Mysterious Tribulation - Chapter 930 300 years

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Although he was scolded by Li Rubi's white-eyed wolf once, Aaron's mentality was very good, and he passed away after scolding.

After all, after living for so long, there are always many unsatisfactory things.

If the investment fails this time, then another person will continue to invest.

Just secretly memorized Li Rubi in the small book, sneered in my heart, how could my chance be so easy to take?

Wait until you sit down, and sooner or later arrive at your grave, beat your descendants, and eat your offerings!

"I just didn't expect that one day I would be plucked for wool."

"But that's all, since the cause and effect has been settled, how can you repay it as soon as you leave?"

Aaron comforted himself in his heart: "The meat on the left and right is rotten in the pot, it's not a loss!"

He returned to Banxiantang, stroked the heads of the melon seeds, and thought to himself: 'Perhaps...the Fang family should also have an immortal relationship? Should I cultivate their thoughts on immortality and send them to seek immortals? '

'Forget it, the Fang family is too close to me. Although I won't be counted, there is a risk of exposure...'

Looking at Li Rubi today, the chance for the other party is really not good

Not only has a flying sword, but looking at its sword light, it has already entered the profound light!

Aaron himself is also a newbie!

"Sure enough, the third-rank true qi is unreasonable... In fact, Li Rubi has trapped himself. If he doesn't enter the side door, maybe he has the hope of golden elixir!"

"But it doesn't matter, Qianyang is really qi, sooner or later I will be able to practice it."

The Book of Hundred Suns was Aaron's preparation for his re-cultivation, and this did not conflict with his promotion to the outer gang with the Book of Ten Thousand Gus.

"Since the Bone-Easing Gu and the Breathing Gu have been refined, the next step is to correct the Gu Fang Feihan, who has reversed the internal organs Gu:

Gu is the use of all things!

Aaron's move is not whimsical, but his own skills, which cannot be wasted.

In the future, when the gong is dissipated, the qi of the internal organs can be completely refined into a viscera and six viscera Gu. This Gu worm is very cherished, and can enhance the foundation of the cultivator and even the Qi of the five elements.

And because it all comes from oneself, and there is no other person's breath, it gets rid of the barriers of the other side, it is a grand and righteous way!

Even if you worship the Xuanmen Authentic in the future and refine one, you can save your own suffocation, and you don’t know how many years of hard work!

'Cultivation in this life is to lay the foundation for the next life

'Why do I have a taste of reincarnation cultivation? Bah, bah, bah... I don't ask about my past life, I don't ask for the next life, I just enjoy myself in the present!,

Aaron took a few mouthfuls and thought to himself, "I'd better go to Xuanguang as soon as possible... The Xuanguang realm is a real fairy family, and you can go to make friends with the loose cultivators of the Three Mountains and Five Mountains, and even plan to inherit the orthodox Xuanmen..."

The secret methods of condensing Gangsha Qi and refining Xuanguang have always been true direct inheritance, and among the Xianjia sects, they are not the core!

The realm in "Myriad Gu Books" is only the Mysterious Light Realm!

In the past years, the True Monarch Wan Gu combined the hundred poisonous evil spirits with the Xiao Wuxing Xuangang and the Liuren Qigang, and turned it into a kind of strange door mysterious light, named -- Sanwu Soul Slaying Xuanguang!

Hundreds of poisons and evil spirits can only refine hundreds of poisons, and Yin people are invisible.

Small Five Elements Profound Handle achievements, but can master many Five Elements small spells without a teacher, such as earth escape, sword qi flow.

In addition to protecting the body, Liuren Qigang can also enhance the cultivator's calculation technique!

In the past, True Monarch Ten Thousand Gu, even if the suffocating level was not well established, the foundation was missing, otherwise it would not be hopeless.

However, the three-five soul-slaying Xuanguang he deduced is not very mysterious. It can directly kill the soul of the cultivator, and it is very sharp against the enemy.

It's just a little bit worse in terms of life extension. With this mysterious light entering the mysterious light realm, the lifespan is probably between three to five hundred years.

If the Xuanmen cultivator was an authentic Xuanguang cultivator, he might be able to live for seven or eight hundred years, and he was far superior in this respect.

Because Aaron's incarnation of 'Fang Bida' at this time appeared with life-saving food.

Even though the cheap aunt had all kinds of helplessness and reluctance, she finally approved Fang Bida as the main house, and the second room became the original big house.

