My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker - Chapter 5780 Sky Star Extraordinary End

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Chapter 5780, the final chapter of Sikongxing extraordinarily (below)

Li Ruiying looked embarrassed.

She didn't know how to tell her niece.

Without even saying a word, he was swept out of the house.

Thinking of this, my heart was still angry, but after all, he was much calmer than before.

Princess Huaizhu tugged Li Ruiying's sleeves and gently shook her coquettishly: "Auntie, I heard that the empress dowager will host a banquet for them tonight. Look..."

Li Ruiying's complexion changed, her eyes darkened.

Even the niece who had just entered the palace knew about the banquet held by the empress dowager, but the news did not reach her. Obviously, there was no plan to invite her.

Li Ruiying became more angry as she thought about it, and pushed Sangu, "Go out and inquire, I want to know the truth."

Sangu looked at Huaizhu hesitantly.

She actually didn't want to leave Li Niangniang now, she knew exactly what kind of temper Princess Huaizhu was.

Sangu was worried that she would go out of this side, and that Li Niangniang would be provoked by the ulterior motive Princess Huaizhu.

Niangniang's current status is not easy to come by, and Sangu naturally doesn't want Li Niangniang to die by herself.

The third aunt didn't dare to violate Li Ruiying's order, and hurried out to find the two maids who had been chewing the tongue before, and from them, they got a clear picture of the matter.

The two sacred palace ladies did not expect that they would be heard by the passing Li Niangniang when they were chatting. Naturally, they shivered and knelt down begging for mercy.

Sangu didn't deal with them, but coldly warned: "My mother is kind, I will spare you once. Next time I dare to break your mouth, I will cut your tongue."

The two palace ladies shrank and nodded.

After Sangu went back, she reported the matter to Li Ruiying in full and said that she had dealt with the two court ladies.

Naturally, Li Ruiying would not take the two lowly palace servants to heart, and Sangu said that she had dealt with it, so she told the matter.

Sangu said anxiously, "So it seems that in the past, even the high-ranking concubine Zheng was also dealt with by the former prince. It can be seen that the former prince's methods are powerful."

"Niangniang, if you don't have to, don't fight with them." The third aunt persuaded bitterly. "The former prince and the prince are now the emperor and queen of Shenzhou, so naturally they won't live long on the star of Sikong."

"Now you will be patient for a while, and when they leave, naturally you don't have to stay low and be small."

Li Ruiying was unhappy, "You let me tolerate everywhere, but others may not put us in their eyes."

Huaizhu was listening, already impatient.

Now I heard my aunt say this, and nodded hurriedly, "That's right. And if others say that you believe it? How many years have passed since the matter of the concubine Zheng, how do you know that her death was not hidden? "

"Furthermore, it is said that the two are from Shenzhou, and their status is very noble. But who knows whether it is? We have never been to Shangsanzhou. It is not what they say is what."

Sangu was taken aback and looked at Huaizhu who was aside with a bad look, "The princess's words are not good. Haven't you said that before, did Miss Qiaolin cultivate her?"

"Although the old slave is a low-level person, he at least knows how to wait and see. The two nobles from China are different from ordinary people at first glance. From the outside, the old slave can't feel their cultivation level at all. ."


"Niangniang, please think twice." The third aunt lowered her head to persuade. "Looking at the attitude of the king today, you will know that if something really happens, you still have to be arrogant, and the king will not help you."

Li Ruiying, whose brain shook with Huaizhu's fever, suddenly became a little sober, thinking about the true nature of this statement.

The king completely ignored her existence today.

If she really offended the two people who came from China, it is estimated that the king would not defend her at all, but would kick her out for disposal in the first place.

Thinking of this, Li Ruiying felt suffocated.

She stretched out her hand to cover her heart, looking flustered and short of breath.

Seeing that she finally had a clear mind, Sangu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and leaned to her side and whispered, "Danny, there is a lesson in front of you. We must not follow in the footsteps of Concubine Zheng."

Princess Huaizhu glared at her, and wanted to say something to turn the tide, so she heard hurried footsteps outside.

