Super Shinto Lord - Chapter 1511 Get your wish

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The completion of the comprehension of the strange exercises has made a big step forward in the progress of the Hunyuan Dao Jue Daluo chapter, saving hundreds of thousands of upgrade points.

Now, there are 279,452 upgrade points left in the Hunyuan Dao Jue Daluo chapter.

The demand for this upgrade point is still quite huge, but there are still Blood Dao True Origin Art, and Hu Lingjie's gong method, which can also advance a lot of progress. So Yu Guihai didn't care much.

After weighing it up, Yu Guihai decided to comprehend the True Origin of Blood Dao first.

He mainly considers that this practice method is more normal and easier to comprehend. He had already practiced low-level Blood Dao exercises, and he also had a meager blood of the Dao of Fresh Blood, so learning the True Origin of Blood Dao was even more handy.

Then Yu Guihai let the twelve clones begin to comprehend the True Origin of Blood Dao. The comprehension speed of this practice was also increased by a dozen times, making the overall speed of adding points and comprehension speed five times faster. The Blood Dao True Origin Technique, which originally required more than 29,000 upgrade points, can be completed with just over 5,000 upgrade points. Converted into time is ten years.

However, at this time, Yu Guihai still felt a little too long. After him, there is still the cultivation method of Hu Lingjie waiting to be comprehended, so the Blood Dao True Origin Technique needs to be completed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, after he tried it, he found that there was no good way to speed up. Had to temporarily abandon this plan.

Afterwards, Yu Guihai took out the bronze furnace.

Now that he has learned the weird technique, he is ready to try to conquer this weirdness. This strangeness is the powerful and strangeness of Da Luojing. Once conquered, it can be regarded as the most powerful subordinate.

His strength is still improving too fast, so that the subordinates of the Supreme Realm who have just subdued can no longer keep up with his needs.

Yu Guihai placed the bronze furnace in front of him, and then Yuanshen penetrated into it, and immediately came to the depths of the bronze furnace.

This is a pitch-dark area, surrounded by a thick black mist, which can be said to be invisible.

But Yu Guihai was not affected by the darkness. Within his field of vision, the surrounding scene was unobstructed.

In the thick black mist, there is a black flame that beats slightly. This black flame is even darker, and it exudes an incomparably powerful breath.

This is the source of the weirdness. It is also a place where strange consciousness is stored.

"Surrender, or die! Choose one."

Yu Guihai said lightly.

“!¥#[email protected]¥#!¥”

A strange wave came out.

Yu Guihai, who had already learned the strange language, could understand it naturally. This was a rejection. The tone is very strong, similar to the kind of not being free or dying.

But Yu Guihai knew that this strange person couldn't have that kind of firm mind. So he immediately motivated the strange exercise that he had just completed.

Immediately, an incomparably powerful and strange aura erupted, and a terrifying black flame rose up from his primordial spirit, directly swallowing the strange power around him.


Weird sent a shocking question. It couldn't imagine why Yu Guihai could master its power. This power was so pure that it couldn't help guessing that the guy in front of him was his own race.

"I'm not your same clan, but that doesn't mean I can't practice your exercises. I can practice any kind of exercise. I don't care about my race, I don't care about everything." Yu Guihai said lightly.

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and a black flame swept out, instantly turning into a fire dragon to surround the strange source body.

This black fire dragon is extremely terrifying, contains supreme power, and can feel a strong and incomparable threat strangely. It understands that it only needs to shrink the fire dragon, and it is enough to directly crush its weak original body.

"I surrender!"

Wei Wei immediately froze, and hurriedly replied. Even the language used has been changed to the language of the fairyland.


Yu Guihai was a little silent. Although he expected that this strange person was not afraid of death, he did not expect it to be such a soft egg. What about your courage to die?

"Very good. You are very smart!"

Yu Guihai nodded, raised his hand, and a pitch-black flame floated on his fingertips.

Wei Wei hesitated for a while, and soon let go of his source body and let Yu Guihai act.