As for their big room, they became the second room aggrievedly, and the two were reversed.

However, Aaron did not kill them all. Instead, he took the second room to live in the Banxiantang. Together, he taught the boys to read and read, cultivate them into adults, and pick up medical skills again...  

Since the Li family moved away, the small town of Yu Kang really didn't have any attention from immortal cultivators.

Even if there is still a disaster, some stragglers can be solved by Aaron with a few small spells.

So the days are pretty stable.

A few years later, news suddenly came that the new dynasty was established, the world was determined, and the life of this little common man was gradually getting better again.

The most intuitive manifestation is the soaring land prices near Yukang Town.

Fortunately, Aaron had the foresight as early as the time of the military disaster, and acquired a lot of land. Now, the Fang family of Banxiantang is also the landlord of Yukang Town... one of the most important!

Well, this is because Aaron doesn't want to be too high-profile, and the reputation of the second child is also ugly. It is better to be the third child of ten thousand years!

After finishing these things, Fang Bida also grew old. One day, he left with a smile and handed over the family business to his eldest son.

In the 60th year of the Kaiyuan era of the new dynasty, the world entered the prosperity of yesterday:

Time flies, like the river running to the sea, it will never return.

this day!

In the Fang's ancestral hall at the foot of Xiaonan Mountain, a grand ancestor worship is going on.

The Fang family has now been divided into nine houses. It is really prosperous and prosperous. There are thousands of clan members. At this time, they are arranged according to their seniority and worship their ancestors.

Many gods are densely packed with tablets, cigarettes are curled up, and there are three sacrifices of pigs, cattle and sheep.

As you go up, there are fewer and fewer tablets. At the last two floors, only Fang Xi and Fang Yuan are left.

"Ancestors and sects... Three hundred years of the dynasty, there are turmoils again, I hope the ancestors and sects will protect their descendants and escape the last years of this dynasty...

After the head of the Fang family recited the sacrificial text, he turned around and said solemnly to the people below: "I have discussed with the parents of each house, in order to avoid the disaster... My Fang's family is officially separated and moved. The big house is left behind for a while. The ancestral property, the second house went to Yuanjia City, the third house went to Xiaohuang Village in Cuiwei Mountain... The fourth house moved to Sichuan far away... From now on, although we are one family, the owners of each house are also the patriarchs of each branch, shouldering the responsibility of family revival Destiny!"

Many clansmen looked serious.

They had only read about the disaster at the end of the dynasty, they had only seen it in the history books, and now they were about to face it, and they couldn't help feeling apprehensive.

Wait until the end of the ancestor worship ceremony, in a place no one can see.

Aaron cast a blind eye and swaggered to the ancestral hall. UU Reading picked up a steamed bun on the offering table and took a bite: "'s not delicious when it's cold."

Although this clan has more than a thousand people, the side branches do not know how many.

But in fact, no one is his bloodline, they are all from Fang Xi.

Aaron didn't have much affection for them, but at this time, he was just a little emotional when he saw this scene.

After eating a few fruits, he pinched his fingers and said, "So three hundred and seventeen years have passed?"

In essence, he is just a little bit of the true spirit of the Second Nascent Soul.

I have set a great ambition to fish for thousands of years before, but now it is only halfway through, so I am really not in a hurry.

A casual glance at the properties bar at this point:

[Name: Xin Chen (Fang Yu, Aaron)] [talent: immortality, not counting] [age: 497] [realm: Xuanguang]

[Cultivation Technique: Myriad Gu Book Mysterious Light Chapter (10000/10000)]

Relying on the cover of the Eight Lian Acting Heaven Gu, and without Aaron taking the initiative to cause trouble, he really jumped out of the Three Realms and was not in the Five Elements.

He doesn't look for things, and things don't come to him.

He let his wife fish for hundreds of years, visiting the brothel, reading thousands of flowers, enjoying the romance, wine and food. . . .

As for cultivation?

It was only then that he cultivated a mysterious light, and cultivated to the state of perfection.

At this point, the Ten Thousand Gu Book has nowhere to go.

It happened that there was progress in a matter related to me, so I came to Yu Kang Town to have a look, adjust the arrangement, and mix up my background.

Then, it is to understand the grievances!

Aaron flips his fingers and runs his own way, Plum Blossom Easy!

It didn't take long, even to some eyebrows.

"The method of calculation has always been the most hated for too many threads...


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