"Niangniang Niangniang, the king's marriage decree has come down, and we will marry our princess to Shi Guangjin, the third son of Qingguo Gongfu."

Li Niangniang opened her mouth wide before she could react, and she heard the voice of Princess Huaizhu screaming.

Turning his head to see, Huaizhu was so angry that he passed out.


"Shi Guangjin?" Qiao Mu glanced at Mo Lin in amazement.

Mo Lin understood that the little daughter-in-law's confused eyes meant that she didn't remember this person at all.

With a light cough, Mo Lin slid her little hand into her palm, "That's the one who intended to hit your carriage on the first day of the new year and give you a lesson."

Say it so vividly, the face paralysis will immediately notice, "So it was him."

Then why did the princess of Hoanguo be pointed to Shi Guangjin by the boss?

Somewhat inexplicably.

"Yu'er personally brought it up," Mo Lin said blankly. "To my father, the third youngest of the Shi family has not been married for so many years, and it has become the heart of the Qing Dynasty."

"Oh." Xiao Facial replied.

Child Mo Xiao, who was sitting on the carpet playing pills, raised his chubby chin, took a look at his mother, and then looked at his father seriously.

I don't know if it is his own illusion, he feels that his father has a feeling of being unable to answer the words.

Just after my mother said "oh", my father's voice got stuck...

"Do you remember Wu Xiaosu?"

Qiaomu glanced at the man inexplicably, "Who?"


I really can't talk with my wife!

Asked that she didn't remember anything, but it was. I think it took a lot of effort to get the little prince to remember his face, so as not to be confused with other guards!

"Don't remember. Anyway, it's irrelevant." Mo Lin laughed and raised her hand to rub her head.

"Yu'er said that Shi Guangjin has been obsessed with Wu Xiaosu for many years, and it's time to find someone to live his life well."

Qiao Mu said "Oh" again.

She didn't sound much at all.

Anyway, it was a matter between a few idlers, she had heard it.

"Boom boom boom."

The door of the wing was knocked lightly.

Qiao Mu bent his mouth, "Come in."

The little monk walked in, followed by the little monkey looking around.

"Female donor."


Mo Lin glanced at the young monk warningly.

The little monk is eight years old this year, the baby's fat on his face has lost a lot, and the excellent appearance of the Mo family has been revealed.

An old-fashioned little adult, arching his hands to the arbor, "mother."

Qiao Mu's face was paralyzed, and he answered politely, beckoning him, "What's the matter?"

"Mother, I plan to go out alone, and I will experience it everywhere on this sky star. If I want to, I can increase my knowledge!" The little monk said to the back, his nose wrinkled, "but the little monkey is going to follow me Go ahead."

The little monkey stretched out his hand and punched his bare head, "Did I discuss it with you? I, as your little monkey aunt, ordered you to take me with you."


The little friend Mo Xiao crawled over, hugged the little monk’s calf on the ground, and shouted, "Big Brother, Big Brother, take me with you!"

Kong Kong's little face showed a little embarrassment.

what happened?

There are more and more people acting alone!

Qiao Mu squeezed a small face, barely suppressed his smile, raised his hand to touch the bald head of the little monk, "How did you think of going out to practice?"

"Reading ten thousand books is worse than traveling ten thousand miles. The world is so big, I want to see it!"


It's free to see you!

The little monk folded his hands together and looked like old Shen: "Following father and mother, the young eagle will never grow up."

On the side, the little friend Mo Xiao looked at him in admiration, nodding like garlic.

Moline dragged her son up from the ground angrily, "Go and play, it's not your part. When you don't wet the bed, come to learn from your older brother."

Child Mo Xiao widened his eyes, "When do I wet the bed?"

After speaking, he was thrown on the bed by his autocratic father and rolled over.

"Amitabha Buddha." The little monk muttered, "Female donor, take care of your bandit husband."


The little monkey almost laughed aloud, leaped in front of Qiao Mu, and shook her arm, "Miss Sister, let us go! If I want to go out and practice, I won’t be in any danger with him. ."

On Sikong Star, with their strength, they can walk sideways, and of course there can be no danger.

