Rebirth of the World’s Richest Man - Chapter 2480 comprehend

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   Chapter 2480 Comprehension

   "I think Xiaoyin is right. People need to be grateful, to know what others have done, and to know how everything they own comes from, instead of blaming others for not doing well when life is unsatisfactory."

  Father Zhang disregarded his wife, who kept winking at himself, and continued to say: "Jingwen, you have gone to university, you are a college student, you have a high degree of education, and you know more than me and your mother.

   But how can you forget the truth of being a human being, think about your classmates, your friends, what kind of life they live.

  I'm not saying that Jiang Xiaobai gave you all this, and you have to listen to his arrangements in your life. If you think his arrangements are not good and not suitable for you, you have chosen the path you chose, and your parents will support you.

It's like the two articles you wrote this time were fighting against the fund company. Both parents think that you did the right thing, but if you choose, you have to go on by yourself and suffer the hardship of choice, instead of choosing this one by yourself. It's a difficult road, I chose a road full of thorns, but I try to let others carry you and make it easy for you.

  Jiang Xiaobai's family has their own considerations, and to a certain extent, they have blocked a lot of maliciousness for you, but you can't expect people to help you endlessly and carry you over, there is no reason for this.

   Even parents don't do this, so it's enough, and you can't be too selfish. "

  Zhang Jingwen was dumbfounded, the tears in the corners of his eyes kept coming, and the grievances he was full of were slowly vented out.

   Father Zhang sighed and left, Mother Zhang comforted her daughter in the room and talked about the past.

   When Father Zhang first went to work, he was calculated by his colleagues, and a good opportunity for promotion was destroyed.

  At the time, the family was in difficulty. Zhang Jingwen’s grandparents were sick. When they went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, they always waited until the end, hoping for a cheaper price and enduring the scorn of others.

  When the family divided the house, the house should have been divided according to the conditions, but it didn't happen again and again, and each time it went away in a hurry, and finally returned in disappointment.

   Going to the mall and being looked down upon by the waiter...

   There are many things that Zhang Jingwen doesn't know. She has always been well protected by her parents. She felt very happy since she was a child. She never knew that there were still these troubles in life.

   It was the first time that she heard her mother talk about these things. Seeing her calm tone and a smile on her face, she told about these past sufferings. She didn't know why her mother could say it so calmly.

   Following Mother Zhang's narration, Zhang Jingwen slowly calmed down and leaned against her mother's arms. The sun slowly shone in and sprinkled on the two of them.

"Jingwen, don't blame your father for being ruthless, we are both old, you have to learn to get along with this society, get used to the hardships in life, and learn to face the reality..." Zhang's mother said, Zhang Jingwen Tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

   "Mom, I want to call Miss Xiaoyin and apologize." Zhang Jingwen said.

  Mother Zhang had a smile on her face: "Okay, let's go. It's all a family, and there's nothing wrong with it, and no one will make mistakes."

   Zhang Jingwen went to call, Yin Xiaojun got up at some point, and was drinking tea with his father-in-law Zhang’s father in the living room. To be precise, Zhang’s father was educating his son-in-law.

"Xiaojun, you are a man, Jingwen is sometimes ignorant, you have to explain to her that you can't follow her in everything, then you won't live long, if she is angry, you can call me, I say her,

   But in the end, you still have to live. In fact, sometimes you should also experience the hardships in life. Life is too superior. It may not be a good thing for you. Your father Jiang Xiaobai has experienced hardships.

  The people of their generation, who can’t even afford to eat, went to university through their own efforts, and through their own efforts led the villagers to make a fortune. They are amazing people, you have to study more…”

   Zhang Jingwen stayed at home for two days. On the third day, he returned to the magic capital. He returned to Jiang Xiaobai's house and gave Zhao Xinyi and Jiang Xiaobai a gift.

   The gift is not too valuable, but it is the heart of two people, Jiang Xiaobai and Zhao Xinyi are also very happy.

   "Mom and Dad, I have some things from the past..." Zhang Jingwen was about to apologize, but was interrupted by Jiang Xiaobai: "The family doesn't talk about the two families, so don't take many things to heart."

  Jiang Xiaobai understood what Zhang Jingwen wanted to say, because Yin Xiaoyin had already said it, and when Yin Xiaoyin said it, Jiang Xiaobai was a little dumbfounded.

   What kind of thing is this? It’s not normal for young people to make some mistakes. When they get older and experience some things, they will naturally understand.

  What is not worth making a fuss about, he also said a few words to Yin Xiaoyin, saying that there is no need to make a big fuss, he didn't care at all.

  Jiang Xiaobai really didn't care about Zhang Jingwen, and would not have any opinion on Zhang Jingwen because of it.

  When you were young, who didn't make mistakes, who didn't get to the point of bullying, and if the family was angry because of this, then the family didn't need it.

  When Jiang Xiaobai was in Longcheng, Jiang's mother was still alive, and the family favored the younger son, Jiang Xiaobai.

   Do the other sisters cut ties with their parents? Later, the elder brother and elder sister-in-law became more selfish in doing things, so don't they have to get along?

   The second brother Jiang Zijian also did something wrong, causing a lot of losses to several brothers and sisters. Could it be that he didn’t recognize his second brother?

  Impossible, things in this world are like this, there are no such perfect people, and there is no such thing as one's heart.

  The eldest brother Jiang Zijun has also changed now. As the eldest in the family, he now takes care of his brothers and sisters.

   After the second brother Jiang Zijian made a mistake, he has now changed his mind.

  Second sister used to be stubborn about her nose and eyes, but now that she is a little older, mentioning the original things is also a joke.

  So things in life are like this, how can you grow without doing some wrong things and experiencing some setbacks.

   Zhang Jingwen nodded vigorously and didn't say anything about it. This time she came home and understood some of the truth of life.

   also gained a lot of insights and prepared to face the cruel underworld of fund companies.

  Yin Xiaojun watched with a smile on the side, he also thought of an apology, but he was afraid of being scolded again if he apologized, Zhang Jingwen's apology was interrupted, he apologized, and Jiang Xiaobai was not angry.

   It's really possible that Jiang Xiaobai didn't take it seriously at all. His father's mind is not comparable to ordinary people, otherwise he wouldn't be able to do such a big job.

   (end of this chapter)

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