Rebirth to 90s: The Heroine of the Salted Fish Quit Her Job - Chapter 747 bad situation

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   Chapter 747 Bad Situation

   But have you thought about it? A faint voice came. No matter how good and successful Dr. Yu's operation was, no matter how successful it was, he was still a textbook, but can he use an electric drill to treat brain patients?

   And after this voice fell, everyone lost their voices collectively.

There was a sudden puff, accompanied by an unpleasant smell, and then everyone scattered and left. As for who put such a loud and smelly fart, as long as no one admits it, it will not be. Someone knows.

  Liu Liang took out the cases and counted them again. Well, there are only a few. It should be over tomorrow.

   By the way, in fact, they don't need to be so quiet. Really, she can hear even the smallest voice. Her ears are very good, so they can say it freely, and she is very willing to listen.

   As for that kind of brain surgery and minimally invasive surgery, she might really have to say something sorry.

   That surgery, really only she, Liu Liang, can do it. It's impossible for others, and it's still possible that she can't be taught.

  If she could teach, she would have taught it long ago. Why does she make herself so tired, like a dog every day, do you really think she wants to be a model worker, because that is a responsibility and a morality.

   The wind direction in this hospital is getting more and more chaotic.

   Dr. Luo looked at Liu Liang worriedly more than once.

Recently, the hospital is not at all uneasy. It seems that Liu Liang's situation is not good at all. That Yu Man has successfully performed several operations, and she is a female doctor who has returned from studying abroad. She is from a medical family, and her popularity in the hospital is getting more and more popular. The higher you come, the better the surgery is done.

   I have to say that such a person is enough to become Liu Liang's rival.

   And some of the patients in Liu Liang's hands, in the end, didn't know what happened, but they went to her place. If things went on like this, she was afraid that Liu Liang's situation would become more and more embarrassing.

   But it's unnatural, Liu Liang is like nothing, how it was in the past, and how it is now, still clocking in to work every day, not being late or leaving early, as if she was going to sit and wear half of the desk.

I don't know who gave the order. Liu Liang, who was not a doctor in the past, is now going to be a doctor. It makes Dr. Luo really angry. No matter what, Liu Liang has also obtained the international award from the hospital. The person who won the grand prize is also for the doctor's treatment of many patients, and even handed over the prescription of the scald cream to the hospital unconditionally.

   The hospital treated her like this, it was really shameless to cross the river and demolish the bridge, to remove the grind and kill the donkey.

  Dr. Luo complained to his husband every day when he went back home. Old Fan was very angry when he heard it. He is now in the same line as Liu Liang's family.

Liu Liang heard that he had been planting fruit trees for more than ten years, so he asked him to work at the exhibition, planting flowers and plants on weekdays, maintaining those big trees, and having his own office. In Lao Fan's heart, Liu Liang is the great benefactor of their family. Now that her benefactor has been bullied so much, Lao Fan's teeth are aching.

   "Mr. Zeng, do you care?"

Lao Fan made a special trip to find Zeng Xubai. His wife has suffered so much grievance. Those hospital leaders are not good people. Now that they have new people, they all forget the old ones. Bricks, hit the door.


   Zeng Xubai gently pulled the corner of his lower lip, and the bottom of his eyes flashed a little coldly.

   "She knows what she's doing?"

   He believed Liu Liang, Liu Liang was not the kind of woman who would suffer, and she never told him about this, which meant that she had already had the result in her heart, and they just had to wait.

   "That's right," Zeng Xubai remembered, "I will bring some old trees later, Brother Fan will help take care of them."


  Old Fan patted his chest, "It's wrapped on me, so I can keep it alive."

   "Thank you then."

  Zeng Xubai really felt that Lao Fan was a talented person. Some people may be born close to plants, just like the one in front of him. As long as the tree comes back, he will know whether the tree can be planted or not, and how to plant it?

  Liu Liang likes century-old trees, so he searched everywhere, found them, and planted them here at the exhibition, especially the ginkgo trees, which were planted several times.

  Old Fan wanted to say a few more words, but when he saw Zeng Xubai like this, he could only swallow the words he was about to say, and it just so happened that the trees had arrived.

   Lao Fan hurried to see the tree.

   Arrange the place and find someone to plant it. It takes several days to plant these trees.

After Liu Liang returned home, she still did not mention what happened in the hospital, and she seemed to be in a good mood, especially when Zeng Xubai said that she had found a lot of ancient trees for her, Liu Liang became interested and put it down. Something to see the tree.

These trees were planted not far from the ginkgo tree. The stems were very thick. She placed her hand on the stems and could feel the vigorous vitality of the trees, so these trees must be able to grow in It will grow here for a long time, and they will also provide them with the best growing environment. There will be enough water to help them weed and prune.

   And the age of these trees is not too low, although it is a few years younger than the osmanthus tree in her home, but it is not bad, as long as you take good care of it, you can grow like an osmanthus tree.

   And the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the house can be said to have been raised by Liu Liang to become fine.

  Zeng Xubai has been observing Liu Liang all the time, seeing her calm expression, clear eyes, and a relaxed and comfortable body, you can guess that her mood is not bad, of course, this is not pretending.

   didn't ask anything, didn't say anything.

   He rubbed the top of Liu Liang's hair, "I will take you to the night market today. I heard that there are several more snacks there. I will take you to eat."

   "Don't you like going there?"

  Liu Liang used to beg for a thousand things. She could do things like crying, making trouble, and hanging herself, just to eat in one bite. Is it easy for her?

   It's just that Zeng Xubai is too difficult to speak, but what happened today? Take the initiative to invite her to eat in the night market, those things that are unclean in his eyes.

   "Occasionally it's nothing, and I'm not that authoritarian."

  Zeng Xubai smiled and pinched her small face, which seemed to be a little more white and tender, "My doctor Liu looks better the longer she is."

"That is."

Liu Liang is very satisfied with her appearance now, she just took that unknown medicine. Now she seems to be five or six years younger, just like eighteen or nineteen years old. She looked like when she was in college, even if she didn't Any cosmetic is also a face of collagen, young and beautiful.

   Originally, she might have been happier, but the things in the hospital that offended her, made her feel bad, and made her unhappy.

   (end of this chapter)

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