Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 745 - Everyone is busy?

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Chapter 745: Everyone is busy?

Zanian Feng and Wolf Shunye were Xia Fei’s friends. The two had helped him with his prior predicament quite a bit, having incited all the troublemakers in White Horse Constellation to take to the streets and stir up a storm. It was their finest work yet.

While Xia Fei would treat his enemies ruthlessly, by contrast, he was very amenable to his friends. This had always been his personality—a clear distinction between kindness and grievances. Since Zanian and Shunye had come looking for him, Xia Fei was not one to turn them away, agreeing to accompany the two to the Rainbow Repose for a small get-together.

Soon, Xia Wuye returned with the precious medicinal ingredients that Xia Fei wanted. Zanian and Shunye immediately became very respectful, greeting the elderly gentleman. The commoners might not be aware, but these men from the major families had all heard about Xia Wuye; it was no wonder that the Skywings were at ease with letting their elites wander the universe freely and do whatever they wanted. It turned out that the Wind Garden had a Law Overlord taking care of it!

Xia Wuye returned their greetings with a smile while handing over the things he had in hand to Xia Fei.

“Young Master Fei has only recently returned to the Skywings, so he’s still not too familiar with many things in the circle. I hope that Young Master Shunye and Young Master Zanian can help us teach him the things he doesn’t know about.”

Zanian and Shunye both hurriedly replied, “As we should, as we should. Please be at ease, Uncle Wuye; Xia Fei is like a sworn brother to us, so we’ll surely take good care of him.”

Xia Wuye nodded, instructing further, “Young Master Fei must keep our clan’s Demonic Wing Token safe. Flash it once if you’re in any trouble. I can’t say for other places, but people in White Horse Constellation will at least show you some face. Crush it in case of an emergency and the Skywing elites will quickly rush over even if they have to traverse across vast oceans of stars.”

“No!” Zanian and Shunye both looked particularly pained as they yelped. “There’s no need to use the Demonic Wing Token for no reason…”

Xia Fei found it comical. The mere mention of the token had caused the faces of both scions, Zanian and Shunye, to turn pale. This just went to show how terrifying an impact the recent unsheathing of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade had been to the people of White Horse Constellation. Beside the two, the patriarchs of the various major clans would immediately have goosebumps the moment they heard the three words ‘Demonic Wing Token’.

What was once the Nine Great Clans in White Horse Constellation had turned into Eight Great Clans in the blink of an eye. The Demonic Wing Token was no joke; no one would be able to deal with it if it was casually used.

The three left Wind Garden and headed south of the city.

Xia Fei did not expect that taking out several medicinal ingredients from the family warehouse would cost him, though the clan did not stipulate a deadline for him to pay the bill. The Skywing Law Emperors would all receive monthly stipends; there were even rewards to be had if they helped the clan by performing missions. Everyone had their own account and was very well-treated. The cost of the herbs had all been recorded under his name.

With a sigh, Xia Fei realized that he was really no longer the same as before; he would even have money entering his account if he lay down and slept. This was most likely the difference between the top clans and the commoners.

Thinking back on the fight against Moonward Clan, all that was needed was the cry “Skywing’s business! Everyone unrelated, scram!” and the citizens of White Horse Constellation would immediately clear the streets and alleys. It was so scary that no one dared to step outside the door. This was the majesty of a super clan, no doubt!

The trio of Xia Fei, Zanian Feng, and Wolf Shunye walked down the main streets side by side, chatting and laughing along the way. Those they encountered all took the initiative to give way while also offering respectful smiles. Some familiar faces even greeted them from afar, showing them cupped fists and wishing them well.

A group of peacekeepers from the Law Enforcement Board, charged with maintaining order on the streets, happened to appear from the opposite end of the street. The leader of the team rushed to the trio upon seeing them, bowing as he smiled broadly. “Young Master Feng, Young Master Wolf, where are the two of you off to?”

Wolf Shunye had a stern look as he growled, “You recognized me and Zanian, but you don’t know this one beside us? That’s Young Master Xia Fei of the Skywing Clan!”