Qiaomu was just a little reluctant.

"We are going to Sanctuary in a while, don't you plan to go with us?"

Kongkong shook Xiaoguang's head and waved his hand: "Getting together is a fate, and parting is also a fate. Female donor, don't be sad, we will see you one day!"

Qiaomu wanted to reach out and hit him.

What's the special problem of your literary words, you can't change it since you were young, right?

"Female benefactor, the little monk is not by your side, you must pay more attention to your body and take care of the bandit husband. Don't go out to cause trouble, let alone quarrel with the bandit husband for a little thing... Uh, uh, uh?" Kongkong stared angrily. Moline stretched out his hand to cover his mouth.

The two people were so arrogant, they dilute the thoughts of parting a lot.

Qiao Mu raised his hand and touched the little monk's head, lovingly said: "When you grow up, you should have your own ideas. Just go wherever you want. Everything has parents."

The little monk blinked his eyes, suddenly jumped forward, and plunged into Qiao Mu's arms.

Qiao Mu touched his light head, and suddenly remembered that many years ago, she knocked on the door of the ancient temple in Changshu Forest.

The door opened, and an old monk dragged the young monk to stand at the door.

The little monk was four years old, with a small face and a round chin.

Seeing the stranger was very shy, he shrank behind the waist of the old monk, only showing a small bare head, looking at himself curiously.

This has been for many years.

The young eagle will finally fly.

That night, Mo Yu came to see his eldest brother and sister-in-law, and the three of them talked for a long time in the middle of the night.

Outsiders didn't know what was said, only that the next day the edict on marriage from the king went to Qiao's house and delivered it to Miss Qiao.

Qiao Lin was cursing while holding the marriage edict, and Mo Yu suddenly popped a head out of the window and grinned at her.

The second young lady pointed to Mo Yu as soon as she was about to speak, when the kid suddenly jumped to her and gave her a stubborn smile.

"Get to know Miss Er. Your future husband, Mo Yu."

Qiao Lin couldn't hold his pretty face a little bit, he laughed out loud, and handed him a punch, "I want to be the husband of the girl, let's talk about it!"


"I'm leaving so soon, it's only been two days since I came back." Zhao Hou muttered and took his son's hand, and glanced angrily.

The Queen Mother Meng sat aside, her eyes also showing a trace of perseverance.

"Mother, grandmother, don't worry. It's very convenient to come and go to Shenzhou and Sikongxing now. You can come back whenever you want."

The eldest king sat aside and smiled, "Yeah, yeah. Yuer will be married in six months. At that time, my son and they will definitely come back."

When Zhao Empress thought that this was indeed the case, he was a little bit happy again.

Mo Lin smiled and said to Zhao Empress, "Don't worry, mother, we will come back early for Yuer's wedding and we will never miss the good time."

"Good, good." Zhao Empress smiled.

Everyone talked about it. In the afternoon, Qiao Mu and Mo Lin and his party left Beijing, and Qiao Lin stayed in Beijing to prepare for their marriage.

Qiao Mu sent a message to Yusu and the others, asking them to **** Qiao Zhongbang, Wei Ziqin and the others back, and help Xiao Lin'er prepare together.

When everyone was about to board the Canglang Red Clouds, they saw Qiao Mu staring at the mountain not far away.

"what happened?"

"Look!" Jojo raised his finger to the sky.

Feng Chen said "Huh," "Ah, it's a spirit bird? It's rare to see a spirit beast in the Lower Star Territory."

Duanyue followed that side and glanced at it, "It seems to be?"

"Go!" Qiao Mu's eyes lit up, and he rose into the air with a swish, and flew towards the mountain peak.

She was so fast that she passed by like a puff of blue smoke, and reached the peak of the mountain in an instant.

But I saw a man in his early fifties with an elegant face in Tsing Yi robes, directing a group of disciples to besiege the spirit bird on the top of the peak.

The spirit bird vomited fire and vigorously, and when so many of them dealt with it, they were a little rushed.

Fortunately, the middle-aged person's cultivation base has almost broken through the spiritual realm, so the situation can still be controlled.

