My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1250 - Third Young Master Ye, This is Truly Your Daughter (III)

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Chapter 1250: Chapter 1250 Third Young Master Ye, This is Truly Your Daughter (III)

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“Eh.” Chu Wuyou replied softly. Her eyes turned towards Tang Zhixi once again. Since her darling had come, she definitely wanted to acknowledge him.

Now, she would not object to this matter.

Third Young Master Ye saw Chu Wuyou looking at Tang Zhixi once again. His eyes flashed quickly and he suddenly said quickly, “You must believe that I will not have an illegitimate daughter unless…”

Unless that child was born from her.

“Bad person.” Tang Zhixi glared at him fiercely and interrupted Third Young Master Ye.

Her father really did not acknowledge her. Bad father. Hmph, she ignored her father.

At this moment, Tang Zhixi saw the red balloon swaying in the corner in front of her.

Her brother said that they had to retreat immediately when they saw the red balloon. They could not expose themselves.

Tang Zhixi was already angry with Third Young Master Ye. When she saw the red balloon, her small mouth twitched slightly. She glared at Third Young Master Ye and held Qin Yutong’s hand. “Let’s go. Ignore the bad guys.”

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye had become a bad guy in Tang Zhixi’s eyes.

If her father did not acknowledge her, she did not want to acknowledge the bad guy as her father. She wanted to find her brother.

“Ah?!” Qin Yutong was engrossed in watching the show when Tang Zhixi suddenly pulled her away. She did not come back to her senses for a moment.

Why was she leaving just like that?!

This father had not acknowledged her yet?!

Was she not going to acknowledge him?!

The little darling lost her temper and did not acknowledge her father anymore?!

Qin Yutong quickly raised her eyes and looked at Chu Wuyou. was she really going to leave just like that?

Chu Wuyou saw the red balloon not far away and also saw the face that Tang Zhimo had poked out.

Her direction was facing Tang Zhimo, so she could see it very clearly.

Therefore, Chu Wuyou immediately guessed why Tang Zhixi suddenly wanted to leave. Presumably, this red balloon was the secret signal that the two of them had agreed to retreat.

Tang Zhixi saw the signal and wanted to retreat. Tang Zhimo must have been angry when he released the signal for retreat.

Tang Zhimo was already angry with Ye Lanchen because of the previous incident. Seeing the current situation, he must have been even angrier.

Originally, Darling Zhixi’s heart was very soft. She had always liked Ye Lanchen and wanted to acknowledge him. However, Ye Lanchen’s performance just now had clearly angered the little princess.

Since things had already come to this, what else could she say? No matter what, she had to care about darling’s emotions.

Previously, Darling Zhimo was the only one who was in a bad mood. Now that both of them were in a bad mood, what else could she do?

Chu Wuyou sighed lightly and turned her gaze to look at Ye Lanchen. Just like that, he had angered his daughter and son until they ran away.

Qin Yutong saw that Chu Wuyou did not say anything and allowed Tang Zhixi to drag her away.

Third Young Master Ye watched as Tang Zhixi left just like that. He was actually very reluctant to part with her, so he could not help but look in the direction where Tang Zhixi left.

At this moment, Tang Zhixi had not gone far. After all, she was small and had short legs, so she did not walk very fast.

“Isn’t this child very cute?” Chu Wuyou looked at Third Young Master Ye’s obviously reluctant gaze and could not help but ask,

Chu Wuyou could see Third Young Master Ye’s reluctance, so she wanted to create a chance for him to make up for it.. She wanted to help him gain some good impressions in front of her darling, hoping that he could seize the opportunity to win back her darling’s heart. As long as he could win back her darling’s heart, things would be perfect!!!

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