Path of Medicine With a System - v2 Chapter 1702 than a surgeon

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   Chapter 1702 Not as good as a surgeon

  The hospital is getting bigger and bigger, and it looks a lot more lavish than the hospital in the small house. All kinds of advanced ones even thought they came to the operating room of the future world.

   In fact, there is a lack of flavor here, the human touch. Many people talk about hospitals, at most they talk about medical skills and technology, but rarely mention this word, because this thing is a conscience, the bigger the hospital, the thinner the smell, and it can even be as thin as standing. Same on Mount Everest.

   To tell the truth, the lawsuit faces of the doctors and nurses in the hospital, really, have reached an imminent time to change.

   Tired, who is not tired, the world is not a pure land, and each has its own suffering. And the hospital, to tell the truth, here brings together the greatest sorrow and suffering in the world.

   Is the bigger the better the hospital? I didn’t know it in the first 30 years, but in the next 30 years it became clearer and clearer.

   All are exactly the same, just paste and copy the treatment plan. The treatment is like treating dolls on the assembly line. Antibiotics are expensive, and ineffective Chinese patent medicines do not need to be added. That commission is high, use that!

   "Calculate, does this patient still need to eat? Calculate, how much body fluids have been replenished? Calculate, how many hours does it take for him to lie in bed with so many amps of fluids.

   Is this medical? This Nima is a crime. "

  Zhang Fan directly threw the medical record into Laoju's arms. Laoju originally had a red face, but it was like two purple **** hanging on his fair face, and he was really ashamed to the extreme.

   Zhang Fan didn't say a word to the doctor in charge of the bed, and the doctor in charge of the bed was already overwhelmed with fright.


   "Don't explain it to me, I don't need you to explain it to me, how would you explain it to the patient?" Zhang Fan refused to let Laoju say anything. "One day, I don't care what you do, I will improve it within a day, and I will spit out what I eat. I spit it out, and I am satisfied with the revision, and that's all.

  If you are lucky, hehe…”

After   , Zhang Fan left the ward.

Outside the ward, in the aisle, many patients who came from distant counties were reluctant to eat and drink. They took naan cakes as hard as stones, slowly tore them into a bowl of warm water, waited for them to soften, and let them soften. The old man eats a little.

  Dry hands, coughing body, holding a shaking water bowl, ripples in circles, as if hitting Zhang Fan's heart.

   For the past two years, Zhang Fan has been staring at high-level medical skills. He always feels that as long as the hospital develops, it will always be better, but today's rounds have made Zhang Fan feel uncomfortable. What is the sadness of medical care? Too expensive to use, this is the biggest sadness.

   "Isn't the salary given by the hospital not enough?" Zhang Fan seemed to ask himself, but also asked the doctors and nurses in the respiratory department.

   The hospital departments are scrambling for patient numbers, and the doctors in the departments are scrambling for patient numbers. I don’t know when this trend started to blow. Zhang Fan usually closes his eyes. He feels that this kind of competition is good for the development of the department and the hospital.

   Now, he understands that Nima's heart is not full.

   Entering the office, Zhang Fan's anger has subsided a lot, but he is still very serious.

  The internal medicine department of tea, especially the department of respiratory medicine and the department of cardiology, most of the doctors in these two departments have climbed out of the hard days. Because the family conditions are slightly better, they are reluctant to come to these two departments.

Tired, there are many patients, the respiratory department deals with all kinds of sputum every day, and the family is a little richer, who wants to queue up to see the fresh red sticky phlegm coughed out one by one after eating the sun egg in the morning, who wants to watch a Warm and sticky like egg yolks just out of the pan.

   Therefore, in terms of learning and business ability, it can be said that they can directly crush any department. As for their upstairs endocrinology, in front of the doctors of these two departments, it is directly incomparable.

   Their drive is terrifying and unimaginable. But what is the driving force behind this?

  Since this place talks about technology, then use technology to kill these arrogant soldiers today. Zhang Fan generally gave Lao Ju a lot of face. He felt that Lao Ju was a pure doctor, and he was even more like a doctor than himself.

Zhang Fan admires his calf care, his perseverance, and even his unreasonableness, but today, Zhang Fan is angry, some patients are reluctant to drink milk for breakfast, and tea on the edge of the grassland Vegetarian, milk is really cheap, it's really a habit. Some people even feel powerless without drinking a sip of milk in the morning.

   But here, let this group of people quit milk, and give cefoperazone sodium and sulbactam sodium to patients for half a month. What is this for, this is directly robbery with a knife.

  The old house is floating, his eyes are fixed on the ICU sent by Maru Ziguo, he is thinking about high-tech new technologies, and he is thinking about making cutting-edge technologies. On the contrary, the underlying diseases have been relaxed.

   Zhang Fan also understands that the king of Chu is so slender, and the palace starves to death! This is inseparable from the faults of the past two years.

   However, today, the arrogance of this group of people, and the pride in their hearts, they still think Zhang Fan is unreasonable.

  Internal medicine, Lao Tzu has opened the heart and breathing.

   I was not good at internal medicine before, but now you are not good at internal medicine.

   "Close the door!" Zhang Fan said with a cold face, the head nurse, Wang Hong, Xiao Chen, the three of them hurriedly closed the door like a race.

