President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 397 The wicked sue first

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Mo family villa.

The old lady is listening to the drama at her home happily, not knowing what happened in the company.

"Old lady, Master Victory is here!"

Mother Wu came to report and said.

"I should be at work now, what is he doing here?"

Old Mrs. Mo was a little confused, and immediately let the opera singers go down, waiting for Mo to come over.

"Mom, did Jinrong tell you anything?"

Mo Shengli didn't go around the corner, straight to the point.

Old Mrs. Mo said in a daze.

"He didn't tell me anything, what's the matter? Shouldn't you be at work this time? What's wrong with you?"

"Mom, I had a quarrel with Jinrong today, and I said it was wrong."

"What the **** is going on? Why is it so arguing?"

Mrs. Mo immediately asked with concern.

"I have been used to seeing human nature outside for more than ten years. To be honest, I was somewhat defensive against An Ran, so I let people stand at the door to monitor An Ran's movements. I had a girlfriend before, and they always I thought I was rich, and then took my money and ran away.

I was also afraid that Jinrong would be harmed, so I sent someone to look at her over there. After Jinrong found out, she lost her temper at me and said that I shouldn't be like this. I was also for his good. Why didn't he understand? "

"Shengli wants me to tell me about this. You really did something wrong. You may not understand An Ran. She is a good boy, she is beautiful and smart, and the most important thing is to have one heart and one heart for Jinrong. Her family runs a hospital. Yes, speaking of it, it's a good match for our Mo family. You don't want Jinrong's money. You don't need to send someone to monitor her. It's really not good to do that.

I know that you have suffered a lot of wrongs outside and become cautious, but now you are home, you don't need to do things cautiously anymore, just go and talk to him if Jinrong is young and doesn't understand. "

Old Mrs. Mo wasn't angry either, she just thought he might have just returned, and he was still not used to the people and environment at home.

"Mom, now Jinrong doesn’t let me intervene in the company’s affairs. I think he just has some opinions about me that are different from when I was a child. I am now an empty shell in the company, with a nominal title, and I don’t let anything. I do, I stay in the company with nothing to do all day.

Those employees were laughing at me, saying that I was a pseudo-emperor, and they also told us that there was an internal disagreement in the Mo family. "

Mo Shengli started to talk tea and tea, and the old lady's face suddenly changed.

"Who said that we are not in harmony? Those people in the company know how to cheat their tongues. Don't listen to them. As for your rights in the company, this is the position when you are in the company. You said that you were stocks before. Then you might be right. The company's operational understanding is not thorough enough.

I will ask Jinrong to take you with you. After you are thoroughly familiar with how to do business, he will arrange a good position for you and let you play. "

Old Mrs. Mo also has a spectrum in her heart. Mo Changwen had no ability to manage the company, so Jinrong would give him a nameless job. When it comes to Mo Shengli, it will be even more ignorant. It would be better for him to take over the position of Mo Changwen. Nevertheless.

Although Mo Changwen didn't say anything, he was still dissatisfied. He always felt partial to his grandson and had reservations about him as an illegitimate child, but his face was still grinning.

"Mom, I am different from Changwen. Changwen is not a material for doing business. I have made a lot of money in stocks after so many years of speculation, which proves that I still have a talent for doing business. Jinrong is now in the company. In power. At any rate, it is his uncle who needs to ask him for advice and talk about how embarrassing it is to go out.

I made a decision today. Without reporting to him, he yelled at me. I was his uncle anyway. This made me very shameless. "

Mo Changwen is still complaining about Mo Jinrong.

"What decision did you make that made him yell, Jinrong, this kid was brought up by me. Although you have not been by your side since childhood, you don’t know him well these years, but I know him. He is definitely not that. Kind of people."

Mrs. Mo knows her grandson best. He is a self-reliant person, and he will never yell because of a trivial matter.

"He used his power to cooperate with Tan and Qin Ya's family without authorization, but this matter, the president of me, did not even know. This kind of cross-border behavior caused me to manage the subordinates in the company. Who is the president? And he compensated others. Times the liquidated damages, this is not a small sum.

I used to inform them to convene a general meeting of shareholders to revoke my uncle’s authority. The Mo Group is mine. No one can shake my position. If my uncle does his job honestly, I won’t say anything, but grandma. I also know how cunning they are. They have a deep hostility towards us. Cooperating with them is undoubtedly asking for trouble. I don't know what the purpose of uncle's doing this is?

But I can't just watch you ruin the entire company. "

Mo Jinrong suddenly came in and said from behind.

"You boy, what do you mean I will ruin the entire company? Didn't I do it for you? Don't you still cooperate with the Tan family? Why can't you cooperate? The Qin family has not yet fully established itself, but the strength is not tolerated. Underestimate.

It is better to have multiple friends and multiple paths than one more enemy. Who has hatred with money? "

The two of you said a word to me, and the old lady was upset.

"Enough! Do you still have my old lady in your eyes? Victory, I ask you, did you really make this decision without telling Jinrong? This is a big deal. You just came here and you don’t know how you can do it indiscriminately. Decision?

The Tan family owed a lover to him, so the Mo family cooperated with him. Once the money was paid off, the Mo family had a little relationship with them.

I also heard that Qin Hao's fox is staring at him. This is a major event. How can you not discuss it with him? Don't blame Jinrong for being angry, just do your job well, why do you want to get involved in Jinrong's affairs?

I know you want to contribute something to the company, and you don’t know anything, so you have to learn from the bottom. "

Mrs. Mo is also a little embarrassed now.

How can such a major event as cooperation go beyond the president to make a decision on his own, and can that company survive?

"Mom, don't be angry, I know it's wrong, but things have already happened, and there is nothing left to regret it. Not being able to breach the contract is not a small sum."

The expression on Mo Shengli's begging for mercy looked like he knew he was wrong, but he was not convinced at all.

"You don't need to take care of this matter. I will call a shareholder meeting to vote soon. Don't try to bribe those shareholders. You should go home and speculate your stocks."

Mo Jinrong turned and left after speaking.

"Mom, Jinrong really wants to fire me? You have to help me!"

"You really don't worry at all, you go back to the room first, I'm thinking about it."

Mrs. Mo didn't immediately express her position. Although it was related to the life and death of the company, she still thought about some affection.

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