Yu Guihai casually put the black flame into the deepest part of the strange source body. The black flame suddenly flashed, and it turned into a little black dust and dispersed to all the positions of the strange source body.

From then on, he only needs to move his mind to make this strange fall directly. And can also grasp this weird idea of ​​good and evil at any time. Basically, there is no need to worry about this guy defecting.

"Very good, following me is only good for you. You will know later. Now tell me how you can restore your strength, and I will find a way to help you do it." Yu Guihai said.

"Follow the master!"

Weirdly and respectfully replied: "For subordinates to recover, they need to absorb a lot of spirits, creatures, or the world of vitality. Everything in this world is delicious food to me. Of course, there are other strange things, and the effect is better. It’s just that the taste is too bad, it can’t compare to the things in this world.”

"That's easy to say."

Yu Guihai nodded immediately. Since this weirdness is not picky about food, then he has a good place for weirdness to absorb. Then, when Weird regains his strength, he can perform his duties as a cow again.

"Since this is the case, then you should also change your body. Follow me in the future, and it is convenient to do anything." Yu Guihai said later.

"Thank you master!"

Wei Wei was overjoyed when he heard the words, and then a strong black flame emanated. The flames spread, gradually covering the entire bronze furnace.

Not long after, the black flames dissipated again, revealing a beautiful woman in a long black dress. The woman's slender figure and charming appearance can make people fall into it at a glance, and it seems to contain all the amorous feelings that a woman in the world should have.

"Slave Xiaoqing, meet the master!"

The woman in the black dress bowed down Ying Ying, and there was a supreme amorous feelings between her eyes.

"Hehe. How did you turn into a human woman?"

Yu Guihai was a little surprised. He was not surprised that this strangeness turned into a strange state, but he did not expect that it would turn into an incomparably enchanting beauty.

Of course, he asked this out of curiosity, not disagreement. After all, no matter who they are, if they choose between a charming beauty and an indescribable monster, I am afraid they will choose a beauty.

"Report to the master. The slave was once captured by a powerful human monk, and he taught these things to the slave." Xiaoqing replied respectfully.

"Oh? Where is that strong man now?" Yu Guihai asked hurriedly, his eyes lit up when he heard the words.

What he wants to know most now is the traces of various ancient powerhouses. Because if he wants to go further, he can only search for various secret techniques, treasures and spiritual materials from the relics of these ancient powerhouses.

"I don't know, when we met a strong enemy, after a war, the slaves were involved in the turbulent void and brought here. The slaves were seriously injured at the time, and they were here to recuperate in peace, but who knew that they would encounter a strong man, He wanted to kill me, but I killed him instead, but I was also hit hard by his death blow, and at the same time was sealed for infinite years by the ban he set up." Xiaoqing replied.

"So it is." Yu Guihai nodded, and then asked again, "Then do you know the way to go back and find your former master?"

"I can't find it. That place may be too far away. For so many years, I have observed the surrounding stars, but I can't find anything similar to that place. I can't sense the slightest breath of that place." Ao shook his head and replied.

"That's it. Forget it. Let's talk about it later. By the way, how much do you know about your opponent?" Yu Guihai then asked about the Hu Lingjie powerhouse.

Xiaoqing shook her head when she heard the words: "The slave knows only a limited amount of that person, and only knows that he came from a powerful place. This is all from his bragging words."

"Forget it." Yu Guihai was a little disappointed when he heard the words. Originally, he planned to use Xiaoqing to learn more about the powerhouses of the Hu Lingjie, but he didn't expect that Xiaoqing didn't know as much as he did.

"Then tell me about the world you came from." Yu Guihai then ordered.

"Yes!" Xiaoqing immediately began to tell.

After the two chatted, Yu Guihai had a great understanding of the world where Xiaoqing came from.

Xiaoqing's weirdness comes from a special weird world. That world, like the fairy world here, is a civilized society with order.

