Rebirth Doctor Girl: Young Army, Please Let It Go! - Chapter 5180 season finale

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Mu Yue smiled and nodded, and said, "I have arranged a place for you. There is a villa area for you, and there is yours there. You can choose a house, and you will directly decide when the time comes!"

"Okay, okay, we'll choose it right away!"

Hearing Mu Yue's words, Yuan Xiao and Wu Hongjun were all extremely excited.

Everyone is still young now, not necessarily all in the space in the future, so everyone's house is still reserved, but it is okay if you want to come in and live in the future.

For example, when I get tired from work, I come to the space to rest for a while. Anyway, there is also a network in the space. You can use Mu Yue's chat software and office software for office work in the future.

Because Mu Yue's Longteng Group is spread all over the country, and even the whole world, Mu Yue let his company develop chat software and office software early, just to facilitate online meetings in the future, without having to rush.

Mu Yue stood on the balcony of the castle, looking at the inner city of the space to be built, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a bright smile.

After more than half a year of hard work, Mu Yue connected this space and the ancient martial world of Kunlun Mountain to each other.

There is a special channel that allows the two worlds to be connected to each other. In the future, the two worlds can also communicate with each other and increase personnel in the new space.

Mu Yue also has more space, more people help her work, plant more authentic Chinese medicinal materials, and help her develop Chinese medicinal materials.

It’s just that no one knows that after the two spaces are connected, Mu Yue can also control the ancient martial world. The two worlds add up to a big world that belongs to her completely!

After all, this space was detached from her body, and this space is also controlled by her mind. Therefore, the entire space is owned by Mu Yue alone, and no one else should think about it.

Xiao Junyan came over and took Mu Yue into his arms from behind, wrapping her hands around her slender waist.

Mu Yue leaned against Xiao Junyan's arms subconsciously, and the smile on her face was even happier.

Xiao Junyan lowered his head and gently kissed the top of Mu Yue's head, his eyes filled with tenderness, "How does it feel to see a city built in my own world?"

"Very good!" Mu Yue said with a bright smile on her face, "This has always been my dream! We will live here in the future!"

Xiao Junyan nodded, his eyes filled with tenderness, "Hmm! Okay, I'll be with you!"

At this moment, a handsome teenager brought two young teenagers over and looked at Xiao Junyan and Mu Yue who were hugging each other with some resentment.

"Dad, mom..."

Mu Yue and Xiao Junyan turned around and saw Xiao Yu coming with their two younger brothers. They looked at each other and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Xiao Junyan still looked at his three sons with disgust, and it was really annoying to give birth to sons or something.

Xiao Yu put his hands in his trouser pockets, raised his chin, and looked at Xiao Junyan provocatively, "We are mother's baby son, why can't we come here? We are here to find our mother, not you!"

"That's it!" The brothers Xiao Ling and Xiao Nan nodded in agreement.

Xiao Junyan's mouth twitched with anger, and stared at them fiercely, "Go, don't always pester my wife! Sure enough, giving birth to a son or something is annoying!"

He scanned the twin sons back and forth, "Why don't you have a daughter!"

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes at Xiao Junyan with contempt and said, "Hehe, it also depends on whether you have the ability to make mom pregnant with a younger sister!"

"Yes, Dad is too weak!" Xiao Nan nodded deeply in agreement.

Xiao Ling also looked at Xiao Junyan with contempt, "If she could give birth to a younger sister, she would have been born early!"

The three sons despised their old father at the same time, and Xiao Junyan was so angry that he only wanted to beat the three stinky boys.

Mu Yue was amused by Xiao Junyan's words, turned around and put his arms around Xiao Junyan's neck, and said jokingly, "Aren't you afraid that a daughter will rob me like you when you give birth to a daughter?"

"No, I know my little padded jacket will definitely not!" Xiao Junyan said with a confident smile.

"Really?" Mu Yue raised an eyebrow, smiled, and approached Xiao Junyan's ear, "Then I will tell you a good news!"

Xiao Junyan was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Mu Yue in his arms in confusion, "What good news?"

Mu Yue's mouth twitched slightly, "I'm pregnant!"

"Huai...pregnant?" Xiao Junyan exclaimed, staring at Mu Yue.

Xiao Yu, Xiao Ling, and Xiao Nan also stared at Mu Yue in surprise with their eyes widened, and then moved their gazes down to land on Mu Yue's flat stomach.

Xiao Junyan also let go of Mu Yue, looking down at Mu Yue's flat stomach, and regaining his senses for a few seconds in a daze. He once again hugged Mu Yue in a circle, looking up to the sky and laughing, "Hahaha... I'm going to be a father! I have a daughter!"

Mu Yue was turned a little dizzy, "Don't make trouble, be careful of the child!"

"Oh, yes!" Xiao Junyan recovered, and hurriedly put Mu Yue carefully on the ground.

Mu Yue rolled her eyes angrily and said, "You, how did you know that it is a daughter? Maybe it's a son again!"

"Anyway, I just think it's a son!" Xiao Junyan nodded firmly, and then looked at his three sons again, "You said that?"

"Yes it is!"

This time it was very rare that the three brothers Xiao Yu were all on Xiao Junyan's side.

They said that there are already too many handles, so it would be better to change to a sweet, cute and soft sister.

The appearance of the four fathers and sons caused Mu Yue to cover her mouth and chuckle, gently touching her flat abdomen, her eyes full of love and pampering.

If you really can be a daughter, the best!


This ending should be considered a perfect ending, right?

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