My Martial Arts Belt Halo - Chapter 432 Red Lotus and Yinshan!

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Shi Yun glanced at Shizun.

Venerable Tianyun nodded secretly, and Shi Yun understood.

So, Shi Yun took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said, "This disciple wants yin-type materials because he is cultivating the Divine Kingdom's Limit Breaking Law."

"So, I would like to ask the Great Venerable to hold the Great Venerable Yinshan, so that the disciple can go to the Yin Spirit Realm and obtain the required materials.

Shi Yun didn't hide the Divine Kingdom's Restriction-breaking Law either.

For such a strong man as the Great Red Lotus, there is no need to hide it at all.

If you hide it, it will easily lead to bad things.

"Divine Kingdom Breaking the Limitation Law?"

"You are very ambitious!"

"It's no wonder that you want to send this magical fruit, but you actually asked me to deal with the Great Venerable Yinshan."

"Junior Brother Tianyun, you have given me a problem. Is that old man from Yinshan an ordinary person?"

The Great Senior Red Lotus just smiled bitterly.

Yinshan Dazun is very famous, and it is definitely not easy to deal with.

However, if she said to give up this magical fruit, she was reluctant.

Venerable Tianyun seemed to have anticipated the attitude of the Great Senior Red Lotus, and smiled slightly: "Senior Sister Honglian is joking, for others, the Great Senior Yinshan is indeed difficult to deal with, but Senior Sister Honglian is not afraid of the Great Master Yinshan. Respect."

"Even, the Great Master of Yinshan still suffered a dark loss in the hands of Senior Sister. My apprentice is quite talented, but unfortunately, I didn't notice it for a while, and actually let him practice the Divine Kingdom Breaking Limit Law."

"I don't have any good solutions. As his master, I can only bite the bullet and help him fight for more."

Venerable Tianyun sighed and seemed rather regretful.

Venerable Red Lotus can also understand Venerable Tianyun.

She is also aware of the drawbacks of the Divine Kingdom's Restriction-Breaking Law.

Originally, Shi Yun was a talented and beautiful jade, but in the end he practiced the Divine Kingdom Breaking Limit Method.

This is a road of no return!

The Great Senior Honglian nodded slightly and said, "It's okay, the supernatural power fruit, I'll accept it."

"Great Venerable Yinshan, I will try to contain him."

"However, it can only be contained for ten days and a half months at most, Shi Yun, you have to hurry up."

"Also, the Great Master is not allowed to enter the Yin spirit world. Tian Yunzi, don't interfere in this matter, otherwise, the old man in Yinshan will go crazy, and it will not end well."

Grand Senior Red Lotus explained carefully.

It's no problem for her to contain the Great Venerable Yinshan.

However, other great powers must not end up in person.

Once the great power ends and enters the Yin spirit world, the nature will be different.

Moreover, there is no great power under the command of the Great Venerable Yinshan.

When Shi Yun entered the Yin spirit world alone, it could be said to be a matter of the younger generation.

If Venerable Tianyun helped him and entered the Yin Spirit Realm, then the Great Venerable Yinshan would probably go crazy.

Once he goes crazy, even if Shi Yun succeeds, he will have to be "targeted" by the Great Venerable Yinshan for the rest of his life.

At that time, Shi Yun couldn't even take a single step out of Mount Sumeru, so it would be a big trouble.

"It's natural, I won't interfere."

Venerable Tianyun nodded.

As for Shi Yun, he has no problem.

As long as he can enter the Yin spirit world, it will not take ten days and a half months.

Maybe a few hours or a day or two is enough.

Moreover, as long as there is no power in the Yin spirit world, then Shi Yun is basically fearless.

Even if it is a great power, as long as it is an ordinary great power, Shi Yun is also not afraid.

"Thank you sir!"

A smile appeared on Shi Yun's face.

Finally, I saw a glimmer of hope for obtaining Yin-type materials.

"Well, let's go tomorrow."

The Red Lotus said.

"Yes, Your Highness."

So, Shi Yun and Venerable Tianyun left the Red Lotus Peak directly.

"Shi Yun, Senior Sister Honglian has already promised you to restrain the Great Venerable Yinshan, so you can rest assured."

