Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 557 - Jealous About What?

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Chapter 557: Jealous About What?

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Initially, Sun Jiamu also wanted to understand this.

Right now however, she answered on her behalf. “Because your character is bad.”

Feng Dongkai lifted his head to look at the boundless, azure blue sky. The weather today appeared especially cheerful.

When he turned back to Sun Jiamu once more, his eyes were filled with tears. “Mumu, though I’ve been in a few relationships in the past, I’ve never loved someone as deeply as I love you. I really didn’t expect that, as my girlfriend, you would suspect me over a few words from your friend. Think about it yourself. You’re already my girlfriend. It’s only a matter of time that we would become intimate someday. No matter how much I wanted to rush this matter, there was really no need for me to feed you sleeping pills!”

He forcefully held his tears back and spoke especially miserably. “Mumu, I’m begging you. I beg you to trust me!”

He held Sun Jiamu’s hands once more. “I’m also someone with a good family background. After all the time we’ve been together, can’t you tell if I was actually being sincere to you?”

Sun Jiamu tugged her hands free expressionlessly. “There’s no need for you to say anything more. Since Xinxin doesn’t like you, I won’t be with you.”

Feng Dongkai’s handsome features held a hint of viciousness.

On the surface, he appeared hurt. “Mumu, no, I won’t give up! Our relationship doesn’t conflict with your friendship. Why are you giving me up for Fang Xinxin?”

Fang Xinxin watched as the bastard performed flawlessly. She was nearly moved by him.

At the thought that this was how he had treated Sun Jiamu in their past lives, she even felt the urge to kill him!

Sun Jiamu appeared very calm. “Feng Dongkai, I’m not someone who wavers easily when it comes to feelings. I don’t love you. It’s just that, no one has ever treated me well and I’ve never been pursued by a boy. I had no resistance against your fervent pursuit and I only agreed to become your girlfriend because my heart softened. There isn’t any foundation to our relationship. Furthermore…”

She sighed. “I no longer have any trust in you and that is an extremely frightening matter when it comes to relationships. We should break up.”

“I won’t agree to breaking up!” Feng Dongkai became agitated.

The only time there could be a break up was if he had grown sick of playing with the girl!

“There’s no meaning in clinging onto each other…” Sun Jiamu frowned.

At this moment, Liu Li, who was dressed in a black suit, approached them. He handed a document envelope to Fang Xinxin. “Miss Fang, Boss instructed me to hand this to you.”

“En.” Fang Xinxin received it and tore open the envelope to look at the document with a red header.

Liu Li stood right behind her. He glanced at the medicine on her face and was confused. She had clearly regained her stunning appearance. Why was she still using the medicine?

Although he was really curious, he did not ask any questions.

“Fang Xinxin, this is all your fault!” A hint of hatred flashed past Feng Dongkai’s eyes as he began to speak without restraint. “Are you happy now that you’ve ruined my relationship with Jiamu? I think you must be jealous of Jiamu!”

Fang Xinxin lifted her brows. “Tell me about it. What exactly am I jealous of? If you want to say that you treat Jiamu well, there’s no way you can compete with the way Bai Qinghao treats me. In terms of family background, both Jiamu and I are daughters from wealthy families. Even if the Fang family is currently facing financial difficulties, didn’t you hear what Bai Qinghao said? Everything that belongs to him belongs to me. In terms of school performance, this lady’s results are the best in her entire school year. I’m now the star student of Jing Hua University. I would like to request for Mr. Feng not to slander my good character. Why don’t you explain exactly what you think I should be jealous of?”

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