Starting With Contract Pets - Chapter 365 - Su Bai’s Return

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Chapter 365: Su Bai’s Return

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Outside the war base, the Pet Tamers directed their pets to kill the monsters that attempted to break through the defense line.

In the distance, there were various human missiles and hydrogen bombs flying around amidst a large-scale bombardment. Even so, the number of monsters remained dense and innumerable.

“Senior Sister He Yu, let’s retreat. This defense line has already collapsed. If we don’t leave now, we’ll be surrounded by monsters soon.”

A young man riding a Blood Mantis came not far from He Yu to deliver a message.

“I understand. You can retreat first.”

He Yu nodded and looked at the seemingly endless monsters in the void.

She turned to look at Han Wei, who was not far away and then at the floating base that was already very close. This was already the final three lines of defense. If it was broken, they would probably have to retreat.

In this wave of monsters, even if she had two sovereign pets, they would not be of much use.

After retreating with her pets, He Yu quickly met up with Han Wei, Ouyang Du, and the others.

“I wonder where Senior Brother Su Bai has gone. Grand Master Zhang Lu and the others have been back for more than a month,” Han Wei said worriedly as she looked at the wave of monsters. “Perhaps when Senior Brother Su Bai returns, the Sea Abyss will be lost. When the time comes, it will be troublesome if Senior Brother Su Bai becomes trapped here.”

“Maybe he’s still increasing his strength somewhere. Senior Brother Su Bai’s strength will increase tremendously every time he comes back. I wonder how far he can go after returning this time. If he can become a half-step legendary Pet Tamer, he might still be able to do something about this wave.”

He Yu shook her head.

“It’s difficult. Senior Brother Su Bai’s pets are too strong. Breaking through to the immortal grade for him is difficult.”

Ouyang Du shook his head. Raising a pet to the immortal grade was much more difficult than directly contracting an immortal monster.

“Senior Brother, we received a notice from the gymnasium headquarters. They want us to make a slow retreat. It looks like they’re preparing to give up guarding this place.”

At this moment, a young man sent a message.

He Yu, Han Wei, and the others nodded. They were not surprised. Retreating was almost inevitable. They could not defend this place at all.

At this moment, a powerful aura suddenly came from afar. Following that, a wave of black monsters swept over from all directions.

“Is… Is that the Spirit Devouring Black Locust Wave?”

Seeing this, He Yu was stunned.

She had encountered Spirit Devouring Black Locusts before. This kind of monster was extremely special. Not only did it have the characteristic of devouring spirit energy, but the special light membrane on its body could also reflect spirit energy attacks. It was extremely difficult to kill. Now, it had actually formed a bug tide and was rushing over to them.

In an instant, she knew that there was no way for them to block such a threat.

The Spirit Devouring Black Locust was like a tide. Wherever it passed, not a single blade of grass was left behind. When the other monsters faced the Spirit Devouring Black Locust, they were all mercilessly devoured. For a time, these monsters who were not afraid of death all avoided it one after another, not daring to touch its edge.

“All Pet Tamers, retreat collectively and abandon the third defense line. All Pet Tamers, retreat collectively and abandon the third defense line.”

Accompanied by the information transmitted by the electromagnetic satellite monsters, large-scale hydrogen bombs fell on the bugs like a meteor shower.

For a time, bright little suns shone in this not-so-bright void.

Countless monsters dissipated amidst the light and heat.

But as the explosions disappeared less than half an hour later, the dense wave of monsters rushed over once again. It was simply endless and looking at it alone made one’s scalp tingle.

“Let’s go.”

Han Wei shook her head, her face filled with gloom. When could these monsters be wiped out?

Just as they were about to retreat, a silent spatial fluctuation emanated. Then, a metal planet with a diameter of more than a hundred kilometers appeared in a blink of an eye.

“Planet Eye!” Seeing this familiar pet, Han Wei could not help but cry out in surprise. “Senior Brother Su Bai is back!”

“Speaking of the devil!”

He Yu was also a little surprised.

Eldest Senior Brother had actually returned just as they were talking about him.

“Elder Brother Su Bai, look here!”

Ouyang Du shouted.

Not only Ouyang Du and the others, but some other disciples of Imperial Dragon gymnasium also noticed Su Bai’s Planet Eye and shouted excitedly.

“Senior Brother Su Bai, you’re back.”

The other disciples and some other Pet Tamers looked over. They did not understand why the disciples were so excited.

In particular, some new faces revealed puzzled expressions. What was so powerful about Su Bai?

It was said that the Eldest Senior Brother of the Imperial Dragon gymnasium seemed to be very powerful. However, even the curator could not withstand such a terrifying monster, let alone an Eldest Senior Brother.

Even if his past achievements were glorious, he was just a small boat in the waves of this era. He could not cause any big waves.

Many people felt that the excitement of the Imperial Dragon gymnasium’s disciples was a little childish.

Only a few people looked over. One of them was Eldest Senior Brother Fang Yuan, who controlled the Frost Dragon.

“It seems that Su Bai has gained a lot from this trip.”

Fang Yuan said softly as he looked at Planet Eye.

“Do you think he has already become a half-step legendary Pet Tamer?”

A young girl standing beside Fang Yuan said.

“Yes, he might have become a legendary Pet Tamer. Su Bai has great luck and his potential cannot be underestimated.”

Fang Yuan smiled and shook his head.

“Even so, isn’t he just about equal to yours? Is there a need to praise him like this?” The young girl glanced at Planet Eye and shrugged.

“He’s a very special guy. Maybe he can break the current disadvantage of humans!”

Fang Yuan smiled and shook his head. Then, he felt that he was exaggerating.

On the other side, on Planet Eye, Su Bai and Chen Ruoxue looked at the dense wave of monsters in front of them and could not help but shake their heads. “It seems that the current situation of humans is much more serious than the information we have obtained. It hasn’t even been three months, but Sea Abyss can’t even defend itself anymore.”

“But that’s good too. Let’s change the fate of humans from this moment on.”

Su Bai took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

He now had the confidence to say this.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re finally back. This place is dangerous. We’re about to retreat. Let’s hurry back to the base!”

Han Wei, Ouyang Du, and He Yu flew over with a group of disciples. These people were Su Bai’s most loyal leaders.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already informed Grand Master Du Qiankun to stop the hydrogen bombs. I can resolve the situation here. We shouldn’t retreat. It’s these monsters that should retreat!”

Su Bai looked at Han Wei and nodded.

“Eldest Senior Brother… Come again?”

Ouyang Du could not help but ask. Su Bai’s words earlier made them feel like they were hallucinating.

Su Bai did not answer.

He slowly raised his hand. “Little Blood Dragon, let’s start with you. After so many years, it’s time for you to make a breakthrough to the eternal grade!”


Su Bai’s voice was accompanied by an earth-shattering dragon roar.

A blood-colored light flew out from his wrist.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a blood-colored divine dragon that blotted out the sky.

As soon as the terrifying aura revealed itself, the entire battlefield fell silent.

They were stunned into silence by the aura that was as terrifying as the abyss.

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