Qiao Mu's eyes brightened, and he leaped over and greeted him, "Good man Valley Lord, such a coincidence."

Mo Lin and Duan Yue glanced at each other, feeling a little surprised.

Qiao Qiao has a poor memory and is generally recognized.

In fact, she doesn't have a bad memory, just because there are so many idle people, she is reluctant to remember.

So it's really not easy for her to remember her face, even her famous name.

The man who was called the Lord of the Good Man turned his head with a dazed expression.

When I saw Qiao Mu and the people behind her, my eyes couldn't help but look straight.

"You, you? You are! Is..."

"Little Junior Sister?" A surprised voice came out from behind the Good Man Gu.

Wen Dan ran to Qiao Mu quickly, haha ​​smiled, "It's really your little junior sister, are you back?"

"Senior Sister Wen." Qiao Mu turned and nodded at her, "I'm back."

"Who is this?" Feng Chen asked blankly.

"Oh, this is the Qixia Valley Valley Master that Qiao Qiao met when he participated in the Three Sects and Five Sects." Duan Yue's eyes also showed a touch of memory.

I think Joe Joe, who was twelve years old, was fierce!

In the three sects and five sect gatherings to show up, stunning everyone.

"Oh my God, I haven't seen you in seven or eight years." Everyone smiled and turned their eyes to the little dumpling who looked up at them.

"Little Junior Sister, is this your son?"

It looks too similar to Prince Mo! A cute little dumpling face, I really want to pinch.

Owner of Qixia Valley:...

Children, have you forgotten something?

"Attention!" Qixia Valley Master yelled, seeing the spirit bird rushing towards him, opening his mouth to spray out a cluster of fire.

Qiao Mu turned his head and glanced.

The fire-breathing spirit bird suddenly solidified in mid-air.

The Good Man Valley Master and his party watched the fierce spirit beast, stiffly falling down like a log, and hit the ground with a "bang".

The owner of Qixia Valley pulled his mouth inexplicably.

How did he feel that the spirit bird was very human, and was completely frightened by the face paralysis?

When everyone saw the spirit beast fell down on its own, they quickly grabbed the front and tied it up firmly.

A Qixiagu disciple muttered to himself, "Curious! I just beat it for a long time, and it is very fierce. Is the successor weak now?"

Qiao Mu took out three talismans full of things and stuffed them into the hands of the Qixia Valley Master, "Good Man Valley Master, give it to you, you can open it with a drop of blood."

"Now my Shenshui Sect is reopened in Shenzhou. I have found the second uncle and other senior sisters. If we have the opportunity, we can go back to Qixia Valley to reunite."

Good Guy Valley Master: ......There are no two of the five sects. If the three sects, puff, come to Qixia Valley to reunite again?

Can Sanzong make good friends? Can a dog bite a dog?

"Good people Valley Lord, time is limited today, let's not pass it. Get together again another day."

Luo Jinyang nodded with emotion, and after saying goodbye to the little girl and others, when he opened the three tokens given by the little girl, Lord Luo Gu was also shocked and dizzy.

Wen Dan looked at the fading shadow of the Canglang Canglang, and he seemed to see a little girl standing on the back of Qingluan Big Bird, her clothes stretched out her hand gently, expressionless face and a fist to everyone.

"Good people valley master, fellow brothers and sisters of Qixia Valley, today's kindness, my Qiao Mu will remember in my heart! See you again in the future, I will repay this kindness. Goodbye!"

There was a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

It's great, the younger sister looks very happy now, and they are very happy in their hearts.


A few years later

Mingyas stood at the entrance of the icy and snowy area, looking up at the white valleys on both sides of the bank.

A group of guards followed closely, but the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound.

With the ice lion galloping, the brigade marched towards the ice and snow domain and shot the snow beast.

"Your Majesty has an order, see that the ferret is going to catch it!"

Everyone responded, but they couldn't help but murmured in their hearts: Your Majesty will come to the ice and snowy areas to shoot hunting every year, and every year he wants to catch a live little ferret, it is not a weird complex.

Late that day.

