Super Soldier King - Chapter 8159 teach the mind

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For a time, there were more people who questioned and laughed at Lord Yufeng, saying that he had missed the point and gave the wrong super quota.

Yufeng Dajun just said with a cold face: "The test is not over yet, don't you see that Ye Qian has been walking very smoothly? He may have his own ideas. This test is compared to being able to walk out in the end. There is no time limit on how far.”

The swallowing beast Wutian has the hope of stepping out of the 5,000-level. He feels that Ye Qian should be fine. After all, when the two were in the Kunyun secret realm, Wutian lost to Ye Qian, and he was convinced.

However, now Lord Yufeng's expectations for Ye Qian could not be lowered. He didn't ask him to step up to 6,000 steps, or even 7,000 steps, but only hoped that he could get out of the 5,000 steps.

As time passed, Ye Qian continued to perfect the secret method of body refining, and he was getting closer and closer to getting started. At this moment, he finally reached the 4980th step smoothly.

At this time, there were less than a hundred people left on the entire climbing ladder. The vast majority of people reached the limit, and eventually passed out by being directly oppressed by the powerful pressure, and then they were directly taken out of the ladder.

And the nearly 100 people who can still maintain their forward posture also show endless exhaustion. With only twenty steps left, he felt a sense of despair that seemed to have no end.

It just so happened that at this moment, Ye Qian and Wutian were on the same step. Ye Qian naturally saw Wutian's exhaustion, and also saw his endless desire to reach the top of the five thousand steps.

Four thousand nine hundred and eighty steps, it seems that it is only a little worse than five thousand steps, but the final cultivation intensity is completely different, and the cultivation secrets and magical techniques that can be accessed will also be different.

In the end, it will naturally lead to two people with similar talents, there will be a clear gap in strength and status.

Wutian glanced at Ye Qian, although he also saw Ye Qian walking slowly, but Ye Qian has been performing so smoothly since the three thousand steps, and there has been no obvious change, so he believes that Ye Qian is sure You can walk up to 5,000 steps.

"Brother Ye Qian, why are you walking so slowly?" Wu Tian secretly transmitted his voice. He naturally admired Ye Qian, who was in the same vein, especially when the two fought against each other, and he was convinced that he lost. .

"The geniuses who got the super quota like you, the furthest they have reached the seven thousand steps at the moment. The last one has also reached the five thousand six hundred steps." Wutian continued: "You are our Kun. The only super-qualified genius in Yun Mijing, Yufeng Dajun is definitely looking forward to your performance, and our brothers in Kunyun Mijian are also looking forward to your achievements.”

Ye Qian also responded when he heard Wutian's words: "Don't worry, I won't let everyone down. By the way, have you reached your limit and feel that you can't reach the five thousand steps?"

"Yes!" Wutian didn't hide it, and said: "I think I can go out ten steps at most, maybe at the four thousand nine hundred and ninety steps, I can't resist the terrifying pressure, and I will faint directly. dead."

"I'm really unwilling. It's only ten steps, but it's a completely different world." Wutian showed his inner unwillingness, but he was helpless.

In today's test, there are far more than one person in Wutian's situation. There are dozens of people. They are only a few dozen small steps away from the next big step. Naturally, they are extremely unwilling. But equally helpless.

Of course, among them, there are also many lucky ones who have been favored by the emperor-level powerhouses from the Thirty-Six Peaks and the Four Veins. Although their own test scores are average, they have become the direct disciples of the emperor-level powerhouses. identity.

Originally, Ye Qian was also one of them. The main peak of Houtu Peak accepted him as a direct disciple, but he turned it down. It is a pity that such a thing will not be made public on the ladder of the test, it is only a secret voice transmission, and only after the test is over, will it gradually become known to the public.

"Did someone secretly accept you as a disciple?" Ye Qian asked Wutian, Wutian's potential is extremely high, maybe someone valued him and gave him a chance in secret.

"No, that's why it's a pity." Wutian responded to Ye Qian with some disappointment.

"Yeah!" After hearing this, Ye Qian planned to help Wutian, otherwise the trouble of only ten steps would make him regret for the rest of his life, and he felt a little worthless. The most important thing is that he also wants Wutian to teach Bai Yu personally at that time. Bai Yu is also the bloodline of the swallowing beast, but the bloodline is not pure. In this regard, Wutian can definitely help Bai Yu.

"Wu Tian, ​​are you willing to believe me?" Ye Qian asked in a voice transmission.

"Huh?" Wutian wondered what Ye Qian meant.

"I will teach you a mental method, and you should be able to easily reach 5,000 steps if you follow this mental method, but you may suffer some trauma afterwards, but this kind of trauma can be used to find genius treasures quickly in the later stage. Recovery, even if there is no corresponding treasure, you can recover by yourself, but it may take longer." Ye Qian said.

When Wutian heard this, he was immediately very excited. He was about to despair, but now he heard that Ye Qian had a way of thinking that could allow him to step on the five thousand steps smoothly. Permanent, you can quickly recover with the help of natural materials and treasures, or recover slowly with confidence.

Undoubtedly, this is the help he wants most now!

"Brother Ye Qian, do you still have such a mind?" Wutian said with great excitement: "I should be willing to believe you, if it is as you said, you can let me climb five thousand steps, and I owe you a share. Great kindness."

"Okay, I'll teach you the mental method now." Ye Qian even started to teach a mental method to temporarily strengthen himself. He knows many kinds of mental methods. The thousand steps are only ten steps away.

After Wutian learned Ye Qian's mental method, he immediately began to exercise according to the mental method he taught, and instantly sensed a subtle change in himself, and his original strength was actually increasing strangely.

Immediately, Wutian felt that the pressure from ascending the ladder had suddenly weakened a lot, and then he said to Ye Qian with an excited voice transmission: "Brother Ye Qian, it is really possible! This time I hope to step out of the 5,000 steps. Yes. Afterwards, let's drink and celebrate together."

After Wutian got the blessing of the heart method, he was overjoyed and in high spirits, he quickened his pace, and walked quickly towards the five thousand steps.

All this, outsiders can't know the reason, they will only think that Wutian is the previous potential that has not been completely suppressed, and this moment has been stimulated again, so it can suddenly improve.

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