Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1621 - The sniper’s Throne

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Chapter 1621: The sniper’s Throne

In the morning, Ye Jian naturally had to settle her personal matters.

After entering the forest, Ye Jian took the chance when Xia Jinyuan was washing up to settle her matters and clean up.

The forest was very quiet. There was a faint mist surrounding it.

The early birds were already chirping on the branches, playing a song for the couple who could temporarily take a walk together.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t mention her personal matters anymore. Instead, he said in a deep voice, “Today and tomorrow will be the most tiring days. Remember the ‘captive mission’ I told you about? From this afternoon onwards, you have to be careful. Be careful not to be robbed by us.”

The ‘captive mission’ could be said to be the highlight of the competition. It was also the best competition to test the individual’s combat ability. Especially last night, all the comrades knew that this was a competition to select the representatives. Individual combat would be more rigorous and fierce.

Xia Jinyuan’s reminder made Ye Jian’s heart drop. He was right. She needed to be careful. Once she was captured, she might miss the chance to go overseas.

This was not what she wanted.

“There’s no need to feel too pressured. Uncle Chen personally trained you. Uncle Chen was the strongest soldier of the previous era. Azure Bird, do you know that it’s a blessing for you to learn from that generation of soldiers?”

Ye Jian’s gaze changed slightly. Uncle Chen once told her that he carried out a huge mission in his seventies. Out of ten soldiers, only four came back alive.

But from Major Xia’s tone, it seemed like Uncle Chen wasn’t an ordinary soldier.

Also, Uncle Chen rarely mentioned his military career to her. Besides the day they started their ‘inferno training,’ Uncle Chen never mentioned his past again.

Most importantly, Uncle Chen was obviously hiding something from her.

Uncle Chen retired from the military in 1997. However, he said that in the 1970s, when he completed his mission, his identity as a ‘world sniper’ was exposed. To ensure his safety, the military spent three months deploying him. They erased Uncle Chen’s identity, and he became a soldier who died for his country internationally.

However, Uncle Chen retired when he was 87 years old!

It had been so long since the 1970s. However, Uncle Chen never mentioned his military career again.

Uncle Chen smiled and said to her calmly, “The past is the past. Some things are only suitable for you to remember.”

At that time, she felt that Uncle Chen had something to say. The sorrow in his eyes was so deep that she felt a little sour in her nose. She couldn’t ask him anymore. Until now, Uncle Chen was still the most mysterious relative in her heart.

Xia Jinyuan noticed something amiss and asked, “You don’t know about Uncle Chen?”

“I know a little, but not a lot. Uncle Chen only told me once about him,” Ye Jian said in a low voice. Although he didn’t say much, she knew that Uncle Chen must have been very powerful in the past.

Uncle Chen was able to achieve all the amazing sniping skills.

Then, should she ask Major Xia? Since Uncle Chen didn’t want to tell her, there must have been a reason. If she insisted on asking, would it be disrespectful to Uncle Chen?

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