My Martial Arts Belt Halo - Chapter 431 Bye bye!

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No matter what, Shi Yun had to give it a try.

Shi Yun collected the magical fruit and returned directly to Mount Sumeru.

After returning to Mount Sumeru, Shi Yun immediately went to Tianyun Peak to ask to see the Master, Venerable Tianyun.

"Shi Yun, what are you looking for as a teacher?"

"If you want to invite the Great Reverence, then you can't do anything as a teacher."

Seeing that Shi Yun was in a hurry and seemed to be in a hurry, Venerable Tian Yun immediately thought of the matter of "Great Venerable".

"Master, disciple An dare to trouble Master?"

"The disciple got a treasure by chance, which may interest the Great Venerable."

"But the disciple was unable to contact the Great Venerable, so I would like to ask the Master to introduce the Great Venerable for the disciple."

"The disciple presents the treasure, hoping to get the help of the Great Reverend to help the disciple!"

Shi Yun explained.

"Huh? Treasure?"

"The Great Venerables have a lot of treasures. The Great Venerables simply don't look down on ordinary treasures, let alone help you for the treasures."

"What kind of treasure is it?"

Venerable Tianyun reminded.

He was also very curious, what kind of treasure could make Shi Yun so confidently move the Great Master?

Shi Yun took out a box and said respectfully, "It's a magical fruit!"


Venerable Tianyun suddenly stood up.

His eyes were fixed on Shi Yun.

Shi Yun directly opened the box.

Sure enough, the box contained a peculiar fruit covered with patterns.

Moreover, those patterns actually have a regular charm.

Venerable Tianyun has a lot of knowledge, so he recognized it immediately. This is the fruit of supernatural powers!

It is known as the most precious treasure of breaking the limit and promoting the power! none of them!

With the supernatural power, from breaking the limit to being powerful, the success rate will be very high.

Countless limit-breaking warriors will definitely rush to get it once they learn of the magical fruit, and they want to get it at all costs.

Even the supernatural power fruit is very attractive to the power.

Many great powers want to gather more magical powers, but if you have a magical power fruit, you will get twice the result with half the effort!

"No wonder you are so sworn that you are actually a magical fruit."

"That's right, if you have this magical fruit, then the Great Senior is most likely willing to help you."

"You are really lucky, you can even find the magical fruit."

Venerable Tianyun also calmed down.

No matter how Shi Yun obtained the supernatural power, it didn't matter.

This is Shi Yun's chance!

With such a chance, then Shi Yun may be able to invite the Great Master. At that time, when the Great Master goes to the Yin Spirit Realm to deal with the Yin Mountain Great Master, Shi Yun will be able to obtain some treasures or gods of the Yin attribute.

"Okay, I'll take you to see the Great Venerable because of the teacher."

Without further ado, Venerable Tianyun didn't hesitate, and immediately set off with Shiyun.

There are many peaks in Mount Sumeru.

Basically, every almighty can occupy a mountain.

Therefore, in the entire Mount Sumeru, a single mountain is almost a power.

In the future, if there are disciples of Mount Sumeru who are promoted to great powers, but there is no mountain, then it is easy to do, and directly move a mountain to Mount Sumeru.

For Almighty, it's just a breeze.

"What we are going to meet this time is the Red Lotus of Mount Sumeru!"

"This Great Venerable is one of the most active Great Venerables in Mount Sumeru. The rest of the Great Venerables are either traveling around or retreating, and they never see each other at all."

"Furthermore, the Great Master Red Lotus is also good at teaching his disciples, and he is quite protective of his shortcomings. Once you offer this magical fruit, the Great Master Red Lotus can also bestow it on the best disciples under his command, which can be used to impact the power."

"So, you can probably do it."

"Damn, you will report all your matters to the Great Senior Red Lotus, don't hide it."

Shi Yun nodded, indicating that he understood.

Shi Yun has been to some other hidden doors.

He is also comparing.

In fact, by comparison, Shi Yun felt that the atmosphere of Mount Sumeru was really good.

There is no such thing as fighting each other, killing each other.

They all look peaceful.

Even the elders of Mount Sumeru are willing to help the younger generation, and they are quite protective of their shortcomings.

Although Mount Sumeru is not the first hidden door now.

But Shi Yun felt that as long as there was such an atmosphere, and if it continued, for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, Mount Sumeru would definitely become the number one hidden door!

This kind of atmosphere, whether Heavenly Realm, Kunxu Alliance, or other hidden doors, simply does not have it.

Soon, both Shi Yun and Venerable Tianyun arrived at the Red Lotus Peak.

From a distance, this mountain really looks like a lotus flower, even red. It looks unique and very special.

Shi Yun went up to the Red Lotus Peak.

I saw that some warriors were actually women.

According to Master's explanation, Great Master Red Lotus is a woman, and the disciples he recruited are all female.

Although the Red Lotus is a woman, the Red Lotus has a very hot temper. Once he rose, he rose from the slaughter all the way.

The so-called red lotus is called red lotus because it was dyed red by the blood of the enemy!

With Venerable Tianyun leading the way, Shi Yun successfully entered the cave of the Red Lotus Peak.

"Tianyun has seen Senior Sister Honglian!"

In Mount Sumeru, all the great powers are called brothers and sisters.

Unless it is a direct master-apprentice relationship, such as Venerable Tianyun and Sara.

"Junior Brother Tianyun, you are a rare visitor. You rarely come to my Red Lotus Peak."

"Tell me, what's the matter with me?"

Red Lotus has a dignified appearance and looks quite kind.

However, the brows were full of heroism and looked quite powerful.

"Senior Sister Honglian, this time is actually for my disciple Shi Yun."

"My apprentice has a request from Senior Sister Honglian, and I have a special gift for you."

Upon seeing this, Shi Yun immediately stepped forward and offered the box, and said respectfully, "Disciple Shi Yun, I have seen the Great Venerable!"



Dazun Honglian thinks it's very In general, why does Venerable Tianyun have to fight so much?

However, Great Senior Red Lotus still waved his hand and took the box from Shi Yun's hand.

Grand Master Red Lotus opened the wooden box.

"Magic fruit!"

The complexion of Grand Master Red Lotus changed greatly.

This is a magical fruit!

Even if she is the Great Senior, there is no such treasure.

Recently, the Red Lotus is worried.

One of her favorite disciples is about to hit the Great Power.

But in fact, the grasp is not very big.

Grand Venerable Red Lotus also knows that disciples have their own blessings.

However, she has always been short-sighted.

If the disciple died because of the impact on the power, she would not bear it.

In fact, she also wanted to find a magical fruit.

However, even if she is almighty, she can't find the supernatural power at all.

Unexpectedly, now the magical fruit is actually in her hands.

And it was offered by the disciples of Mount Sumeru.


Grand Master Red Lotus closed the wooden box.

She took a deep look at Venerable Shi Yun and Venerable Tianyun, and asked calmly, "This magical fruit is a big deal, and Junior Brother Tianyun personally escorted it."

"Tell me, what do you want?"

Grand Master Honglian knew that what Shi Yun asked for must be no small matter.

However, for the supernatural power fruit, she is also ready to "fight".

What's more, in her realm, apart from the Dao realm, there is basically nothing that can stymie her.

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