Seeing that Mingyasi had been standing on the top of the mountain for a long time and never returned to the camp, Ge Ying took a robe and put on Mingyasi, standing beside him with her head hanging down, she did not dare to say anything.

"Is there any news coming?"

When Ge Ying saw him questioning, she dared to nod her head and gave a low reply.

"Did you give birth?"

Ge Ying shook her head hurriedly.

"Why haven't you given birth yet?" Mingyas said in an air, "What a useless man! I have given birth to a boy for so many years. I'm afraid he is not very good at it!"

Ge Ying:...

Majesty, what you say is what you say, I hope you can speak this sentence to your Majesty Shenzhou.

In fact, Ge Ying really wanted to ask this lord, after so many years, why do you always pay attention to the two daughters of Shenzhou who were born or not?

Whether you are born or not has nothing to do with you, right!

Where did Ge Ying know that when Mingyasi turned around and couldn't fall asleep at night, he would stand up and sit up and gritted his teeth and mutter to herself: My son, the eagle on the grassland, will marry your girl back to avenge me!

Let Lao Tzu's heartache for a lifetime, and Lao Tzu wants you to taste what it's like to feel heartache.

If you don't get what I love, who you marry, or how many children you live, are all beyond the scope of Medyas' consideration.

Someone has this belief every day and waits year after year.

The number of sons has gradually increased. However, those couples are so nervous that they don't have a daughter to come out. You say you are not worried about people.

"Haqiu!" Qiao Mu rubbed his little nose, poke out a little head from the pavilion, and looked at the two players who were playing not far away.

There must be someone talking bad about Joe Joe behind his back.

Xiaomian stared at the two for a long time, couldn't help taking out a bead, and flew over.

Mo Lin was considering how to do it. Hearing the sound, he stretched out his fingers and turned to look at her.

At this moment, the guy in Broken Moon "slapped" his other hand, and his black piece fell on the chessboard.

"You shameless!"

Broken Moon said expressionlessly, "Soldiers are not tired of fraud."

Seeing that the two dogs bit the dog and started to do it again, Qiaomu stretched out his hand boredly and yawned and waved at the other seven flowers who were fishing in the lake, "Just catch a few and come up. I can't eat it either."

Duanyue picked up Baizi from the chessboard one by one, threw it into the chess box, flicked it, "Did you find it clear?"

What does Mingyas want to know? He put people around them day by day, and didn't know what to ask.

Mo Lin said with a stinking handsome face, "Inquiry about whether we had any girls."

Duanyue looked stunned, and the hand that fiddled with the chess piece paused, "He?"

Could it be a pervert?

Mo Lin snorted, "He has given birth to so many boys, and he hits my daughter on the head!"

Pooh! Don't say he doesn't have a girl now, even if he does, hey, he will definitely not give it to him.

Qiao Mu walked into the lakeside pavilion, and when he heard the word "girlfriend", he blinked and asked, "Do you know?"

What do we know?

The two looked at her dumbfounded.

Oh, I didn’t know!

Qiao Mu shook his head, and said in his heart: What I said, I have a girlish thing, no one said anything?

She was afraid that it was too early. A group of people were like crazy, restricting her free movement every day!

Then isn't she going to be bored to death.

That's it, let's talk about it later.

In that room, Feng Chen and his party led the little friend Mo Xiao and walked over with a basket of fresh produce.

"Let's go, I will do it myself today, and I will give you a hearty fresh meal!" Qiao Mu stood up and waved his hand.

Everyone twitched their mouths, and hurriedly followed her and shouted, "Jojo, I'm here, don't worry."

"Yes, come to me, I come!"

Qiao Mu turned a deaf ear and walked away.

Make the food you like and give it to the people you like. This is simply happiness.


"Mother, they are rock-paper-scissors behind!" Before Xiao Tuanzi's bluffing, she was covered by Feng Chen's mouth.

Rock, paper, scissors, whoever loses eats more!

Qiao Mu smiled and walked briskly towards the kitchen.

Behind the trail winding, the crowd laughed and talked about Yan Yan, half of the sunset hung the sky, shining a bright golden color...


End of the book


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