One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3192 - Journey Of A Father (19)

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Seeing that Youyou was in pain from the fall, Yueyao knew that he must be feeling awful. She was probably afraid as well, and her face turned red as she started crying!

Boohoo boohoo…

The boy saw that she was crying, but he did not care. He was about to leave, taking the toy with him.

But there was no way Youyou was letting him go!

This was Yueyao's favorite toy. As her older brother, he naturally viewed protecting his younger sister as his duty!

Hence, he quickly got up from the ground. Before he could dust himself off, he stood in front of the boy and opened his arms to prevent him from leaving!

"Return the toy to my sister!"

"Why should I!?"

The boy was sloppy and looked like a spoiled brat. He was acting unreasonably.

"Come snatch it from me if you can!"

Hearing this, Youyou lunged at the boy, aiming to snatch the toy from him!

The boy immediately raised the toy higher. After all, he was an eight-year-old child about the same height as Little Yichen and was much taller than himself. Youyou could not reach it even if he stood on tiptoe. He said angrily, "Quickly return the toy to me, or I won't hold myself back!"

When the boy heard this, he frowned, extended his hand and gave him a shove. "Won't hold yourself back? And what are you going to do?"

Youyou staggered a step backwards from the push.

The boy seemed to have noticed that Youyou was thin and small. He had a delicate and pretty face, but he looked frail and weak. He felt that Youyou was a pushover, so he was especially arrogant and gave Youyou another shove.

There was a flight of steps behind Youyou, and he tripped and fell onto the lawn!

His eyes turned red with anger. He was extremely indignant. Most of all, he was angry that he could not retaliate when someone bullied Yueyao and himself!

He only felt that he was too weak and could not protect Yueyao at all!

At the thought of this, he felt especially aggrieved and his eyes reddened even further!

At this point, Little Yichen was heading towards them with the milk bottle. From afar, he could hear Yueyao bawling her eyes out. Thinking that she must be hungry, he immediately ran over. However, he saw Youyou being pushed onto the lawn. Beside him, a boy of around eight years old casually picked up handfuls of weeds on the ground and threw them at him!

"What are you doing?"

Little Yichen immediately walked over and pushed the boy aside. He turned around to look at Youyou on the ground, and immediately reached out to help him up.

"Youyou, are you okay? Does it hurt?"

The boy sized up Little Yichen and was taken aback!

This child in front of him was different and didn't have Youyou's small stature. In fact, he had a rather well-built physique, being quite tall and big. He wore a short-sleeved shirt that revealed his arms. Even though he was only eight years old, one could already see some muscles!

However, the two children looked very similar, as if they were cast from the same mold. They looked like a pair of ferocious little lions!

Seeing that he had returned, Youyou stubbornly endured the humiliation without saying a word. However, when Little Yichen saw his brother's tattered shirt and dirty pants, he knew that his brother had been bullied!

He spun around and glared fiercely at the boy before commanding, "You! Apologize to my brother!"

"Why should I apologize?"

"You bullied my brother, so apologize!"

Youyou told Little Yichen, "Brother, he even bullied Little Sister and took her toy!"

The moment Little Yichen heard this, he was enraged.. He stuffed the milk bottle into his brother's hands and walked towards the boy.

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