However, those weird ways of thinking are naturally different from ordinary people. The order and civilization they know is also completely different from the fairy world.

Because that world only has the reverse road, all the common sense in it is different from the normal world. From the perspective of the normal world, everything there is abnormal and weird.

What Yu Guihai was interested in was how to go to that world, and he took a fancy to the almost endless power of the reverse avenue.

However, it's a pity that Xiaoqing doesn't know how to go back, otherwise she would have gone back long ago. According to what she said, as long as the weirdness appeared in this world, it was impossible to return.

Yu Guihai could only regret it.

Then he asked Xiaoqing about other weird exercises. It's a pity that weird exercises are different from human exercises, and have more specific characteristics. So Xiaoqing doesn't know any other exercises.

So Yu Guihai let Xiaoqing go out to play by himself, and he continued to retreat to understand the true source of blood.

In addition to Yu Guihai's deity, the speed of comprehension of the Blood Dao True Origin Art has increased a bit, but it is still relatively slow overall. In fact, more than ten years is nothing to an ordinary monk at all. That is, Yu Guihai just disliked it for more than ten years.

When he really calmed down to comprehend the exercises, he realized that the time was really short.

Yu Guihai was immersed in seclusion and enlightenment, feeling that in a blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed.

On this day, a blood-colored brilliance flashed across his body, and the size of his entire body suddenly increased tenfold, and dense and strange blood-colored patterns appeared on his skin.

These blood-colored patterns are like some kind of totem, which contains a powerful and terrifying power.

As soon as Yu Guihai waved his hand, a river of blood emerged from the sky, and a terrifying figure emerged from the river of blood, with endless domineering arrogance.

"Is this the power of the Blood Avenue?"

Yu Guihai thought about it, he found that now he could not only easily control his own blood, but also let himself burst out with the most powerful combat power. It can also control the blood of others, and let it be controlled by him like a marionette.

Yu Guihai tried the power of the Blood Avenue, and then called out the invisible interface. The progress of the above Hunyuan Dao Jue Da Luo chapter has once again advanced by 100,000 upgrade points. Now there are only 173,546 upgrade points left to complete the deduction.

Yu Guihai didn't stop, and immediately began to let the twelve clones begin to comprehend the exercises of Hu Lingjie.

And he himself began to study the Blood Avenue that he had just learned.

The purpose of Yu Guihai's research on the Avenue of Blood is to continue to cultivate his clones. The Avenue of Blood is also a great avenue for cultivating clones. When he was in the lower realm, he had cultivated many low-level blood clones. Fighting is still great.

However, what he needs now is a clone that can help him comprehend the practice. I don't know if the blood clone can be used.

Yu Guihai then started the experiment. He separated a blood clone, which was a blood-red human with blood flowing all over his body, and these blood formed a humanoid monster.

Yu Guihai soon discovered that the blood clone could be used. But it is similar to the previous exercises in the transmission of blood beads. If there are several avenues of blood on the body, then several suitable clones will be cultivated.

If it is fighting and killing, he can naturally cultivate countless blood clones to help fight. But what he wants to do is to accelerate the comprehension of the exercises, and the comprehension of the exercises can only lock a blood clone.

In this way, UU reading he can add at most one avatar for enlightenment. Speed ​​gain is limited.

After Yu Guihai thought for a while, he quickly found an idea.

That is to create a blood clone for each of the existing twelve clones. In this way, the twelve avatars become twenty-four avatars. Comprehension speed is doubled.

Then he tried it. Sure enough, as he guessed, this is feasible. The speed of comprehending the exercises can also be doubled. In this way, there are only ten years left for the progress of the Hu Lingjie exercises.

Ten years passed in a flash.

On this day, Yu Guihai woke up from the retreat. He has successfully comprehended the exercises of Hu Lingjie.

Hu Lingjie's practice practice is the right way, which seems simple, but it is extremely difficult to get started.

Fortunately, Yu Guihai has an invisible interface and system talent in his hands, which is a nemesis for this kind of successful practice.

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