Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 256 - : Business Plan

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Chapter 256: Business Plan

“In the potion business, Cold Desolate Dragon City can basically monopolize the market. In order to prevent other merchants from competing for the market, we can limit the price to less than 1-1.5 silver coins.”

“The recycling business of equipment is basically monopolized. We can recycle at a maximum of 20%!”

“The repair business is also a considerable income, but compared to other businesses, it’s slightly insufficient. We can reduce the cost and form the style of the main city, while also winning people over.”

“Revival can also be charged. 1-10 silver coins. I believe the players can accept it.”

“There’s also the auction house. Like other main cities, we can charge 5% fees.”

Super Rich analyzed all the businesses in detail, his opinion basically in line with Lorne’s.

Originally, Lorne was not confident in his plan, but when he heard that this real businessman thought so, he became even more convinced.

He also believed that the potion business was the most profitable business in the Cold Desolate Dragon City. Although the profits were relatively small, when the quantity was huge, it could also bring huge benefits.

Recycling was also an important business.

The money earned by second-hand merchants was very high, not to mention that he did not have to invest. He only needed to collect them all and sell them to Iron Skull City.

The repair business had low profits, and there was no profit to be made!

This was not what Lorne had expected.

He felt that Super Rich’s plan was worth referencing. As a player’s main city, he indeed needed some special benefits to attract solo players.

To a city, the flow of people was the symbol of wealth. The small benefits given by the Cold Desolate Dragon City could allow the total number of players in the ruins of the war to increase greatly. There might even be a chance to exceed 10 million people. It was equivalent to the entire market expanding by five times!

“When other merchants bring potions to the ruins of the war, the cost is 1.5 silver coins. I’ll set the price at 1.5 silver coins and completely stop others from snatching the market.”

“Other than the main businesses, other businesses can be opened up. This way, we can keep the core members of other factions and also increase the passion of the merchants in the Cold Desolate Dragon City. As long as I draw taxes, I can earn money without doing anything.”

“The tax in Iron Skull City is 12%, so I’ll make it 20%!”

“The resurrection cost is 50 silver coins per attempt!”

Lorne gritted his teeth.

As the saying went, ‘If one was not ruthless, they would not earn enough’!

Since he wanted to earn big money, he had to be bold. Who cared about reputation, he had to maximize the earnings first.

“Leader, you’re really ruthless.”

Super Rich gave him a thumbs up.

50 silver coins was equivalent to about 1,300 alliance dollars.

Most players could not afford to die at such a price.

However, the problem was the benefits of the ruins of the war. The monsters here had a higher drop rate. If they could kill monsters here steadily, the daily income would be very impressive.

Therefore, for the sake of their own benefits, if the players accidentally died, they should still endure the pain of resurrection. After all, even if they returned to Iron Skull City to revive, they had to pay the cost of teleportation anyway.

“Thank you.”

The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up as he said, “This is only the foundation. Most importantly, the cost of teleportation from Iron Skull City to Cold Desolate Dragon City is 10 gold coins per teleportation!”

“10 gold coins?”

Even Super Rich was stunned. 10 gold coins was equivalent to more than 20,000 alliance dollars. How could a player afford such an expensive toll?

Although the high teleportation fee was necessary to prevent players from deliberately returning to Iron Skull City and spending in Iron Skull City before using the teleportation circle of the Cold Desolate Dragon City to descend into the ruins of the war, this teleportation price was still too high. Even the players of large guilds could not accept the high cost.

“10 gold coins!”

Lorne nodded and continued, “However, we have another rule. All players have one use of the teleportation circle at 99.9% discount every week from Iron Skull City to the Cold Desolate Dragon City. If they used the teleportation circle of the Cold Desolate Dragon City, they would only need to pay 10 silver coins to go to the surrounding map of the ruins of the war!”

“Brilliant, Leader!” Super Rich nodded repeatedly, “This way, the players who enter the Cold Desolate Dragon City will not leave the city casually. The business income in the city will also remain stable.”

“It’s not brilliant. It’s just a small trick.” Lorne smiled happily.

“By the way, Leader, shouldn’t you rebuild this place?”

Super Rich looked at the large empty space in front of him and felt that it was a waste. After all, this was the main road in the city. There should be enough shops here. Otherwise, it would be difficult to support the patronage of so many players.

“It’s already planned. The construction will begin soon.”

Lorne looked at the repair progress of the city wall and found that it was about to be completed. He led Super Rich towards the city wall.

Now that his business plan had basically taken shape, Lorne did not have to worry too much.

Other than the main business in the city, the other related businesses were all handed over to Super Rich to manage. This guy was not just shrewd but also had strong professional knowledge. With him managing it, Lorne believed that he could definitely bring enough benefits to the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

As for now?

It was time for Lorne to prepare to open up the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

First of all, he needed some city guards to maintain the security in the city.

Lorne had a plan for this a long time ago.

He quickly found Commander Rhett.

“City Lord Tyrant, the city wall project is almost completed. What do you want us to help you do next?”

Rhett was very professional. He had promised to do it for five days, so he would definitely fulfill his promise.

Of course, they had nothing to do after finishing this.

With the combined efforts of two million workers, the construction of the city was basically completed.

No matter how many construction missions there were, they would not need the city guards of Iron Skull City.

After all, they only had 100,000 people, and without professional construction skills, they were not too useful for the subsequent projects.


“Commander Rhett, after you complete the city wall building, the mission will end. However…”

Lorne said, “Cold Desolate Dragon City is a relatively large city and is in a new state. With my personal strength, it’s not enough to take care of everything, so I hope that you can be the city guards of Cold Desolate Dragon City.”

City guards?

Commander Rhett was stunned.

He did not know how to answer. After all, they were the city guards of Iron Skull City. How could they be the city guards in other cities? Wasn’t this asking them to defect from Iron Skull City?

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