Realm of Myths and Legends - Chapter 720 - Unreachable, The Hunt Begins!

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Chapter 720 - Unreachable, The Hunt Begins!

"Welcome back, Administrator Aurora." A gentle and respectful voice sounded from behind Aurora.

"This saves me some time. I was just about to look for you, Opal." Aurora said as she turned to see the head NPC who managed the Mystical Realm Palace, Opal.

"Is there something you require, Administrator Aurora?" Opal asked politely.

"I want to know if Izroth is still here," Aurora responded as she opened her system interface and sent a message to Izroth to inform him of her arrival.

However, seeing as how even Zi Yi was unable to get into contact with Izroth through the system, Aurora did not hold out much luck for a reply.

"Yes. Handler Izroth is currently in his private crafting room that was moved to the newly renovated sixth floor. He ordered not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency. Does Administrator Aurora have an urgent matter to discuss with Handler Izroth?"

"An urgent matter... Yes, I suppose you can say that."

Zi Yi did not go into too many details as to why she needed to get into contact with Izroth as soon as possible; however, Zi Yi did inform Aurora that it had something to do with someone being after those close to him in RML. And, the fact that Zi Yi reached out to her instead of waiting for Izroth's response meant that it was no small matter.

"I understand. Would you like me to escort you to the sixth floor?" Opal asked.

"That will not be necessary. You have already been quite helpful. I'm sure I can find it on my own. You may return to attending to your duties." Aurora said as she walked towards the door that led to the staircase connecting the floors of the Mystical Realm Palace.

"If you require any further ȧssistance, please do not hesitate to call for me." Opal bowed respectfully as she saw Aurora off.


"Since I'm online, after I finish up here, I should check on how Metronome is overseeing the project I handed him." Aurora internalized.

Not too long after leaving the fourth floor, Aurora arrived on the sixth floor of the Mystical Realm Palace.

The sixth floor was neither a crafting area nor a shopping center. It was a long hallway with five doors located on the left side.

In front of every door, excluding the one positioned in the middle, was a strange barrier that almost looked as though it were made of some kind of gel-like substance.

In addition, the doors were all pitch-black in color and lacked a door handle.

As for the door in the middle, it appeared to have been constructed using a sturdy wooden material. And, unlike the other doors, it had a bronze handle that gave it an almost vintage feel.

Aurora walked over to the sturdy wooden door and stopped in front of it. She understood that crafting could be a highly delicate process depending on what was being produced; therefore, Aurora she somewhat hesitant to disturb Izroth and run the chance of interfering with his work. However, since the request came from the fourth young miss herself, Aurora could not just walk away. Besides, she was sure that Izroth would understand given that there were people after those close to him.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"It's Fang Qiu. I have something I need to discuss with you." Aurora called out.

But, after waiting for nearly one minute with no response, she decided to knock a second time.

Knock. Knock. Knock!

"Is anyone in there?" Aurora raised her voice. However, there was not a single sound coming from the other side of the wooden door.

"Strange... Is he really inside this room?" Aurora muttered to herself.

"I am entering. Pardon the intrusion." Aurora said as she grabbed the bronze door handle and opened the wooden door.


Immediately upon entering the room, Aurora furrowed her brows as she lightly pinched her nose.

"What is this putrid smell...?" Aurora internalized.

〈System Alert: You have inhaled the «Blood of the Immortal Hydra». You will lose 1% of your HP every second for 5 minutes.〉

Aurora's passive skill, Breath of Absolute Zero automatically went off when she inhaled her first breath inside the room. Though Aurora was most surprised by the fact that she could receive damage inside what was supposed to be a safe zone.

Aurora swept her gaze across Izroth's private crafting room. She saw the Dark Abyssal Cauldron located at the room's center that seemed to be the main source of the foul stench. The lingering smell from the Blood of the Immortal Hydra Izroth used to craft the Self Awakening Pills was still in the air.

As she scanned the room, a frown quickly appeared on Aurora's face.

"He's not here?"

There were no signs of Izroth anywhere inside the room on the sixth floor. But, according to Opal, he should have been up here. And, Aurora knew that he did not just suddenly log out since it still showed him online on her friend's list.

"I doubt Opal would intentionally mislead me. But, if he was here, then where did he run off to?" Aurora said as she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her to get away from the stench of the hydra's blood.


A few moments later, Aurora returned to the lower floors of the Mystical Realm Palace and called for Opal. Her hope was that Opal could help shed some light on what was going on; however...

"That is not possible..! I am certain that Handler Izroth is currently in his private crafting room on the sixth floor..!" Opal exclaimed as her eyes widened from shock.

"I'm telling you, he's not there. I just finished checking for myself. Unless there is a secret hidden room I don't know about, Izroth is not up there. Are you positive he did not just leave without telling you?" Aurora sighed.

"That, too, is not possible. Inside the Mystical Realm Palace, I have a direct connection to Handler Izroth that allows me to know his location at all times. And, right now, that connection is telling me that he is still within his private crafting room on the sixth floor." Opal explained with a troubled expression.

"Then, it would be a lot easier if you see it for yourself. However, you are under no circumstances to enter the room and you must stand back at a safe distance away from the door." Aurora stated.

"I understand." Opal was concerned about Izroth's well-being, but she had not forgotten his words to follow Aurora's orders as if they were coming directly from him.


Aurora made her way back to the sixth floor, accompanied by Opal.

After making sure Opal stood back far enough, Aurora opened the wooden door.

The moment the doors opened, Opal gasped in shock. It was just as Aurora said—Izroth was nowhere to be found!

"How is this possible...? This has never happened before." Opal said as she became somewhat flustered and bewildered.

"Is this the only active room on this floor?" Aurora inquired.

"Y-Yes..." Opal uttered as she slightly nodded.

"Then, it seems we've run into quite the predicament." Aurora sighed.

"I'll have to contact the fourth young miss to let her know the situation." Aurora internalized.


Meanwhile, inside the room on the sixth floor...

Izroth was in an upright meditative pose within the room. He sat just a few steps away from his Dark Abyssal Cauldron.

However, the reason why Aurora and Opal could not find Izroth was that he was currently in an isolated pocket of space as a side effect of the Self Awakening!

The isolated pocket of space was similar to the effects of the Thirty-Two Localities Isolation Talisman Izroth used to trap the Sphere of Absolute Chains and weaken the mysterious chains that tried to prevent Empyrean's birth.

At the moment, Izroth was in a state of torpor within the isolated pocket of space—completely cut off from the environment around him.

〈System Alert: Awakening... [1.4%]〉


Somewhere in RML located near the cold north of the Amaharpe kingdom...

"Here seems like a good location," Valentine said to himself as he abruptly halted his steps in an open area of the heavy snow-covered forest.

As he exhaled, a chilling frost could be seen leaving his mouth.

"I hate to be kept waiting. How much longer do you all plan on following me?" Valentine asked to seemingly no one.

However, a few seconds later, several figures emerged from the snowy forest. And, in the blink of an eye, Valentine was surrounded on all sides.

"Well now, this is quite the spectacle. I had no idea I was adored this much." Valentine said calmly as a light smile appeared on his face.

"It's a shame to have to kill such a beauty, but just know that it's nothing personal. We're just doing our job, you see?" One of the figures who appeared to be the leader of the group said as they stepped forward.

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