My Glorious Evolution Simulator - Chapter 286 Arson Feast!

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"I'm a mother..."

Dozens of soldiers at the scene were dumbfounded, watching the dark red armored combat uniform walking around.

I was so shocked that I couldn't even utter a complete sentence.

The autonomous combat robot No. 4396 pointed to the street where it had just fought with the insect tide, and said, "Try the effect, and by the way, clean up the battlefield over there."

"it is good!"

Huang Jianhui responded, and the 'arsonist' he controlled also turned around and raised the injector. He followed the instructions of the operating system.

Turn on 'Assault' mode!

The injector mouth glowed slightly, and then two orange-red high-temperature flames burst out...

The sound is terrifying!

Not to mention the dozens of soldiers watching from a distance, even Huang Jianhui, the driver, was taken aback by the terrifying momentum.

Where the two fire pillars passed, the surrounding air seemed to be a little distorted, and the corpses of those outland creatures were even more sizzling, and those shredded corpses were instantly dehydrated and charred...

It is then turned into coke at high temperature.

Before long, the thick layer of shredded corpses on the street was burned into a pool of black ashes.

When the wind blows, there is no trace.

my goodness...

Dozens of soldiers at the scene were already dumbfounded, and Huang Jianhui in the cockpit of the "arsonist" had a smirk on his face.

What man doesn't like to play with fire?

He has been performing missions in the Special Clearance Agency for many years, and he finally exchanged a fire-sequence [Liaoyuan] enhancer some time ago.

At present, the degree of ability control is only 53%. Although the physical fitness has been greatly improved, and he can simply use his ability to bless himself, it always feels a little bit less meaningful.

Now he knows where the difference is!

It is also fire. The fire emitted by this 'arsonist' armored combat uniform is clean and powerful. Compared with this, the fire in his body is at most small flames.

So **** cool!

Autonomous combat machine No. 4396 said: "This 'Arsonator' armored combat suit is currently in the first stage of research and development, with relatively simple functions and poor mobility."

He paused in his voice, and then said, "But it does not hide its flaws. Its advantages are that it is powerful, and its attack range is very wide. It has a miraculous effect on outland creatures."

The heat-insulating helmet of the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform retracted, revealing Huang Jianhui's excited old face. He stumbled and asked, "This...this...this combat uniform can be exchanged at the quartermaster?"



The joy on Huang Jianhui's face froze.

Autonomous combat machine No. 4396 also saw his loss, so he said: "If the military merit reaches the specified threshold, you can go to the military department to collect it.

So, no need to exchange, we will send…”

"No need to exchange, it will be sent!??"

Huang Jianhui was stunned for a moment, not only him, but also all the soldiers who were listening with their ears pricked up beside them were stunned, and they didn't respond for a while.

"Be a hero in troubled times."

The autonomous combat machine No. 4396 nodded and continued: "This is what Mr. Liang said, and he also said it. I would like to dedicate this to the heroes who are active on the front line of the battlefield!"


'I would like to dedicate this to the heroes who are active on the front line of the battlefield! ’

What audacity is this?

What kind of mind is this?

The soldiers were silent, and Huang Jianhui's mind couldn't help but come to the young man he met while performing his mission in Jiaming City.

"The friendly troops from the east of Shuyang have also come, and we should go too."

The autonomous combat machine No. 4396 saw the infantry transport vehicle approaching in the distance, and immediately made a gesture, and the rescue team of the 'Iron Legion' also left.

The black-gray figure with a metallic luster drifted away, leaving only one sentence: "This set of 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform is for you, goodbye."


After a while, the infantry transport vehicle jumped off a group of soldiers, and the leaders were also from the Special Clearance Agency.

They were born with the major military regions, and now they are fighting together without any barriers.

"Old Huang, where did your fancy outfit come from?"

The leader is Xu Xiangwen, a captain of the Special Clearing House, similar in age to Huang Jianhui, and the two are still good friends.

They were from the same military region before they were elected to the Special Clearing House, and they were still competitors for the special clearance seat in the military region, and they competed with each other.

At that time, Xu Xiangwen was slightly superior and was selected first, and then Huang Jianhui was also selected for the Special Clearinghouse.

Both of them entered the same department, and the competitive relationship naturally ceased to exist. There was a relationship between fellow villagers and comrades-in-arms, and they soon became friends.

At this time, Xu Xiangwen was full of doubts, and his eyes frequently turned to the dark red combat uniform that his friend was wearing.

Huang Jianhui also slowly regained his senses, nuzui facing the direction where the 'Iron Legion' left, and said, "Sent from the friendly army."


Xu Xiangwen's face was twisted into a ball, obviously a little unbelievable, and said: "You are lucky to meet the 'Ghost Troop' rescue, they will send you a combat uniform?"

"It was delivered."

Huang Jianhui sighed and briefly talked about the process of being rescued by the 'Ghost Troop', and also explained clearly about the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform.

In fact, he vaguely had some guesses in his heart. He had nothing to do with the 'ghost army', and it was like two parallel lines that did not intersect with the research institute, and it was completely irrelevant.

The only thing that can be linked is the name 'Liang Chao' in the resume of personal information...

And whether it is the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform or the autonomous combat machine of the 'Ghost Force', it seems that they are all from his experimental base.

It is probably because of the taboo of the name 'Liang Chao'.

Only in this way can it make sense, why the other party will send their own things.

And Xu Xiangwen heard, ‘No need to change, I will send it! ', 'Be a hero in troubled times! ', 'I would like to dedicate this to the heroes who are active on the front line of the battlefield! ’ At these few words, my heart was also shaken.

Although I am curious about the 'Arsonist' armored combat suit, but now there are so many people, I am too embarrassed to let my friends show it.

After the people were properly arranged, the infantry transport vehicle immediately drove to the garrison in the east of Shuyang.

The first half of the journey was okay. When we were about to arrive at the garrison, we were attacked by an alien creature again. With an 'enemy attack', we immediately entered a state of combat readiness.

Huang Jianhui is also listed here, UU reading www.uukanshu. com It's just that at this time, he doesn't feel nervous at all...

Instead, there is some expectation!

When he saw the black insect swarm appear in his field of vision, the 'Arsonist' armored combat uniform helmet on his body automatically rose and entered the combat state!

"Get out of your way!"

He roared angrily, rushed to the front row without thinking, and then his arm shook, and two orange-red columns of fire spewed out!

The smell of burnt stench filled the air.

The stared-eyed boss of the support unit headed by Xu Xiangwen looked at his old friend who looked like a 'Vulcan descended to the world', and spit out a dry sentence...

"My Nima..."

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