Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1358 - 1358: Space Manipulation

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"Well, he was claiming that he didn't belong here and that he wasn't sent here by a Heavenly Warrior. He said he was fighting someone when that person pulled out a box."

"According to him, the person he was fighting used to be a servant of a Heavenly Warrior, which was why he was possessing the device that sent him here."

The Heavenly Warrior informed the Heavenly Emperor. 

"Do you know when that prisoner arrived here?" the Heavenly Emperor asked. 

"I think it hasn't been long. A few days at most," the Heavenly Warriors explained. 

"That explains why the prison was attacked only recently. I was wondering about it." Heavenly General rubbed his chin.

He continued, "If the prisoner were here for a long time, the attacker wouldn't have waited for so long. However, it's really intriguing. A man who claims to accidentally end up here and someone coming to save him?"

"Prison was attacked?" Some of the Heavenly Warriors exclaimed. They weren't informed about that yet. 

"Yeah. The second Heavenly Prison was attacked by someone who was trying to help Long Chen escape. And that person would be coming here as well. So we came here directly," The Heavenly General explained. 

"And the barrier?" The Warriors asked.

"What do you think? Why would His Majesty personally come here if the enemy was a person who couldn't break his barrier? The enemy isn't weak this time. That's why we're here to catch him. You people aren't strong enough for that," the Heavenly General responded. 

"You, take us to Long Chen! And the others, you're to send all the prisoners back to the cell. We don't want any Chaos after the barrier is broken!" he continued while the Emperor observed the prison. 

The Heavenly Warriors got to work, flying down. 

They started sending the prisoners back into their cell, even though the prisoners had just arrived to see the Heavenly Emperor. 

If the Heavenly Emperor wasn't here, the prisoners might have resisted going back, but they couldn't do it in the presence of the Heavenly Emperor since they didn't want to be executed. 

When Gu Chen reached there, he was also sent back. The Heavenly Warriors escorted all the prisoners back. 

All the prisoners were locked in their cells, even though it was still early in the day. 

Only the prisoners that were in the Dark Tower trials remained out. 

The Heavenly Emperor was taken to the Dark Tower as well. 

"According to our records, the person you're looking for is inside the Dark Tower, going through a challenge. We can't go in since Lord Genso made it so that the Heavenly Warriors can't go inside. We can only wait for him to be eliminated and sent out. 

The Emperor rubbed his chin, frowning. 

"You can't go inside, but I can," the Heavenly Emperor exclaimed as he stepped tower the Dark Tower. 


Inside the Dark Tower, Long Chen had finished the fifth wave of trial. He still wasn't eliminated, all because of his Spatial Abilities. So far, no defense had resisted his special abilities. 

"Very interesting. Even though I should've sent him to the next stage after the fourth wave, I want to see more. Can he clear the tenth wave? Twentieth? How far can he go?"

The old man remained in the sky, looking at Long Chen, who was going through the trials. 

"Hmm?" He suddenly frowned as he looked behind. It was as if he was able to see through space and time. 

"What is he trying to do? Barging inside? He wants to destroy this place? It looks like I'll have to cut all the trials short. What a disappointment... Then again, maybe I can do something about it?'

He clapped his hands once, modifying the space inside the tower. He increased the time inside the Dark Tower so that one second outside the tower was equal to ten years inside. 

The Heavenly Emperor had just opened the door of the Dark Tower when this change took effect. The change worked its miracle, giving him as much time as he needed to finish the trials. 

However, since he had modified the time, all the other participants that were inside the tower finished their trials before the Heavenly Emperor placed one foot inside the tower. 

Seeing all the participants come out at once, the Heavenly Emperor realized that something was wrong. How could so many of them be eliminated at once? 

Moreover, the scores were increased in a second. 

It was as if many years had passed inside the tower already. 

"W-what the heck?" The Heavenly Warrior who guarded the place exclaimed, shocked. 

The Heavenly Emperor looked back, confused. What had happened. Why was he like he had seen the ghost? 

"What happened?" he asked, stepping back. 

"T-the name on top!" The Heavenly Warrior exclaimed.

The Heavenly Emperor raised his head, frowning. He could see the name of Long Chen, which was at the bottom until recently, was now in the second position, just one point below the first position 

And there it went, Long Chen's name climbing even higher, taking the first place. 

"I was right. The time inside is moving faster! But why?"


Long Chen defeated the three hundredth wave before dropping to his knees, breathing heavily. His entire body was bleeding, and his face was pale. He came really close to dying as he had to fight millions of enemies in the recent wave. 

Fortunately, the statue was still intact. 

"Just what is happening? So many years have passed, but the wave doesn't end at all! Is this the first stage of the trial? Just how powerful will the other stages be?" Long Chen wondered. 

On one side, he wanted to just give up and leave this place. On the other hand, he wanted to finish at least the first stage before giving up. 

He was also worried though. Ten years had passed in the world. He didn't know that it was just the case inside the tower. It hadn't even been one minute outside the tower. 

Long Chen again sat down and started meditating. He started recovering his strength so he could be prepared for the next wave that was to come. 

He wondered if it would take him ten more years to finish the trial. 

'It doesn't matter! This is the last try! If the first stage doesn't end after the next wave, I'll quit!' he thought. 

Even though he decided it, it wasn't the first time he had done that. He had been thinking the same thing for a long time.. Every time he said that he was just going to take one more wave before leaving, but his heart wasn't willing. 

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