Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 255 - : Repair Completed!

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Chapter 255: Repair Completed!


“Construction [External City Wall] repaired by 0.1%. Progress: 98.47%.”

“Construction [Dragon’s Clock Tower] has been repaired.”

“Construction [Alchemy Workshop] has been repaired.”

“Construction [Giant Fountain] has been repaired.”

“Construction [Dragon Statue] has been repaired.”

“Construction [Internal City Wall] has been completed.”


Soon, the second night arrived. After two days of construction, the restoration of the entire Cold Desolate Dragon City was almost completed. Most of the buildings in the city were revived.

As long as the damage was not more than 30%, there was a possibility of repair.

The buildings that were more than 50% damaged were all cleaned up. Even the remaining buildings were removed.

As a result, in this huge city that occupied more than 40,000 hectares, apart from the sparse huge buildings, most areas were very empty. The entire building also gave off a grand feeling.

The construction of the city wall was not completed yet.

Lorne had no choice. The funds needed to pay two million workers were too high.

In just these two days, he had already spent a total of five million gold coins. If he converted it to alliance dollars, the total price would exceed 10 billion!

Lorne could not help but sigh.

Outsiders only saw how much he could earn, but no one knew that such a powerful player with a net worth of more than a billion had already become a billionaire in debt.

Fortunately, the towering city in front of him filled Lorne with confidence.

After losing ten billion today, in the near future, he would definitely be able to rely on today’s investment to obtain a return of ten, a hundred, or even a thousand times!

With that in mind, Lorne finally felt better.

He opened the city map.

It could be seen that the blueprint for the Cold Desolate Dragon City had changed.

There were many additional facilities on the original Cold Desolate Dragon City. The largest and most obvious was the division of the City Lord’s area.

It had completely divided the entire Cold Desolate Dragon City into two parts.

First was the [City Lord’s Zone].

This was called the “inner city” by Lorne!

The total area of the inner city was 5,000 hectares. There were temporary dragon nests, dragon tombs, Dragon King’s Castle (600 meters) x1, tall buildings (300 meters) x2, ordinary tall buildings (100 meters) x7.

The construction of the dragons was made very large, but unfortunately, most of the buildings were empty. In the future, he had to build them again to increase the efficiency of the buildings.

Next was the [Commoner’s Zone].

This was called the outer city by Lorne!

The outer city had a total area of 35,000 hectares, including all types of living areas, workshops, warehouses, and so on.

Other than the general regional distribution, there was also the resurrection array x3, teleportation array x3, ordinary tall building x20, ordinary building x45.

From these numbers, it could be seen that the buildings in Cold Desolate Dragon City were relatively empty. Most of the areas had huge empty spaces, unlike Iron Skull City which was filled with shops and restaurants.

Lorne was also prepared to transform a portion of Cold Desolate Dragon City into a city that was suitable for humans like Iron Skull City.

However, this project was a little huge. He had to hand it to the players and let them take the initiative to build the city.

“Then this highest building will be the core Administrative Hall.”

Lorne designated the 600-meter-tall building as the core Administrative Hall.

Under normal circumstances, after a battle between the two cities, when the warriors of one territory broke through the core Administrative Hall of this city, it meant that the entire city would fall.

This was also one of the reasons why Lorne wanted to differentiate the inner and outer cities.

“Dragon King’s Castle?”

“That’s a strange name.”

“I should change the name to Cloud Top Hall.”

Above the Clouds was the name of the guild, and as the guild base, it was natural for Cold Desolate Dragon City to name this most important building ‘Cloud Top’.

After he finished modifying it, his friend list suddenly lit up.

It was Super Rich.

“Leader, is it convenient for me to go take a look at the Cold Desolate Dragon City now?”

“Sure.” Lorne agreed.

Now that the basic construction of the Dragon City was about to be completed, and it was very close to the ‘two days’ time that he announced back then, he estimated that in a few hours, the teleportation array of the Cold Desolate Dragon City would be completely opened.

Therefore, letting Super Rich enter the city would not affect anything at all.


A light suddenly appeared on the teleportation magic circle of the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

It was Super Rich, who he had not seen for a while.

“My god, Leader, you’re too awesome!”

Super Rich looked around and realized that there were towering buildings nearby. There were buildings more than a hundred meters tall everywhere. The highest building at the back was as high as the clouds and were connected together. It was shocking.

In the distant square, a large number of gnomes were busy in the city. The tens of thousands of city guards were responsible for transporting them. It was a spectacular scene.

Just from this alone, Super could clearly understand that his choice back then was not wrong. This young man really had the ability to change the entire virtual world.

This city would also be an important beginning for him to build his empire.

He believed that in the future, this young man would truly control the wealth of this world and become the richest man in the world comparable to him.

“Leader, previously, you said that you would hand over the business of the Cold Desolate Dragon City to me. Is that true?”

Super Rich looked at Lorne expectantly.

As a real businessman, Super Rich knew the value of this city.

If they could obtain a business share, it would be very profitable, even more so than having a large corporation.

“Don’t worry. I’ll leave part of the business to you. After all, the city is so huge. I can’t manage it alone.

“Thank you, leader!”

After receiving an affirmative answer, Super Rich was a little excited.

In the past, when he was doing business in the real world, he had never failed. This time, the battlefield was actually in the virtual world. This made his heart, which had been still for a long time, surge again.

Looking at the surroundings of the Cold Desolate Dragon City, Super Rich said seriously, “As the only place where there is a teleportation circle in the ruins of the war, for a long time in the future, Cold Desolate Dragon City will become the central gathering place where the players go. With its geographical location, this place will become a true super commercial center. With the special geography of the ruins of the war, the future transactions of equipment, potions, and items will be very common, and this also means that the market is incomparably huge.”

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