Rebirth of the World’s Richest Man - Chapter 2479 no gratitude

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   Chapter 2479 No gratitude

   "That's all I have to say, you two can disown my sister in the future, but there are some things I have to say..."

   "Sister." Yin Xiaojun hurriedly shouted after hearing what her sister Yin Xiaoyin said.

   He knew that his sister was really angry. The siblings have been close to each other since childhood, and they have always been the closest to each other.

   "Sister, you are right, we are wrong."

"You have a problem with your mentality. If you want to do something, do it yourself. Don't enjoy the shelter that your relationship brings to you, while doing things and shouting righteously. Even if you don't get enough, you can't get yourself. Complain when you want help.

   In that case, it would be too selfish to live. "

  Yin Xiaoyin threw the last sentence, got up and left, Yin Xiaojun quickly stood up, Yin Xiaoyin had already left.

   Yin Xiaojun's face was full of distress, Zhang Jingwen had been sitting by the side without saying a word, his face flushed.

   "It's too selfish to live." These words kept echoing in Zhang Jingwen's ears, making her face flush with embarrassment.

   She couldn't understand why she did something wrong. She had always been doing the right thing. Could it be that it was wrong for her to expose the shady secrets of the fund?

  Why is the work unit punished, the fund management company outside beats it, and the family members don’t try their best to help, and they blame themselves.

   Zhang Jingwen was very wronged, but Yin Xiaojun was not in the mood to comfort Zhang Jingwen at this time.

   "I want to go back to my parents' house." Zhang Jingwen said suddenly. Yin Xiaojun was stunned for a moment, his brows furrowed even tighter, this was not enough chaos.

   But Yin Xiaojun still said: "Okay, anyway, there are quite a lot of things in the magic capital recently, so let's go, I will accompany you back tomorrow."

   Zhang Jingwen was about to lose his temper, such as "you don't need you, you go to your sister", but she still didn't say it when she saw Yin Xiaojun's ugly face, just nodded.

   The next morning, Zhang Jingwen, who was wronged in the magic capital, took Yin Xiaojun back to her family in the capital.

   Zhang's father and Zhang's mother received the news of the sudden return of the young couple. They were pleasantly surprised at the first time, but they were a little worried when the surprise was over. What happened? Why did he come back suddenly? Usually, he came back with advance notice.

  Daughter was married far away in the magic capital. The couple opposed it at first, but later agreed to let the daughter marry away by accident, but this does not mean that the couple is not worried about the daughter being wronged.

   So after Zhang Jingwen and Yin Xiaojun arrived, they had a hearty lunch. When Yin Xiaojun was resting, Zhang's parents and Zhang's mother took Zhang Jingwen aside and asked them in detail.

   Facing the caring eyes of her parents, Zhang Jingwen finally couldn't help it, and like a lot of trouble, she explained the recent events in detail.

   I didn’t add anything to the story, I narrated it again, thinking that after the narration was over, I would be able to get some comfort from my parents.

   As a result, I didn't expect that after finishing speaking, the two parents looked at each other.

   "Jing Wen, don't cry for now. Mom and Dad have a word with you." Father Zhang said slowly.

   "Actually, when you went to Magic Capital, your parents didn't agree, but your parents knew that they couldn't help you much. You entered the Shanghai Stock Exchange as soon as you graduated. This is Jiang Xiaobai helping you.

In fact, from our point of view, we can blame Yin Xiaojun's family, but we cannot blame Jiang Xiaobai. Jiang Xiaobai adopted Yin Xiaojun's sister and brother, raised them as adults, married Xiaojun and bought a house, looked for a job, and returned to you. Work,

   He has nothing to blame..."

   Father Zhang said, Zhang Jingwen was a little reluctant: "But, but..."

   In fact, Zhang Jingwen didn't know where he should accuse him, Zhang's father continued to say: "Besides, since you got married, you have never worried about the firewood, rice, oil and salt in your life.

   The house you live in, the car you drive, in fact, Jiang Xiaobai has helped in many places, and this time, if it wasn't for Jiang Xiaobai, maybe the punishment you received at the beginning was more than a warning punishment.

  The unit will not be kind to you, and the fund management company will not just sue Hu Li, but not you and Zhao Yugang.

   Even Zhao Yugang was sheltered by you, so the fund company took a step back.

   This time, you decided to go home after ten o'clock in the evening, and you could fly back from the magic capital at noon the next day. Asking for leave is a matter of one sentence. Haven't you thought about why your unit is so reasonable? "

  Father Zhang looked at his daughter and said earnestly that her daughter married Yin Xiaojun after graduation, and then life was smooth sailing. She had never experienced ups and downs in life, so she took it all for granted.

   But there are so many things in life that take for granted, the conflicts between neighbors, the scheming of colleagues in the unit, the harshness of the boss, plus some trivial, messy little things.

   Even a trip to the market to buy vegetables can add to the congestion.

   If you go out for a meal, you may get ridiculed. This is how ordinary people who have no money and no rights live all day.

This is the normal state of life. Unsatisfactory things happen nine times out of 10. It is lucky that what you want to achieve is lucky, and the girl is a college graduate. With the mentality of the best of heaven, she meets a life like Jiang Xiaobai, and puts everything All taken for granted.

  Without a grateful heart, I don’t know how hard-won such a thing is.

   Then naturally it will gradually become selfish.

"Actually, you are relying on Jiang Xiaobai unknowingly, but you rely on it, and you don't think about your family when you do things. Jiang Xiaobai asked you to go back to work in Huaqing Holding Group to protect you. You can do it if you don't want to, but you choose it yourself. Lu, I can no longer let Jiang Xiaobai pay for you.

  You are already an adult, not a child. You do things as you like, and you have to walk the path you choose. If you depend on others, you have to listen to other people's arrangements. Don't you understand this? "

   Father Zhang looked at his daughter saying these words and felt a little heartbroken. If possible, if the daughter came back all the way, he was unwilling to say these words, which made the daughter feel uncomfortable.

But she and her mother are getting old, getting older day by day, and already retired. In addition, the daughter is so far away, the next road has to rely on the daughter to go, and if you do something wrong, you will not be able to help yourself. Then, she can only say these words cruelly, tell her what is right and what is wrong, and make the future of the girl a little smoother.

  The future life is not to make irreparable mistakes and regret.

   (end of this chapter)

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