“Oh! So you’re Young Master Fei! I’ve already heard of your great name. My insignificant self ought to gouge my eyes out for not recognizing you! I hope that you’ll show magnanimity and not blame me for this blunder!” The leader of the team apologized to Xia Fei profusely, which actually made him feel very awkward. The change in his status overnight was just too drastic, turning him from someone insignificant to a young master and making him everyone’s topic of conversation in White Horse Constellation. Xia Fei was having trouble adjusting to such a big change in fortune at the moment.

These peacekeepers from the Law Enforcement Board left feeling uneasy and fearful. Shunye shouted, “That felt great! Zanian and I have never been regarded with such awe when we’re out and about before. Xia Fei, whether it’s you or the Skywing Clan behind you, the threat you wield is supreme! You guys sure live up to your name as the sharp Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade!”

Xia Fei pursed his lips, not saying a word in response. In his eyes, Shunye was being too ostentatious.

“The renown of the Skywings spreads far and wide. Even someone like me from the Demon Race has also often heard about your clan’s exploits. It’s very normal for others to fear you so much, better slowly get used to it. After all, this is your new identity now and it’s not something you can resist,” said the demon lord to Xia Fei’s ears.

The Rainbow Repose in the south of the city truly exuded an air of luxury. An area of thirty hectares boasted chic decorations in a calm atmosphere. The ladies inside were not as vulgar as what Xia Fei initially imagined, either. After all, this was a high-class brothel, and heavy makeup would only serve to attract those unsavory characters. A truly high-end establishment emphasized more on elegance, even that of subservient elegance.

The largest suite by a crystal-clear lake was opened for the trio; they were treated as VIPs by the owner, calling for the most diligent service staff and the prettiest girls to service them. There were so many pretty ladies that anyone would be dazzled by the sight.

Xia Fei was not a fan of this activity, so he grudgingly chose a petite and somewhat introverted lady to keep him company. Wolf Shunye had one on each arm, picking two voluptuous beauties, while Zanian picked a blonde, who was taller than him and the owner of a pair of pale, tender legs that looked well-toned.

They drank plenty and freely. Actually, alcohol no longer had any effects on them since they were all cultivators, so there was hardly any difference between drinking fruit juice and this. Zanian noticed that Xia Fei was not speaking much, so he waved his hand and produced a dozen or so grade 5 Origin Crystals for the ladies, asking them to leave.

The room became a lot quieter. Xia Fei knew that Zanian must be intending to speak with him about proper business, so he straightened up to hear him out.

With the dishes all cleared away, the three sat on the couch and sipped on clear tea. Zanian lightly started. “Xia Fei, no matter what, this incident has finally blown over; do you have any plans for the future?”

Xia Fei gave the question some thought. “Of course, I’ll be trying to attain Law Overlord cultivation and join the God Race. After all, that’s where the true experts gather.”

Shunye stuck out his tongue. “I don’t have that high of an ambition. The God Race doesn’t suit me, so I’m better off just frolicking about and having fun here in White Horse Constellation.”

Zanian ignored Shunye, his eyes revealing this glow of excitement. “Brother Xia Fei is right. As a warrior, we need to keep progressing on this road for the strong. Speaking of which, joining the God Race isn’t the only path; Skywings of course have their own route, too, but Dragon Ascension Martial Hall isn’t a bad choice, either.”

Xia Fei was a little surprised, so he asked with a smile, “Are you trying to recruit me to Dragon Ascension?”

Zanian nodded.

“I didn’t get to participate in the examination, though. Isn’t it too late for me to join Dragon Ascension now?” Xia Fei was smiling even as he took a sip of tea.

“It’s not too late at all.” Zanian solemnly disagreed. “With your strength, you’re more than qualified to skip all the various tests and examinations and can be admitted straightaway into Dragon Ascension.”

What he meant to say was very obvious; as the Feng family was the one in charge of Dragon Ascension, it would hardly be a problem for them to admit anyone that they wanted to. What Zanian meant was that, as long as Xia Fei was willing, he could enter the Law Realm’s number-one martial hall to practice at any time.

