SPELLBOUND - Chapter 634: My word

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Chapter 634: My word

“Never mind that. We don’t have the luxury of time to waste right now.” Evie replied to Klauz, brushing off the matter for now. They had bigger things to deal with at the present moment.

She wanted to see the scribbled vision he was talking about. What Emerian festival was he talking about? She had no idea what it was and how it would affect their mating bond. But at this point, it did not seem to matter that much anymore. Even if she were to rush over and look at it now, it will no longer change a thing that had happened. Gavrael would still be frozen in that massive crystal of hers and would not be getting out anytime soon. However, she would still go look for it herself, hoping that it could solve all this confusion. Maybe later. But not now.

The war was the most important thing she had to focus on right now. And it had already arrived at their front gates – where King Belial, his armies and their allies were at right now.

“The war at the abyss has already erupted.” She added, looking down at him from her elevated position. “So I need you to rise and bring me to your army now. I need you and your entire army to join in the war.” Her voice sounded strong and authoritative. Her tone telling him that she was not asking but commanding him to obey her words.

Klauz smirked mockingly. “So you’re going to just use me and my men to save those royals’ asses?”

“The royals don’t need you to save their asses, Klauz. They can save their own. They are capable enough and can fight their own battles. However, when I ask you, the ones who needed your protection are your fellow dark faes.” Evie told him in a no-nonsense tone. “This is war, Klauz. I want you to choose now, rise and follow me or I will kill you. Right here. Right now.” Her tone turned vicious and cold. It was hard as flint and her whole posture and body language told Klauz that she was not making compromise nor would she take any hostages. It would only be those following under her leadership, or she would leave dead bodies in her wake.

His mocking smile widened as his eyes reflected the emotion. “I never would have thought that you’re actually going to ask me to join in the war this way, Light Queen. You were supposed to –”

“What. Was I supposed to beg you for you and your army’s help? Don’t make me laugh.” Evie cut him off with a sharp barking laugh. Then a wicked smile curved up her lips. “Hear me, Klauz. This land is not mine, therefore I have no lingering affections for it. Also, you have to know that I hate you to my very bones. My hatred for you right now is as intense as your hatred to the royals – no, perhaps even more than yours. The one and only reason I am still keeping you alive right now is because the inhabitants of the Under Lands needs you and your army to fight for them. Now choose. I don’t have any more time to waste chit chatting with you.” she told him, her gaze and tone both dismissive. After saying her piece, Evie kept silent and waited for Klauz’s decision.

Klauz glared up at her with a calculating gaze. But there was no hostility nor hatred in his eyes. He stared at her for a few more seconds, running his choices and the results of his actions through his head.

Then he finally stood up.

“Okay. I agree to your terms. My men and I will follow you. But… you have to give me your word, Light Queen.” He said, this time his expression utterly serious. “Just this one thing. That no matter what happens… you are not going to sacrifice the Under Lands and all the dark faes for the sake of the man you love. No… not just us and our land. Give me your word that you’re not going to sacrifice the entire Lirea for him.”

His words silenced Evie. The scene she saw in the future flashed in her mind – the destruction of not just the Under Lands but the entirety of Lirea. Was Klauz trying to tell her that the destruction was all her fault? Because she had failed to end the King of darkness in time before everything was almost wiped out? Was he trying to tell her that she had sacrificed the entire land because she could not bear to kill the man that she loved more than her life itself?

That made her insides shiver and her stomach to twist up into hard knots. She denied the thoughts that had just ran through her mind, forcibly shutting them off and erasing them from her mind with everything she had.

“Give me your word, and me and my army will be at your disposal.” Klauz’s statement pulled her attention back to him.

Their gazes held each other’s for a long while until Evie realized that she was clenching her fists really tightly together.

“I’m giving you my word, Klauz.” She finally replied and when Klauz knelt on one knee before her, Evie threw her head up and slowly allow her eyes to shut close. ‘Gav…’ she uttered in her mind.

After that, Klauz brought Evie to the secret training grounds and the instant Klauz announced that they were now under the Light Queen’s command, the army roared out with vigour. They were like caged beasts who now could not wait to be released and go on a rampage.

Evie could feel an overwhelming power of all the armies combined. They would be one formidable reinforcement to destroy those thousands of powerful monsters.

“Everything is prepared now, Your Majesty.” Klauz said and after Evie simply gave him a nod, the army began to leave the massive training grounds in a well-coordinated march. No doubt, Klauz had trained his armies well.

“Before we go, I need you to bring me to Onyx first.” Evie told him, her eyes flashing. “I need my dragon back.”

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