuffled over to take a look.

The person who emerged from the house wasn’t Lin Jin or his disciples, but Appraiser Yang Ming himself.

Feng Ziqian’s heart thumped.

‘Didn’t they say that Appraiser Yang was already crippled?’

Everyone was equally confused. After pushing the door open, Appraiser Yang Ming saluted Lin Jin again, who was sending him off.

“Appraiser Lin, I, Yang Ming, will never forget your grace.” Yang Ming was visibly excited. His eyes were bloodshot as if his tears had just stopped.

Appraiser Lin returned a salute with a compassionate expression. “You’re too kind, Appraiser Yang. As lecturers of the same academy, it’s only natural for us to help each other out. I didn’t really do much either. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have mended your damaged veins and organs. Some parts might even feel stronger than before, but you’ve only just recovered so you’ll need time to recuperate. You must remember to consume the pills I’ve given you, one each day. Your condition should stabilize in three to five days at most. After that, you may try to accumulate your spirit energy again and spell-casting shouldn’t be an issue.”

Yang Ming nodded ever so respectfully.

Then, he noticed the people standing outside. He saluted them while saying, “I’m sorry to have troubled everyone. Appraiser Lin has fully mended the injuries throughout my body so there is no need for you to worry about my condition anymore.”

One simple sentence confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

Their emotions grew turbulent. Not only were they excited, but they were confused as well.

They had seen with their own eyes, Appraiser Yang entering Peach Blossom House on a tiger’s back, just like a cripple. It was only half a day later that he emerged from the house like a normal person.

Some could even sense a unique aura from Yang Ming.

It was the energy of a dragon and tiger.

It wasn’t a mistake. When Lin Jin was sewing and mending Yang Ming’s meridians, he had used the vein of a dragon and the bone of a tiger when connecting one of his muscles.

Although he used only a tiny bit, Yang Ming felt as if he had undergone a metamorphosis.

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