Zanian saw that Xia Fei was still contemplating over the offer, so he added, “There aren’t just humans in the Law Realm. Plenty other incomprehensibly powerful species are out here, too. Humans can only be considered mid-tier when put together with everyone, and there’s great diversity among the students of Dragon Ascension, so all can spar with one another. If you join, you may be of great help to humanity as whole!”

Xia Fei was momentarily speechless. What Zanian had just said sounded a little exaggerated. How could he alone help raise the position of mankind? Xia Fei simply did not believe this claim.

Zanian became a little anxious and urged. “Brother Xia Fei, something major will be happening very soon. Dragon Ascension needs the strength of every able-bodied youth of this generation in the Law Realm! Why don’t you think about it some more?”

Xia Fei’s curiosity was piqued. “Something major? Whatever could that be?”

Shunye appeared to be clueless about this as well, shaking his head. “I’m wondering about that myself. Over the span of one night, the brothers of my Cruelwolf Clan have all disappeared to who knows where. I heard that it’s the same with other clans as well, sending off their younger generation warriors. Could that be related to the major event you’re referring to?”

Zanian’s expression turned severe. “I can’t say anything more, but yes, these movements are indeed related to the major event that’s about to occur.”

“Tsk!” Shunye shook his head, unhappy with the answer. “What’s so secretive? Xia Fei, your Skywing Clan is also a major force in the Law Realm. Has anyone from your side done anything special?”

Xia Fei mulled this over before replying, “Not that I heard of. After the war with the Moonward Clan ended, the elites of my clan all went their separate ways. The patriarch only instructed me to look for Wuye, and no further arrangements were made besides that.”

Shunye and Xia Fei were both in the dark about what was about to happen, so both turned their heads to face Zanian.

Zanian helplessly shrugged. “No use looking at me. This matter is of utmost importance, so I won’t leak even a bit, unless…”

“Unless what?” Shunye hurriedly asked.

“Unless you two willingly join Dragon Ascension.

Shunye waved his hand dismissively. “Then forget about it. Everyone knows just how strict Dragon Ascension is. I’m fine just being the lady-killer that I am.”

After saying that, Shunye suddenly leaped up from the couch. He then pressed his left arm with his other hand and cried out in panic, “Oh, crap! The old man’s calling for me! I’d better hurry back. Today will be my treat. Zanian, help me settle the bill before you leave.”


Shunye turned into a black and bulky blur as he disappeared without a trace Instantaneously. Xia Fei was left feeling very confused. Everything was fine one moment ago. What could have caused Shunye’s abrupt departure?

Zanian Feng let out a bitter laugh as he turned to Xia Fei. “I told you. A major event is about to happen. Though Gigawolf is a glutton for play, I’m afraid that there’s no way he can be exempted from the major event this time.”

Xia Fei did not like the secretive tone Zanian was taking. Deep down, he was very intrigued about this major event that the other had just mentioned, which was why he tried to probe Zanian about it this time, only to realize that it would clash with the time when he would leave for the Ancient Battlefield, making it impossible for him to fulfill both.

Xia Fei ultimately rejected Zanian’s invitation after mulling about it for some time. Compared to his curiosity about what was to take place, his interest toward the mysterious Ancient Battlefield was far greater.

When Zanian saw that he had no way of convincing Xia Fei, he also left in a hurry. Xia Fei went looking for Moon Song as per their previous agreement, but it was too bad that she was not around. After asking around, no one had any idea where she went.

After putting some thought to this, Xia Fei went dialing Chen Dong’s compass, hoping to ask him regarding the latest news with the Lionheart Royalty before making his trip back to the Alliance so he could see if there was anything that needed his attention.

*Beep beep beep*

The line was busy. It seemed like Chen Dong was also busy with something else and could not answer his call.

Sighing, Xia Fei muttered to himself, “Strange… Why does it seem like everyone’s busy? Forget it. Best if I return to the Hidden Realm as soon as possible and prepare for my journey to the Ancient Battlefield.”

The old demon lord had a mischievous smile on his face, his two hands hugging his head as he happily said to himself, “Hah! Since this twerp wanna mess with me, I’ll purposely refrain from telling you what’s going on this time.”

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