My Glorious Evolution Simulator - Chapter 285 Is this high tech?

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The two sides fought for days.

Insect swarms are typical of fighting to support warfare, and the more they fight, the stronger they become. Although the reproduction speed is fast, the battle is also lossy.

Moreover, the current front has been stretched for thousands of miles, covering more than a dozen cities, and it takes time for the creep to spread, so their number and reproduction speed cannot be fully covered in such a short period of time.

Therefore, there are some differences between the current mode of swarm combat and the previous ones. To deal with the main combat troops, it is still the worm sea strategy;

To deal with some other combat troops, it is more inclined to operate independently on a small scale, just like the locusts passing through the border, where the creatures are turned into their nutrients.

This is also the reason why the 'Iron Legion' can split up to fight and rescue friendly troops.

Not much time effort.

Under the main attack of thirty 'j-810' autonomous combat machines and the coordinated operations of friendly troops, the scattered swarms were quickly wiped out.

Subsequently, some autonomous combat machines replaced available parts for structurally damaged teammates, while others performed simple rescue work for the wounded of friendly troops.

After the dressing was completed, one of the autonomous combat machines stood up, glanced around with its blue electronic eyes, and asked, "Who is the leader of your unit?"

The voice is a simple electronic synthesis sound, cold and without any emotion, in fact, he has no such thing as emotion.

The soldiers of the army looked at Huang Jianhui in unison. It turned out that the person in charge of this combat unit was a captain of the Special Clearance Agency, but he died when he was ambushed, and Huang Jianhui, his deputy, naturally became the person in charge.


Huang Jianhui straightened his back in a daze, gave a military salute, and said as if reporting to his home: "Lieutenant Huang Jianhui of the Special Clearing House, Operation No. 06726.

Our combat mission is to investigate local combat units in Shuyang, and then join forces with friendly troops in the east of Shuyang. However, during the investigation, our department was ambushed by enemy combat units, resulting in heavy casualties. "

The 'j-810' autonomous combat machine did some investigation on the internal network, and indeed found Huang Jianhui's troop number, and the combat mission was exactly what he said.

But when Huang Jianhui's personal information was investigated, his neural network cpu was down for a moment...

Once recommended 'Liang Chao' to join the Special Clearance Agency! ?

The personal information of the special clearance agency is updated synchronously…

Therefore, the name 'Liang Chao' is also highlighted. This Liang Chao is Academician Liang of the Academy and Congressman Liang of the Federation.


He was thinking for the first time, trying to think, thinking about whether to report to the 'highest authority' and ask him how to deal with it.

However, after careful analysis, I still didn't report it, because the "highest authority" was very busy, and it was enough to deal with such trivial matters.

He pondered for a while, as if he was contacting something, and then said: "I helped you call for supplies, and also helped you contact the troops stationed in the east of Shuyang.

Your troops rest here for a while, and someone should come to pick you up soon. "


Huang Jianhui's expression brightened, he straightened his waist and gave a military salute, with a bit of joy on his face.

It's okay to contact the troops stationed in the east, they also contacted when they were attacked;

My own army was killed from the ambush of the insect wave. Although it was not as exaggerated as running out of ammunition and food, it was not much better. Supplies were really just needed.

Because of the loss of front-line air dominance, ordinary troops can only go to nearby supply stations if they want to add supplies.

But the 'Iron Legion' is obviously not in the category of 'ordinary troops'. The logistics supply system of their troops comes directly from the quarters department and is in charge of the people from the research institute.

Huang Jianhui is still very envious of the privilege of the 'Steel Legion', but considering the strength of other troops, he is relieved...

"Could you please leave a name?"


The voice of the autonomous combat machine was still cold, and he explained without any emotion: "Our unit only has a number, not a name."

He paused, pointed to a string of digital marks on his chest, and said, "My number is 4396."


After a while...

The exclusive supply transport plane with the logo of the research institute swept in, and after confirming the coordinates, dropped an airdrop box, turned the direction and flew back.

When the 'Iron Legion' fights, the parts and structures on the body are often damaged. When the battle situation is more anxious, other autonomous combat machines that have been seriously damaged and have lost the ability to fight will even be dismantled to repair themselves.

So under normal circumstances, most of the supply boxes are replaceable mechanical structures and related parts.

However, this time the supply is different...

The airdrop box landed firmly on the ground, and the autonomous combat machine No. 4396 took Huang Jianhui to open the box.

In addition to guns and ammunition, first aid medicines, water, food and a series of combat supplies...

There is also a dark red armored combat uniform!


Huang Jianhui was slightly confused and froze in place.

Not only him, but the surrounding soldiers who were in charge of carrying supplies also seemed a little helpless, staring at the dark red combat uniform full of technological texture, not knowing what to do.

"This is a new product from our 'Glory' experimental base, called the 'Arsonist' armored combat suit..."

Autonomous combat machine No. 4396 said that he pulled out the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform and set it up, then turned to look at Huang Jianhui and asked, "Have you ever used a flamethrower?"

Huang Jianhui's Adam's apple rolled up and down, and he didn't know what to think. He nodded and replied, "I used it in the army before, but I haven't touched it for a long time."

"Just use it."

Autonomous combat machine No. 4396 nodded, activated the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform, and said, "This thing is easy to operate, just be careful not to hurt your own people."

Speaking of that, the mortise and tenon structure on the front of the 'Arsonist' armored combat suit shrunk into both sides, UU read www. exposes a personal cockpit.

"Try your clothes on."


Huang Jianhui was startled, pointed at himself in disbelief, his eyes were a bit at a loss from the inside out, obviously not sure if the other party was wrong.

"It's you."

The autonomous combat machine No. 4396 nodded to confirm it again, and said, "Just follow the instructions, it's very simple."

Seeing what the other party said, Huang Jianhui was not a reserved person either. He immediately took off his combat suitcase and stuck it in with his back to the humanoid cockpit.

The operating system of the 'arsonist' detected that the driver was ready, and the tenon-and-mortise structure retracted on both sides slowly closed, accompanied by a crisp sound of the metal buckle locking, and the internal cockpit was also adjusted to the maximum according to his body. in good condition.

Huang Jianhui stared blankly at the instructions in his eyes, and then looked down at the flamethrower he had replaced.

"Is this high tech?"



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