My Sister is a Bit Ruthless - Chapter 642 No problem, look at me!

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   Chapter 642 No problem, look at me!

   For some people, love is mental poison, emotional cancer.

   Yin Yiyi, this silly girl, is completely obsessed with a lot of money.

   There is no cure. Medication and injections didn't help.

   Looking at Qian Duoduo's back as tall and straight as a pine tree, imagining the charming situation of Qian Duoduo looking at him with his hands and looking at him with affection, Yin Yiyi almost laughed out a scalper at night.

  Under the gray sky, in the warm night wind, in the hustle and bustle of the city, a few young people quickly crossed the busy street and walked to the Jiutian chess and card activity center opposite the Jiutian Science and Technology Building.

   The splendid lights all around form a strong contrast with the dark and dark horses and horses of the Yilai Music Chess and Cards Activity Center. Only the Yi Lai Lok Guard Room gave out a faint light, indicating that it still had a bit of popularity.

   "Yilaile really doesn't open at night!" Xia Pengfei looked at the dark target building with his eagle eyes and nodded thoughtfully.

  Imagine, this is going to change Zixu City, which teahouse and pub is not a crowded market in the evening?

  Evening is the prime time for business marketing. How much real money do you have to miss if you don’t open it?

   Xia Pengfei, a capitalist with great business sense and market capture ability, naturally doubted the operation of Eileen.

"They don't open at night, and the business is not very prosperous." Yin Yiyi said with a sigh, "I don't know what the boss thinks. I feel that there is a problem with the boss's business philosophy, and there is only one tendon in his head. Running a chess and card activity center just follows. It's like playing."

   Yin Yiyi's evaluation Xia Pengfei and Leng Siyu are no strangers, and Xia Zhengyang and Xiao Kawai also mentioned the same argument.

   Any business that goes against common sense is just suspicious.

   "It's near this alley with twists and turns, and Mr. Wen disappeared." Yin Yiyi pointed to a long and narrow alley.

   "Can you be sure whether he disappeared in the alley or outside the alley?" Xia Pengfei asked.

   "I can't be sure, I can only confirm that he disappeared nearby, maybe in the alley, or outside the alley." Yin Yiyi tried to recall the situation at that time, "I don't know if it's dazzling."


   "Wow wow wow wow..."


  Besides the surging waves, on the bumpy yacht, Xia Zongchong and Leng Tiantian, who had just experienced the test of life and death, hugged Xiao Yuanyuan and cried until the tears flowed through the sky.

"Don't cry, I'm fine...Tiantian, don't be sad, my life is hard, and the King of Hell can't do anything about me..." Xiaoyuanyuan blinked Shuimeng's big eyes, patted this, and then coaxed Coaxing that, really busy.

  Xia Zongqi decisively hugged Leng Yuanyuan's arm and said, "555 can't do it... I have to hold you firmly now, and 555 won't let go of anything."

  Leng Tiantian did the same, and hugged Leng Yuanyuan's other arm sobbing and said, "555 I won't let go... 555 What if the boat capsizes again?"

"Xiao Yuanyuan, it's great that you can come back! Thank you for coming back! You scared us to death, we thought you wouldn't come back 555555...555..." Zeng Youde finally came back to his senses, a The uncles actually cried miserably like the little dolls.

  The big teardrops in the eyes fell on the boat uncontrollably.

   He was really scared to death just now, and at a certain moment, he even thought that he would rather pay no cost to Xiao Yuanyuan to return safely.

   If Xiao Yuanyuan really wants to have three longs and two shorts, Zeng Youde's life will be ruined, and facing huge compensation, maybe he will have to be sanctioned by national law.

   When he was rescued, he was half-stupid and half-dazed, probably anticipating the unimaginable consequences.

"Baby has made a great contribution. It's good that Xiao Yuanyuan can come back safely, but why did you happen to be rescued by Golden Retriever?" Xu Xiangyang also patted the great hero baby who was wagging his tail with approval, and then asked Xiao Yuan with joy. round.

   "Hey, you don't know..." Leng Yuanyuan pouted and began to tell her thrilling experience.

   It turns out that when the big waves overturned the small yacht, Xiao Yuanyuan Leng might as well fall into the water, thanks to the powerful genes that Leng Xiang and Lin Wanru gave her, she was able to respond immediately.

   She performed the water-pulling kung fu taught by Leng Xiang and swam in the water.

   She didn't lose her swimming skills!

   But here comes the problem, the swimming skills that are usually done in a calm swimming pool suddenly become very scum in the choppy river.

  The river waves are too big, and the river wind is too fierce! Manpower is too weak!

   Not to mention that the meager physical strength accumulated by a small child who fished for three days and spent two days drying the net and practicing sandbags could not withstand the destruction of natural forces. Even an adult with shocking supernatural power would appear weak and powerless under such harsh natural conditions.

   No, you have to save your stamina.

   "Insects, where are you, Tiantian?"

   You have to grab something. Bugs and sweets have swimming rings.

   But worms and sweets are a little far away!

  Fortunately, there is a lovely golden retriever beside me, only a few meters away from Xiao Yuanyuan.

   "Come here baby!" He said he wanted the baby to come over, but Leng Yuanyuan himself tried his best to swim towards the golden retriever.

  The golden retriever was also covered up when it first entered the water. The round voice made it sober up a lot in an instant. Wow, its little friend is in trouble, and it has to come to the rescue.

  The big golden retriever immediately showed off his excellent swimming skills and swam towards Yuanyuan.

  This living lifebuoy is set!

  It is no ordinary baby!

  It is the baby of the **** of war and business wizard! It is an Internet celebrity baby with high commercial value!

  The two super cute babies swam towards each other, and soon they swam together.

  Leng Yuanyuan felt like she didn't know what to do while hugging the baby. She had seen the power of nature, and she was afraid that the big waves would separate herself from the golden retriever!

   She quickly found the long belt on the dress, and quickly and firmly tied the belt around the golden retriever's neck.

   Just at this time, a big wave rolled over again, and at the same time, the golden retriever and Yuanyuan were raised high, and they were ruthlessly thrown farther away from the yacht and insects.

   "Insect, sweet, where are you?"

   To Xiao Yuanyuan was the merciless sound of the waves and the wind.

  Golden Retriever and Yuanyuan both ate a few mouthfuls of river water, and Yuanyuan has completely lost her strength.

   "Insect, sweet, where are you?"

  The sound of the waves is still...

  Fortunately, Yuanyuan did her homework in advance, and a slender belt tightly connected the two young bodies of Leng Yuanyuan and the big golden retriever even in the wind and waves.

   "Baby, I'm running out of strength, you help me recover first."

   "Wang Wang Wang! Wang Wang Wang!" Golden Retriever seems to be answering "No problem, look at me"!

  The river and the sky are the same color, and the world just after the rain is all gray.

   It is impossible to tell the direction of east, west, north and west, and it is impossible to see where the shore is.

   "Yuanyuan, where are you?"

   "Yuanyuan, come back soon."

   "Yuanyuan, don't scare me..."

  I don't know how long it took, but it was a faint voice calling, and it was Xia Zongchong's unremitting perseverance that finally let Jin Mao and Yuanyuan determine the direction of Zongchong and Tiantian.

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