"However, you still have to get what you want as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be a lot of dreams, and no one knows what kind of changes will happen."

"Once you get what you want, you will immediately return to Mount Sumeru. When the time comes, I will inform Senior Sister Honglian."

Shi Yun nodded: "Thank you, Master."

"Cultivation well, Divine Kingdom Breaking Limits Law... I hope you can really practice this Limit Breaking Law!"

Venerable Tianyun patted Shi Yun on the shoulder.

Afterwards, Venerable Tianyun left.

Shi Yun returned to the cave.

Shi Yun explained Ouyang Xue again, and then Shi Yun waited quietly.

The next day, Shi Yun went directly to the Red Lotus Peak.

Red Lotus has long been waiting for Shi Yun.

"Are you all ready?"

Grand Master Red Lotus asked.

"It's all ready!"

"Okay, let's go!"

The Great Senior Red Lotus was not polite, and took Shi Yun directly into the space passage, shuttled towards the nearest world in the Yin Spirit World.


The Great Venerable Yinshan does not belong to any power.

But no force dared to provoke Yinshan Great Venerable.

Even the hidden door is the same.

However, because the Great Venerable Yin Mountain does not belong to the major hidden sect forces, the spatial channels of the major hidden sects cannot directly enter the Yin spirit world.

Therefore, Great Venerable Red Lotus took Shi Yun and traveled through space many times before reaching the vicinity of the Yin Spirit Realm.

"In front of you is the Yin Spirit Realm."

The Great Senior Red Lotus suddenly said.

"Yin spirit world?"

Shi Yun took a closer look.

There is indeed a world ahead.

"Okay, you wait here, I'll lead the Great Venerable Yin Mountain first, and then you can take the opportunity to enter the Yin spirit world."

After saying that, the Great Venerable Red Lotus took a step forward and came to the vicinity of the Yin Spirit Realm in an instant.

The Great Senior Red Lotus carried his hands on his back and shouted to the void: "Old man of Yinshan, get out."


The voice of Grand Venerable Red Lotus actually shook the surrounding area.

The Great Venerable Yinshan suddenly showed a huge human face, with a rather ugly face, and roared, "Red Lotus! You actually dare to show up in front of this old man, is the old man really afraid of you?"

When the Great Master of Yinshan saw the red lotus, he immediately became angry.

There are rumors outside that the Great Venerable Yinshan is invincible in battle and invincible, basically invincible and invincible.

However, the Great Venerable Yinshan himself knew that he was defeated.

And it was still defeated by a woman.

It is the Red Lotus in front of you!

Of The reason why he lost at the beginning was because he suffered a little secret loss.

However, defeat is defeat.

The red lotus has become a thorn in the heart of Yinshan Great Venerable.

Now that the red lotus actually appeared in front of him, how could the Great Senior Yinshan not be angry?

"A gentleman from Yinshan, a junior of mine has taken a fancy to some of your treasures in the Yin spirit world."

"You bring the baby, and I will naturally return to Mount Sumeru."

"Otherwise, I can only take it myself!"

The Great Venerable Red Lotus stood with his hands behind his back, with an arrogant expression, as if he did not take the Great Venerable Yinshan in his eyes at all.

As for the purpose of this trip, Great Senior Red Lotus did not hide it either.

Because it is not necessary.

Having said that, even if the Great Master Yinshan would be furious in the future, he would not really stare at Shi Yun to chase and kill him.

If you sneak and hide, it will make the Great Venerable Yinshan unscrupulous.

"Red Lotus, you are too presumptuous!"

"The Yin Spirit Realm is the dojo of this old man, how can you be fooled?"

"Whoever dares to enter the Yin spirit world will kill without mercy!"

The Great Venerable Yinshan roared angrily.


"Since that's the case, then I can't say I can only pull you out and beat you up!"

After Red Lotus finished speaking, she slapped her palm directly.

The giant palm swept across the sky, and slapped the Great Venerable Yinshan mightily.


When Shi Yun saw this scene, he knew that this was an opportunity created by the Great Senior Red Lotus on purpose.


The next moment, Shi Yun turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Yin Spirit Realm quickly!

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