Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 530 - Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle

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Chapter 530: Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle

If he could get used to this renewed body, Yang Ming might even be considered better off than before, despite his unfortunate encounter. After all, a dragon’s vein and a tiger’s bone had just been used to patch up his body. Even if Lin Jin had only performed this sort of treatment for the first time, if it turns out to be a success, Yang Ming’s physical body would be at least several times stronger than before.

The volume of spirit energy he could store inside his body would increase too.

This would, in turn, be a blessing in disguise. The only problem left was helping Yang Ming to contract a new pet beast. Even Lin Jin was out of ideas, for now.

What seemed like an impossibility to most people was solvable thanks to the museum.

However, some time was needed.

Still, Yang Ming already saw this as the best outcome. Being a Rank 4 beast appraiser himself, Yang Ming knew how challenging this had been. Hence, apart from gratitude, he also felt impressed by Lin Jin. He now had a newfound reverence for this man.

In Yang Ming’s opinion, Lin Jin’s capabilities had exceeded that of Mr. Zhong’s. In some aspects, even Senior Shu couldn’t compare to him.

To think he even tried to harassed Lin Jin in the beginning. He must have been insane.

Mr. Zhong came over and studied Yang Ming up and down. The young man no longer appeared dispirited. He gained an additional air of maturity from the treatment. Now, he stood tall and had a striking appearance. Despite possessing the fragility of someone who had just been treated for his wounds, Mr. Zhong could sense energy and potential emanating off Yang Ming.

“Just what kind of technique is this?” Zhong Zifeng mumbled to himself. He patted Yang Ming’s shoulder and then turned to Lin Jin, unable to conceal the thirst for knowledge in his eyes.

Forget Zhong Zifeng, the other appraisers thought the same too. If it weren’t for the inappropriate timing, they might have already pounced at Lin Jin to seek his knowledge.

This was a common predisposition shared by all beast appraisers.

Lin Jin could see their passionate gazes and he quickly figured out what was on their minds. Even if he kept quiet today, he could foresee many people coming to visit him tomorrow.

And Lin Jin didn’t want that.

Thus, after giving it some thought, he announced, “Everyone, it’s already late and I’m quite exhausted after administering acupuncture for several consecutive hours. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be hosting a discussion on the art of acupuncture administration at the First Lecture Hall. If any lecturers are interested, feel free to join in as well.”

Having said that, Lin Jin saluted the crowd again before closing his doors.

He was not lying when he said he was exhausted. To treat Yang Ming, Lin Jin had to mend over a hundred areas where there were damaged veins. Although he did not intend it to be one, this treatment session was where he was able to polish his skills. Initially, he thought that he had already achieved the pinnacle of the pulse-seeking technique. However, after treating Yang Ming, he surprisingly broke through to a higher level.

“As the saying goes, ‘knowledge knows no boundaries’,” Lin Jin muttered to himself.

Shu Xiaolou and Shang’er approached him.

Lin Jin knew what they wanted to ask so he waved his hand. “I’m tired. You can both join the class tomorrow. Oh, right. Shang’er, if you have time, recite Beast Energy Formation a few times so those guys wouldn’t have waited for nothing.”

Having said that, Lin Jin retreated to his room to sleep.

Shang’er was confused so Shu Xiaolou explained the situation to her.

By ‘those guys’, Lin Jin was referring to the intelligent beasts who had already embarked on the path of cultivation. ‘Those guys’ were the carp in the pond, the snake in the bushes, the crane on the wall, and the hawk on the roof.

“Your master is asking you to recite it, so you better not cut corners.” As a painting spirit, Shu Xiaolou didn’t understand the concept of exhaustion. She sat down in a corner and stared at Shang’er.

Without another word, Shang’er sat upright and began reciting the formula of Beast Energy Formation. As a bonus, she added her understanding of the formula into her recital.

Her lecture was quite similar to Lin Jin’s version but she had approached it from a different angle, so perhaps these clever beasts could reap much more from it.

The fact that Shang’er added her revelations meant that the beasts were more engrossed in her lecture than usual. At some point, even Senior Mo sat down and joined the lesson.

He knew that Shang’er was Lin Jin’s ‘first disciple’, so the cultivation knowledge she learned was most profound and comprehensive. In terms of monster cultivation, she was his senior.

Shu Xiaolou was no monster so there was no need for her to cultivate Beast Energy Formation. She merely listened to the lecture out of curiosity and the desire to increase her knowledge.

After listening for a little while, Shu Xiaolou grew restless. Her silhouette wavered before she was quietly transported to the inner room. Inside, Lin Jin was sitting cross-legged on his bed, holding a needle in his hand. His eyes were shut tight as if he was in deep thought.

‘What’s he doing?’ Shu Xiaolou was curious but she didn’t get close.

It was evident that Lin Jin must have had an epiphany from treating Yang Ming, which explained why he was currently in deep thought. A person who was in such a trance-like state mustn’t be disturbed.

Since ancient times, cultivators took the matter of safeguarding incredibly seriously. It required a person whom the cultivator trusted to guard them against external disturbances as he enters a state of assimilation.

If his thoughts were interrupted halfway through the process, he might find it difficult, if not impossible, to regain that state of enhanced comprehension.

Shu Xiaolou could tell that Lin Jin was in contemplation so she leaned against the door frame to act as his guard.

“I’m helping him out so much so once he’s awake, I’ll have him tell me just what did he assimilate,” Shu Xiaolou mumbled to herself.

Shu Xiaolou was correct. Lin Jin had, indeed, entered a state of comprehension.

Of course, his psyche was only inside the Museum of Deadly Beasts, reading a book that fell off one of the museum’s shelves.

This book had fallen so abruptly that Lin Jin thought it was one of the museum’s rewards. Moments later, he realized that it wasn’t the case. He must have achieved some new understanding, so the museum was lending him a hand by dropping him a relevant book.

The book was about a much more profound acupuncture topic.

It had quite an incredible name.

Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle.

The first page of the book stated that ‘Only those who had achieved pinnacle understanding of the pulse-seeking technique could cultivate this method.’

Lin Jin pondered this issue for the longest time. He didn’t have a clear understanding of the level he was at when it came to the pulse-seeking technique.

After all, no one had practiced the pulse-seeking technique before him. Those who learned after him, both Shang’er and Shu Xiaolou, definitely couldn’t compare to him in terms of accomplishments.

However, to say that his proficiency in the pulse-seeking technique had reached pinnacle mastery was something Lin Jin was unsure of.

And so, he hesitated.

But on second thought, he might just be overthinking things.

The museum must have acknowledged his strength or it wouldn’t have dropped him the book. His repairing Yang Ming’s meridians today must have been the reason behind this. It wasn’t just because of his extraordinary skills that the book was given to him. It was also because Lin Jin had thought out of the box when utilizing the pulse-seeking technique, using it for purposes that were never discussed in the original teachings.

Refining the Thunderfire Needle was one example of this. This time, his using a dragon’s vein and tiger’s bone to patch up Yang Ming’s body was considered another novel usage of the skill.

Only by achieving pinnacle mastery could one make such attempts.

Thus, he shouldn’t have any problems cultivating this Body Recast Psyche Refining Needle.

Lin Jin loosened up and he flipped the cover over to study the book.

Once he started reading, Lin Jin was so immersed in the sea of information that he found himself unable to pull himself away.

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