Spoiler For The Multiverse: The Start of the Live Broadcast of Marvel - Chapter 292 Failed to answer the question, the curse of ruin

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   Chapter 292 Failed to answer the question, the curse of ruin


   Looking at the question hanging on the screen, Wanda became interested: "In the video, my super power is even more powerful than magic, but under such circumstances, how can anyone escape my mind control?"

   Thor, the **** of thunder, also laughed: "Then I don't think there is any suspense. The correct answer must be me, after all, I am a god!"

   "I'll answer the question, the answer is B!"

   [Ding~ Thor Odinson finishes answering, and the system begins to determine...]

   [Ding~ Thor Odinson answered incorrectly. 】

  【Get random punishment, after answering the question, you can do a strip, clothes and dance in the live broadcast room】


  Asgard, Odin and Loki couldn't help shaking their heads frantically, with a look of disgust on their faces.

   Before, they finally saw that Thor seemed to be a little smarter, and he didn't rush to answer the questions.

  This guy guessed that the reason why he stayed silent before was entirely because he was with Daisy, so he was immersed in love and could no longer be distracted answering questions.

   It's been so long since I left my girlfriend, and then I started barking like a silly dog ​​again!

Loki glanced at the side of Odin's hand holding the spear of eternity, and clenched his lips. He suddenly became a little worried about the future fate of his stupid brother. Odin would not be angry. After seeing Thor, he directly Did you make him stupid?



But in the live broadcast room, when they heard the system's announcement, everyone grinned and showed a weird smile, and Tony Stark even whistled directly: "Wow, I really didn't expect that the original system It's actually a good thing, is it so hot? Just TY dance?"

  Wolverine also laughed: "I dare say, although I live almost two hundred years old, it is the first time for me to watch the gods dance!"

Woz also held the advent calendar and said with a smile: "It's not surprising, in fact, in the world of knights, there is also a **** who dances very well, and finally became the new **** of Heim's underworld together with his partner. ."

   Loki raised his eyebrows: "Heim Underworld? Your world also has Heim Underworld?"

  Woz: "To be precise, in a parallel universe!"

  Strange interrupted their discussion: "No, if Thor isn't the right answer, who is it?"

   "Perhaps, Captain America?"

  Supernatural Peter showed an uncertain look: "If you can get rid of the control of Miss Wanda's magic, it should be done by someone with a strong will? Then Captain Rogers is quite suitable for this!"

Captain America showed a humble expression: "I don't think it's necessarily me, after all, I'm just a human. Could it be Dr. Banner? You have also seen the situation after he transformed into Hulk, the power of the Hulk. So strong, then Hulk's willpower seems to be very strong, right?"

Banner also showed an embarrassed expression, repeatedly waving his hands in denial: "Captain, you guessed wrong, in fact, in that multiverse, I can't control Hulk at all... And once Hulk is attacked, External stimulation, will become more angry ... in that case, the situation will be worse."

  "Anger?" Johnny Blazer asked curiously: "Shouldn't it be better to be angry? The more angry I am, the more concentrated I am, and the less likely I am to be bewitched by magic!"

   "...Well, that may vary from person to person!" Dr. Banner shrugged: "And I always felt that the Hulk actually has nothing to do with the human species."

  Constantine took a sip of wine: "Then you have to say that, the answer is Black Widow and Hawkeye? Who are these two? Why did I feel like ordinary people when I watched that video yesterday?"

  Hawkeye smiled and said: "That really disappoints you, we are ordinary people!"

  Tony turned his head and introduced to Constantine: "They are the two best agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they have experienced many battles, and I guess I have caught up with us superheroes in their mental will!"

  Constantine nodded: "That said, there are some possibilities! Hey, little spider, haven't you experienced this, I saw you talk so well before, why don't you come out and talk now?"

Inexplicably, the little spider of the cue scratched his hair embarrassedly, and looked at the curious eyes from everyone: "Don't look at me, guys, I was still young at that time, besides, how could Mr. Stark and the others be like this? Announced to the public, after all, Miss Wanda was also a member of the Avengers later."


Thanos sat up impatiently, watching the chattering discussion in the live broadcast room, frowned and said, "Have these people always been so grumpy in answering questions? Since the question has been analyzed, there is still no answer. !"

   The ebony-throated respectful hunched over his waist stood beside Thanos, and said, "Maybe they thought you were in this live broadcast room and didn't dare to answer the question!"

   Thanos' lips curled up: "I think they may not realize my existence!"

   After finishing speaking, Thanos looked up at the screen: "I choose E, the answer is Hawkeye Clint"

  【Ding~ Thanos finished answering, the system starts to judge... 】

  【ding~ Thanos answered correctly. 】

  【Get 200 live broadcast points, which can be used to order past and future clips related to yourself. 】

  【Get a random reward...The Curse of Ruin】

  [Curse of Ruin: From the world of League of Legends, the shadow curse generated after the destruction of Fuguang Island, when the host has this curse, the enemies killed by it will be absorbed by the curse of Ruin as a black fog puppet, which will be commanded by the host alone. 】

   "The vast fog is my endless and boundless grief~"

A bleak voice sounded from around Thanos, and in the wary expressions of Thanos and Obsidian, an inverted triangular dark green halo suddenly appeared on Thanos' chest, and the next moment, dark green rays of light filled the air. Release, the eyes of Thanos also burst into a strong light.

   A dead silence, dilapidated, and a strong pressure suddenly burst out from Thanos' body, with a strong momentum, and it flew straight to the side of Ebony Maw and others.

Thanos slowly lowered his head with the green light in his eyes, looking at his huge hands, the green light dissipated after a long time, he slowly clenched his fists and let out a sigh of relief: "It's also a story of a poor man, but his sentence It's a good word!"

   "No matter what the price is, all atrocities only seek merit!"

The tyrant's eyes suddenly lit up with a warm light, he turned his head to look at the ebony throat and the others who were crawling up from the ground, and put down his clenched fists: "ebony throat, rebuild the army, since these guys said It is wrong for me to try to kill half of the life in the universe, then I will let me do it again and show them again, let them see if my choice is correct!"

   (end of this chapter)

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