Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1159 - Hibernate Function and Mindy Settles the Score

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Chapter 1159: Hibernate Function and Mindy Settles the Score

A few minutes later, one man and one dog were trying the food at the dining table.

Luke had a bite of everything first.

If it was delicious, he would put it aside and wait for Selina to come back to eat together.

He put whatever didn’t suit his taste but would probably suit Selina’s to another side.

Whatever he and Selina didn’t like, he poured into Gold Nugget’s bowl.

Gold Nugget licked the bowl clean with a few swipes of its big tongue.

At the same time, Luke was focusing on the system.

After using the bottle-shaped stone coffin, there wasn’t any discernible change to the inventory’s function; at the very least, there was no third space.

After he harassed the system, however, it gave him a simple explanation: Space 2 was equipped with a hibernate function.

Luke couldn’t make head or tail of it.

This explanation was too vague.

He had to slowly test whether this meant that any living thing thrown into the space would fall asleep, fall into a coma, or even freeze.

Would all living things hibernate, or just some of them? Was there a difference or limit in time? He still needed to test this out bit by bit.

Thankfully, Luke was already used to this life.

Every day, he was either running tests or waiting to finish work before running off to run tests.

If he wasn’t experimenting on himself, it was on something else.

As long as he treated the experiments as an interest and a hobby, he could persist with them.

Also, the things he experimented on were very complicated.

If he got tired of one, he would switch to another.

He had a lot of research to do, and never got bored.

Putting aside his main focus on weapons and armor, in order to test new driving technology, for example, he came up with high-end products like KITT, the retro Vespa scooter and the Harley Fat Boy. As for practical vehicles, there was the SUV for everyday use, the small stealth plane for long-distance travel and so on.

These were purely experiments in driving.

He also experimented with watches, glasses, belts and necklaces, whether to be used as weapons or as side experiments.

The tycoon’s abilities gave Luke the capital to tinker with all sorts of technological and industrial products and to treat them like toys. It hadn’t been in vain for him to save the tycoon several times.

By the time Luke had tasted all the food and tossed one third to Gold Nugget, Selina had finally washed up and come downstairs.

Walking lazily through the living room, she casually ordered, “I want to see news on Batman’s operation last night.”

Little Snail immediately turned on the TV and adjusted the volume so that it was clear and not too loud.

Selina walked straight to the dining table, sat down, and nudged Gold Nugget. “Move, you’re in the way.”

The dog head didn’t think much of it. It was satisfied with a lot of snacks, and just let Dollar come out to lick Selina.

Selina was much gentler with Dollar. She laughed and pushed it around with her foot for a long while before she told it to play on its own.

Eating the delicious food that was on the table, Selina listened to Luke’s explanation of Dustin’s attitude and simply nodded dispiritedly.

In fact, Luke wasn’t in a good mood either.

What the Hand did was really disgusting.

Not only did they catch a bunch of kids, they were even draining them of blood for that weird “ritual.”

The children whom they had rescued were still in critical condition. They also had complicated biological toxins in their bodies which could still take their lives at any moment.

After the kids were sent to the hospital, the Hand didn’t give up, and a large group of ninjas had immediately gone over. They had no scruples nor any bottom line.

Even if Luke had always planned to drag them out, it was still uncomfortable to run into such a heartless organization.

Several days passed, and while the children’s abductions and Batman’s rescue were still on the news, there was no follow-up.

The 40 or so ninjas who were still alive were locked up in prison. There was no movement from the Hand to rescue them this time.

But these crippled ninjas didn’t disclose any information. They were like puppets, and let the agents interrogate them without saying anything.

Luke and Selina were as free as ever on the surface.

Selina went shopping twice and bought a lot of new clothes for spring.

As promised, Luke gave Mindy, Nikki and Monica their first combat lesson.

This time, he didn’t have to fight them anymore. He just needed to guide them as they trained.

After all, there was too big a difference in strength, and it was more suitable to spar with someone on a similar level.

During the conversation, Mindy let slip that she had settled the score with her previous “good friends,” Brooke and the others.

Looking at Nikki and Monica’s slightly green faces, Luke made a bold guess. “Where did you settle the score?”

Monica couldn’t help retching again, and Nikki used her powerful muscles to suppress the urge. She said, “In the cafeteria at noon.”

Luke nodded and stopped asking.

Of the various small inventions that Bent had sent to the New Hope Research Center a few days ago, the “Stick Sick” was the only thing missing.

Bent left a message for his boss on the lab’s internal system, saying that he had given the item to a friend. If the company needed it, he could immediately make another one.

Naturally, Luke didn’t need Bent to make another one.

What he wanted were the theories and ideas behind these inventions. He could make a concrete product at any time, and the practical effects would only be better.

But it just so happened that Bent’s friend had appeared during the last two days of the expo; it was probably none other than Damon.

Giving it to Damon was no different from giving it to Mindy.

When Luke sent Mindy home after the combat class, he asked, “When you were settling the score with Brooke and the others, did you record it?”

Mindy rolled her eyes and immediately replied, “No.”

Luke nodded and stuck his phone on the dashboard. “What a shame. Search for videos of Dalton Junior High, cafeteria and vomit.”

These words immediately appeared in the search bar, and several videos appeared. The phone automatically played the first one.

On the screen, Brooke was sitting at a messy table, and she screamed and tried to get up to run, before she jerked and abruptly bent over.

Behind her was Mindy’s sneering face and the “taser” which she had just put away.

At the same time, vomit spurted out of Brooke’s mouth like a fountain.

There was also a mud-colored, indescribable thing under her short skirt, which instantly flooded the chair.

“Close the video,” Luke said decisively.

F*ck, he felt like he would be smelling the stench from the screen for the next few days.

“Aren’t you afraid of being expelled?” he looked away from the screen and asked.

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