Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 300 - Why Are You Here?

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Chapter 300: Why Are You Here?

Jiang Rongrong’s expression fell. “It seems like you’re determined to be willful?”

Shen Fanxing snorted coldly. “If I had not been so willful and stubborn, I would have died long ago!”

All those years, who had thought of helping her?

Jiang Rongrong narrowed her eyes and studied Shen Fanxing deeply. Shen Fanxing’s confidence made her believe.

She hadn’t paid attention to her before, but after the anniversary party, she couldn’t ignore her.

She was young, but scheming, and her methods couldn’t be underestimated.

Just like her mother, her blood seemed to be flowing with arrogance and flamboyance. No matter the occasion, she always seemed so confident and powerful.

She wasn’t against her having such a strong and independent personality. At least she wouldn’t drag the company down with her capabilities.

But no, the Shen family already had Qianrou.

Qianrou was the lucky star of the Shen family, while Shen Fanxing was the unlucky star that had obstructed Qianrou’s path to success!

She couldn’t have a jinx at home.

At the thought of this, Jiang Rongrong snorted. “I’d like to see how capable you are!”

Shen Fanxing cocked her brows calmly, her eyes shining with coldness and sarcasm.

“Then just wait and see!”

Then, her gaze trailed to Yang Liwei. “You’d better return what belongs to me as fast as you can. Otherwise, I’ll make you pay two times more!”

“How dare you!”

Shen Defan’s patience had been draining away ever since Shen Fanxing walked in with such an arrogant attitude. He slammed the coffee table and stood up!

Shen Fanxing raised her head fearlessly, completely ignoring Shen Defan’s anger. Her cold gaze swept over Yang Liwei’s head.

“Next time you call me to discuss something, think about whether I will agree or not. Don’t keep testing my patience…”

Shen Fanxing’s gaze sliced across the three grim faces in the living room before she chuckled.

The door opened and slammed shut. Shen Fanxing had left the living room.

However, her icy and aloof voice seemed to linger in the living room.

“Don’t you know who the most vicious woman in Ping Cheng City is?”

It was her.

Everyone knew that.

Previously, she felt that she was wronged. Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t hold this title for nothing.

How could they have designs on Stars International!

A cold glint flashed across Shen Fanxing’s eyes.

“Sister… you… are back?”

A timid yet delightful voice was heard. Shen Fanxing looked up to see Shen Qianrou holding onto Su Heng’s arm intimately.

The porch light outside was still very bright, so Shen Fanxing could easily see the sadness, disappointment and fear on Shen Qianrou’s face.

Seeing Shen Fanxing’s cold gaze on her, she hid in Su Heng’s embrace in fear.

“Fanxing, why are you here? Where have you been? You didn’t even reply to my calls or messages. Do you know how worrying this is?”

Su Heng patted Shen Qianrou’s shoulder gently and looked up at Shen Fanxing, who was standing on the steps. His eyes were filled with reproach.

Shen Fanxing frowned and looked at him coldly, her eyes filled with sarcasm.

“Worried? That’s rare.”

Su Heng’s expression froze. “Why are you here…”

Shen Fanxing looked at him coldly. “Why can’t I be here?”

Su Heng’s face darkened slowly. After all, a man’s dignity and ego were important. It was naturally unacceptable to be treated with such sarcasm.

“Fanxing, I’m really worried about you…”

Shen Fanxing remained nonchalant. It seemed like even he knew that the Shen family was a tiger’s den.

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