  The floor-to-ceiling glass windows were full of patients who were eating melons. Those who coughed were almost suffocating, and they even looked into the office curiously.

   "What is this little dean doing? His face is black with anger!"

   "I heard that the doctor didn't pay attention to the treatment, and the black-faced dean got angry. This dean is quite reliable."

"Hey, Kao Kuai Kuo, I don't think he looks very good. Look at him, his face has a scorched yellow color. This is because the liver is not good, and the anger is too strong!" Huajing, holding a book that seeks medical treatment is worse than seeking oneself, while looking down at Zhang Fan, he raised his head to read the analysis in the book.

   The head nurse opened her mouth, trying to chase people away.

Zhang Fan patted the table, "Pray, the patients still have expectations for you, and they still believe you so foolishly. Don't you claim to be high-level? Well, today I'll see what level your respiratory department has. ."

After speaking, Zhang Fan started directly: "Let's talk about your three beds. According to his disease, it can be determined that the proteins in different stages of the cell cycle in cyclins, in the late G1 phosphorylated gene products, will cause lung cancer. The tension of the surfactant has decreased, so now if you want to reduce this tension, what kind of treatment is the most appropriate."

   The lungs of the human body actually have a layer of mucous membranes. This thing is like the sticky synovial fluid on the fish. This thing has many functions.

   In layman's terms, it is a collection of functions such as sleeves, lubricating oils, fillers, springs, and acid-base balance fluids. The more this multi-functional thing is, the less researched it is.

  The question of Zhang Fan is very tricky. It has both scientific research and clinical practice. In fact, it is not beyond the outline, but this Nima belongs to the category of Olympiad questions.

   "Come, Li Hui, tell me."

Li Hui's scalp was numb, and when he saw Zhang Fan's rage, he knew that he was definitely the first sacrificial knife today, "Because, because, because of the poor surface of the lungs, lactic acid, diamond, serotonin, and oxygen were produced. Free radicals increase the content of catecholamines, resulting in increased vascular permeability.

   We should dilate, dilate, dilate blood vessels, give oxygen, and then…”

  Zhang Fan still nodded his head in his heart. Although Li Hui didn't understand the question, he probably guessed in the right direction. This guy has already achieved the so-called clinical feeling.

   This kind of feeling is very mysterious, especially when you are in an emergency and critically ill patient, you can't diagnose what the disease is, but you can feel what you should do. How do you say this thing, it's like seeing a beautiful woman, although you don't know it, you can be absolutely sure that she has the same object, and the correct one can be scary.

   "If you don't give a definite character, just give treatment. Is that what your director told you? Everyone is dead, and you still have a hammer for treatment!"

   After scolding Li Hui, Zhang Fan's teacher in the past cried. Her intuition told her that she would be named by Zhang Yuan next.

   To be honest, the thing that Li Jingjing regretted most in the past few years was being a teacher to Zhang Fan.

   Zhang Fan's doctors from other departments are somewhat arrogant, because Zhang Fan and the others have taken them, but Li Jingjing is afraid. When she was treated for tuberculosis, she did too much. If I knew that Zhang Fan would be the dean in the future, and he would be so powerful in the future, even if she was given 100,000 by a temperate person, she would not want it.

   "Mr. Li, come, let's talk about it. Mr. Li is the most authoritative person below the director of the respiratory department. Come and tell us your opinion."

   It sounded like he was praising Li Jingjing, but under Zhang Fan's cold tone, Dr. Li was about to cry.

   "First, give intermittent positive pressure ventilation, and then promote internal circulation in the body and increase oxygen saturation..."

   She is a little higher than Li Hui. If you compare the treatment completion rate, she can be 20 or even 30% higher than Li Hui's treatment method.

   If it was on weekdays, Zhang Fan would laugh and brag, but not today, Zhang Fan wants to get rid of their inexplicable arrogance.

   "Wouldn't Swan-Ganz be used? If there is no definite value, just give positive pressure ventilation. Do you think you are experienced or you feel that you are at a high level? With a rescue like yours, it is too late for the patient to enter the operation, and the body temperature is cold.

  Mr. Li, should I ask which drug has a high price and which drug has a high commission? Do you have more experience? You and Li Hui are in the department, arrogant and domineering. You are also robbing your sick number, not your sick number.

The amount of antibiotics the two of you take for a month can match the dosage of a single department of orthopedics. You spend a day lying in front of the computer calculating your own abacus, relying on a little bit of poor experience, do you think that a simple trick is enough? enough.

   You are still far behind, don't you know how to use some broken instruments, or just published a few inexplicable papers in broken journals! Let me tell you, you are far behind.

  I can't even solve the problem of being a surgeon, what face do you have to brag. Let me tell you, if I want to do it, I don't want to clean it up and let me go. There are a lot of doctors waiting in the pit.

   Dean Ju, I want to see your review paper in the afternoon. "

After   , Zhang Fan's room was not checked, and he left.

Laoju listened to Zhang Fan's name, originally wanted to stand up and answer the question, to earn some face for the respiratory medicine department, but they didn't let Laoju answer, it seemed that he was giving face to Laoju, this Nima is the naked bully. .

  The old man was crying. When he was eating my family’s tiaozi, he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone after eating it!

   (end of this chapter)

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