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Time flies.

In the blink of an eye, it was another 40 years of cold and heat.

Aaron had already escaped by cheating, and now he is hiding on Xiaonan Mountain, opening up a hidden cave to practice, and occasionally observe the situation in Yu Kang Town.

In the past 40 years, the outside world has really changed dramatically.

Twenty years ago, the government collapsed, chaotic armies spread everywhere, and there was even a siege of Yuanjia City! Many chaotic armies and soldiers washed Yu Kangzhen over and over again.

Regardless of the Fang family or the Li family, a lot of people died in the military chaos.

Aaron just watched silently and didn't help.

Now, as the years go by, after an unknown number of generations, he has become less and less close to the two families.

If it weren't for the tragic disaster of being completely wiped out, he would not be ready to take action.

Heaven and Earth are merciful, treating all things as equals.

In Aaron's opinion, the people of the Fang family and Li family are not much different from other townspeople.

"There has been great governance since ancient times. Now the world has been in chaos for 20 years. It is almost time for the chaotic times to end. A new dynasty has risen, right?"

"But what's the business of me then?"

Aaron continued to sit cross-legged, cultivating the bladder Qi in the last stage of the six internal organs.

This time, I don't know how long it has passed.

Suddenly, Aaron opened his eyes, and the visceral gas came out one after another in his body.

First, the qi of the five viscera forms five colors, with the beauty of the five elements interacting with each other, and then the qi of the six viscera, which is also the flow of light, with a circle, and finally the qi of the bladder is also condensed!

Aaron gave a low voice: "All the internal organs and six internal organs have been completed, and today is the time to enter the outer gang!"

He had already cultivated the shattering realm to the peak, and at this time he had cultivated his internal organs, laying down a very solid foundation, and his breakthrough was only a matter of course.

Just drink it lightly, the five internal organs in the body shake, and a strange qi is generated.

This Dao Gang Qi has five colors of light flowing, extremely mysterious, it is the small five elements Xuan Gang!

Among the Taoist Xuanmen, there are the Great Five Elements God Gang, but that requires special exercises and tricks, and Aaron does not have it.

Therefore, although it is the Qi of the five internal organs and the five elements that he has worked hard to cultivate, it is still the small five elements Xuangang!

This qi spreads all over the five internal organs, penetrates the surface of the body, and forms a layer of invisible defense.

From then on, even if he was attacked unexpectedly, as long as he could not break this layer of qi, Aaron would be safe and sound.

"No, there is one more!"

Aaron stared at himself and found that there was another qi in addition to the Xiao Wuxing Xuan Gang, which was the Liu Ren Qi Gang!

At this time, he is equivalent to refining the internal organs Gu breakthrough, refining both types of qi in one breath, the benefits are great!

If nothing else, there are two layers of Astral Qi defense on the body, which naturally provides one more layer of protection than ordinary Astral cultivators.

In addition, Aaron's bones exploded for a while. I don't know how many rotten emperor's mud was mixed with butter-like sweat, seeping out of the hand holes in his body, and it was the Yijing marrow!

He only felt that the bones all over his body were lightened by a few taels. In his dantian, the Baidu Zhenqi also underwent a mysterious change, and the quality was greatly improved.

According to Aaron's understanding of the "Hundred Suns Catalog" and the comparison of Qianyang's infuriating energy, it should be at the seventh grade level, or the best among the seven grades!

"If it were an ordinary viscera and six viscera Gu, the true qi breakthrough would not be that big... But I spent a hundred years of hard work to condense my internal organs and six viscera and have a solid foundation, so the quality of true qi has been raised to the limit..."

Aaron thought for a moment, and then he understood the cause and effect.

At this time, his attribute column also changed dramatically:

【Name: Xin Chen (Fang Yu, Aaron)】

[Talent: immortality, not counting]

【Age: 180】

【Boundary: Outer Gang】

[Cultivation Technique: Ten Thousand Gu Book Outer Gang Chapter (1/5000)]

"After practicing for more than a hundred years, I finally broke through the outer gang!"

Aaron looked uplifted, but after the uplifting, it was just like that. He just secretly decided to go to Hualou to celebrate.

At this moment, his mind moved, and two Gu worms were pulled out from his sleeves.

One of these two Gu worms is as white as jade, with some skeletal patterns, but it is the Bone-Easy Gu that he developed and refined himself by deducing the Gu recipe"!

The other one looks like a ladybug, with a dark body and a dark aura. It is the 'breath-holding gu' that Aaron refined at will!

In the past few decades, after countless failures, he finally mastered both types of Gu worms.

At this time, when the mana moved, he first summoned some clean water, rinsed well, and then refined two Gu worms.

Among them, 'Yigu needs to adjust the age of the bones, and you can also modify the height and facial bones.

In addition to restraining the cultivation base, the most important thing about the breath-holding Gu is to change the breath, which is quite good for hiding things.

The most important thing is that after these two Gu worms are refined, they become one with Aaron, like flesh and blood, they can be regarded as one body by Aaron's body, and at the same time obtain the effect that is not counted.

This makes it less likely to be seen as a flaw.

Aaron refined Bone-Easy Gu, his facial bones suddenly wriggled and changed a few points, turning into a handsome young man, the aura on his body also dropped all the way from the outer gang, and turned into an ordinary common man.

After doing all this, he changed into coarse clothes, carried a package, left the cave and came to Yu Kang Town.

Half time.

Now it is in a dilapidated state. Back then, a group of rebels crossed the border and snatched away the doctors and medicinal materials. Even the boys who knew a little medical skills were not spared, leaving only the old, the weak and the sick to support them.

By now, it has been the last meal without the next meal.

Aaron walked in and asked, "But the Banxiantang Fang family?"

An old woman came out with a withered face: "Lady, who are you?"

"I'm from the second room of Xiaonanshan, and my name is Fang Bida!"

Aaron touched his head, and UU Reading answered in confusion.

"It turned out to be a person from the second house, and he must be of the same name. I'm sorry that you are all brothers and relatives, but they were all taken away by the soldiers and bandits of the day."

When the old woman heard it, she burst into tears: "I'm still your aunt!"

"Auntie, don't be too sad, they are lucky, they can always turn bad luck into good luck."

Aaron saw a few little heads sticking out from behind the old woman, and quickly opened the package, took out a few pieces of dry food, and handed it to the little ones.

They took it one by one immediately and devoured it.

Aaron just watched it quietly, and smiled and comforted: "Eat slowly, don't choke..."

He came here at this time, of course, to represent the second room to buy the bottom, and become the authentic Banxiantang again.

Anyway, the big room is like this, who else can stop him?

It is really forty years Hedong, forty years Hexi...

But it's not urgent.

Aaron chatted again for a while, walked out of the half-time hall, walked in the dilapidated town, and slowly approached the Li's house.

The Li family has been robbed several times, and it has long since fallen into disrepair, and only a few people are still struggling to support it in the ancestral home.

At this moment, Aaron suddenly moved his eyes and looked up.

Suddenly, the sound of cracking silk came from the sky, followed by a green sword light.

The emerald green sword light swayed in mid-air, then fell into the Li family mansion, and then left with a few people.

He pinched his fingers and suddenly cursed in his heart: "Li Rubi, you immortal board... After all, you still entered the side door. Now that you're a side door sword fairy, have you moved your family away?"

Although this is a good way to prevent Duke Bat from continuing to seek revenge, Aaron's plan was nothing to lose!


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