Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 301 - How Deep Was His Resentment?

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Chapter 301: How Deep Was His Resentment?

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“I’m not ill nor troubled. Why are you worried about me for no reason? Su Heng, your fiancée is right here. She’s jealous and so she is acting gentle and magnanimous in front of you. I’m the first person she’s scheming behind your back. Although her methods aren’t brilliant, it’s still disgusting to be harassed by a fly! You shouldn’t say so much.”

Su Heng didn’t expect Shen Fanxing to be so sharp-tongued that it left him speechless.

He said he was worried about her, but she actually asked him to keep his mouth shut…

She had never said such things before, and she wasn’t someone who would say these.

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Shen Qianrou quickly changed the topic.

“Sister, your car is…”

From the moment she entered, she noticed the unfamiliar car parked in the courtyard. Although the car was hidden in the darkness, it couldn’t conceal its understated luxuriousness.

Shen Fanxing’s lips curled into a cold smile. She had expected that.

“I just received 20 million yuan, so I bought a car to reward myself… Oh, I paid the full amount without installments.”

Shen Qianrou’s expression immediately turned ugly.

That was her money!

And the car was paid without installments!

Shen Fanxing was using her money to flaunt her wealth in front of her, how… shameless!

One day, she was going to get it back from her.

For instance, Stars International…

Seeing the ugly expression on Shen Qianrou’s face, as well as the subtle smugness that followed suit, Shen Fanxing’s anger, which had yet to fully dissipate, surged once again.

“So you want Stars International after losing 20 million?”

The reason why Shen Defan mentioned Stars International tonight was because Shen Qianrou took the opportunity to make things difficult for her.

Shen Qianrou didn’t expect her to bring this up. Her eyes shifted and she put on an innocent expression.

“Sister, what are you talking about? Everyone knows that Stars International belongs to you…”

Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes, her gaze sharp and sarcastic.

“Don’t you have enough of what belongs to me?”

“What’s going on? Qianrou? You want Stars International?”

Su Heng frowned and Shen Qianrou shook her head quickly.

“Brother Heng, I’m still an actress and I’m also working in your company. How would I have the time to take over another company? Why would I want Stars International?”

Su Heng then looked at Shen Fanxing. “Fanxing, is there a misunderstanding?”

Shen Fanxing raised her hand to brush her hair as she sneered to herself.

He really believed everything Shen Qianrou said.

“Sister, what… what happened to your neck? Did some bug bite you?”

Shen Qianrou’s voice was filled with surprise as she suddenly thought of something and tried to steer the conversation out of dangerous waters.

Shen Fanxing paused at her question.

Su Heng turned to glance at her and was caught off guard by the sight of the deep red mark on her ivory neck.

That was…

As a man, he naturally knew what it was.

He couldn’t help but recall the scene he saw outside yesterday.

She was in the arms of a man. Their actions were intimate between a man and a woman.

How could that be?!

His eyes grew huge and contracted as he stared at Shen Fanxing in disbelief.

Shen Fanxing placed her hand on her neck and pondered for a few seconds. A look of frustration flashed across her eyes and she looked up at the car parked not far away.

Bo Jinchuan’s gaze was fixed on the rear view mirror of the car. He had already adjusted his position and had glimpsed Shen Fanxing.

When he saw her looking over with her hand covering her neck, he grinned slightly.

Then, he raised his brows as he pressed the steering wheel. A short honk sounded as a signal to Shen Fanxing.

Shen Fanxing’s heart skipped a beat and a helpless smile appeared in her eyes.

How deep was this man’s resentment for not letting him get out of the car to reveal himself?

He had tried so hard to prove his existence.

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