Pick Up The Invincible World Attributes at the Start - Chapter 935 little thing, no thanks

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Luo Fan, who didn't take these to heart at all, took everyone to the depths of the Dulin Cave.

The cultivators around saw that Luo Fan was so carefree and didn't care about the poisonous insects in the Dulin Cave, and their faces showed disdain.

Especially seeing three such beautiful beauties beside Luo Fan.

He felt that Luo Fan was a dandy boy again, and he didn't know which disciple he came from. After hearing the news of Dulin Cave, he brought his female companion over.

Really looking for death! !

If it were changed to other places, I am afraid that some people could not help but come to find trouble.

But here is the Dulin Cave.

Although there are a lot of cultivators in the Dulin Cave now, they are all very cautious.

Like a tomb robber, every move is very careful, for fear of attracting the attention of the terrifying poisonous insects in the Dulin Cave.


Even looking at these beautiful women around Luo Fan made them very envious.

But for the sake of their own safety, they were still honest and did not dare to go forward at will.

For fear that Luo Fan, such a stunned young man, did something nonsense and implicated them.


They were dumbfounded when they noticed that Luo Fan's carelessness and their cautiousness were completely different, but they did not attract the attention of any poisonous insects.

What's the fat thing?

What about the poisonous bugs here?

Why didn't any of them show up to kill this abominable dude?

Bullying is not.

Could it be that these poisonous insects also know how to bully the soft and fear the hard, and know that the identity of this dude is not simple, so they dare not appear at all.

Looking at Luo Fan and his party, after entering the Dulin Cave, they did not encounter a poisonous insect, and they entered the depths of the Dulin Cave recklessly.

Some people were quite unwilling and roared in their hearts.

There are also people who wonder if there is something on Luo Fan that can make the poisonous insects afraid here.

So, quietly followed behind Luo Fan, wanting to enter the depths of the Dulin Cave.

Of course.

There are also people with bad brains.

I feel that the poisonous insects here are bullying the soft and afraid of the hard.

The more cautious they act, the more they can attract the attention of these poisonous insects.

Therefore, it should be the same as Luo Fan.

Generous and fearless, he walked towards the depths of the Dulin Cave.


As a result, screams were heard incessantly.

It attracted more poisonous insects and rushed towards these people.


In the entire Dulin Cave, there was a burst of chicken flying and dog jumping.

Everyone rushed out of the Dulin Cave frantically, and no one paid attention at all. Within a few hundred meters from them, around Luo Fan and his group, in the Dulin Cave, after the poisonous riot occurred, there was still no one. A poisonous worm rushed towards them.

Yuying Ice Emperor and Fengshuang Ice Emperor didn't care either.

They just thought it was the pressure of the Emperor Wu on their own body, which shocked these poisonous insects, so that they did not dare to approach.

But they overlooked a problem.

Among the poisonous insects in the Dulin Cave, there are also tenth-order poisonous insects.

Although the strength of these tenth-order poisonous insects is not very good, from the perspective of rank, they are on the same level as their martial emperors.

It is simply impossible to frighten these poisonous insects with just breath deterrence.

Of course.

If these poisonous insects tried to attack them, these Martial Emperors, they would also die.

after all.

Their own strength is really too bad.

Unless it is some poisonous insects with special abilities.

For example, the yin and yang soul worm that Luo Fan contracted before.

The ghost fire possessed by this poisonous insect, if they, the Martial Emperor powerhouses, are not careful, they will die very miserably.

"After this gate, it is Medicine Immortal Valley!"

Soon, everyone came to the deepest part of Dulin Cave, in front of the stone gate that entered the real remains of Medicine Immortal Valley.

It was not Luo Fan who spoke, but Yuying Ice Emperor.

Hearing her words, Luo Fan immediately understood that the people from the Frost Holy Land had really come to Medicine Immortal Valley.

Otherwise, it is almost impossible for them to see such a hidden entrance without much formation ability.

"What did you encounter when you were inside?"

Luo Fan couldn't help the curiosity in his heart and asked suspiciously.

"In fact, there is nothing else other than the flickering Tiangang puppet!"

Yuying Bingdi said with a smile.


Luo Fan was instantly stunned when he heard this.

He thought there was something good in it?

As a result, now Yuying Bingdi told herself that there were only Tiangang puppets?

"This Nima~"

Luo Fan suddenly felt uncomfortable, and the expression on his face became awkward.

"Are you disappointed?"

See Luo Fan's appearance.

Yuying Bingdi couldn't help covering her mouth and laughed "giggling".

"Of course, it is also possible that, like the ruins of Yantian Sect, we overlooked something when we came here before, so we didn't find anything, but if you say it, maybe we can find something!"

Fengshuang Ice Emperor reminded.


Luo Fan raised his brows and couldn't help laughing:

"It's really not that easy to want you guys to find something."

"Oh, what you said is a bit too much! Who is Ma Daha, we are not!"

Yuying Bingdi immediately widened her eyes, puffed out her small mouth, and said unhappily.

"Who is Ma Daha, who knows in his heart!"

Luo Fan raised his brows, opened the door to Medicine Immortal Valley, and walked in with everyone.

Familiar environment without any changes.

Luo Fan took the lead to the entrance of Medicine Immortal Valley.

You can still vaguely see a few Tiangang puppets.

Of course, the cultivation base has not changed.

Or Wu Sheng 7 stars.

The last time Luo Fan came over, the Heavenly Gang puppet of Martial Saint 7 star was quite a terrifying existence to him.


Let alone in the canyon, these few Heavenly Gang puppets of Martial Saint 7 stars.

Even at the entrance, he encountered the Wuzun-level Tiangang puppet, and he used the powerful power of the blood soul bead to blow it up.

But now.

Luo Fan didn't even need to make a move, Yuying Bingdi waved her hand, and a cold frost poured out from her hand, turning the three Heavenly Gang puppets of Martial Saint 7 stars into three big ice bumps.

"Luo Fan, you don't need to take action for this trivial matter!"

Yuying Bingdi blinked her eyes, showed a smile, and said to Luo Fan.


Although Luo Fan knew that Yuying Bingdi really wanted to help, but he was able to reap the rewards of the system by solving the three Tiangang puppets!

After silently complaining in his heart, Luo Fan could only laugh and cry:

"Thank you!"

"Small thing, no need to thank you!!"

Yuying Bingdi smiled and was very happy to be praised by Luo Fan.

That appearance, where is there a bit of the majesty of Emperor Wu!

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