Super Three-child Dad: Sign In To Become the Richest Man - Chapter 273 Whale Shark Pirate

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Jiang Han asked for a sample.

Data was surveyed.

Sure enough, this purity and precision are far better than the primeval stones of Liuye Lake.

In other words, the equipment of the most elite army outside the territory.

In fact, it is above the black cavalry.

No, this mine must be caught.

Jiang Han and the others returned to the Ministry of Industry.

Sure enough, Murong Xu's herald arrived soon after.

to the palace.

Murong Xu made a drink: "Envoy Jiang, how is the mine?"

"The detection has been completed. Both the purity and the amount of ore are excellent."

"If I use my professional mining equipment, it is estimated that I can concentrate 5,000 tons of ore a day."

Jiang Han Road.

"Five thousand tons?"

Murong Xu was shocked.

You must know that he sent the craftsmen of the entire Ministry of Industry to mine day and night, and at most 1,500 tons can be mined in a month.

Five thousand tons a day, what a terrifying astonishing amount.

"There is no child's play in front of this king, so Jiang Envoy should be careful when he speaks." Murong Zhan sneered aside.

"Five thousand tons is just the lowest number." Jiang Han replied confidently.

"Very well, I like someone like you who does big things. Tell me, what conditions do you want?" Murong Xu asked.

"What I want is simple."

"I will provide free equipment for mining. I want 10% of the finished ore." Jiang Han said.

"One percent?"

"Boy, one achievement is fifty tons, and one month is fifteen hundred tons, all of which are equivalent to the total stock of the last small domain." Murong Zhan was furious.

"King Dong, Your Majesty asks me something, it's not polite for you to keep interrupting and joking."

"I don't know if you don't take the small minister in your eyes, or do you not take the king in your eyes?"

Jiang Leng laughed.


Murong Zhan almost died of anger.

"Everything depends on Jiang Aiqing. Once it becomes a pure ore, from now on, your equipment will enter the territory."

"However, in the areas outside the Eastern Region, you have to find your own way."

Murong Xu said.

He has always been wary of those smuggling people in the domain, and just took this opportunity to dig out a few.

You don't have to get rid of it, but you have to keep an eye on it.

"Okay, thank you, Your Majesty."

"The minister can go and prepare."

Jiang Han Road.

Wait for him to leave the hall.

Murong Zhan was puzzled and asked, "Your Majesty, let's give him so many ore, so that the ore can be minted and equipment can be made. If Jiang Han has two hearts, wouldn't we be cocooning ourselves?"

"The heart of the East King to protect the country, how could I not know it."

"It's just that mining is imperative."

"Also, you don't have to worry too much. Jiang Han doesn't take 10%, what can he do if he takes 50%?"

"As long as others are in the Eastern Region, under our noses, he is a part-time worker."

"Ore, he can't take out a single piece."

Murong Xu was scheming.


"Your Majesty said so, I understand." Murong Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Han returned to the mansion.

He immediately looked for Zhu Jin.

Downwind Xuwang This line cannot be moved.

He had to keep it, so Murong Xu couldn't find it.

"Jiang Meng, how's it going?" Zhu Jin asked happily.

"One percent."

"But when the equipment is brought in, it may have to go the way of Lord Zhu." Jiang Han said.

"no problem."

"In the Eastern Region, my way is the way of the king, you just need to make arrangements on the southern line."

"Well, I will send someone to contact Xionggui."

"Now the southern border is his people, and it is not difficult for things to come in."

Jiang Han Road.

"When you arrive in the southern region, you ask Guo Changfeng, who is downwind, to take this token to find the third elder, and there will naturally be someone over there to transport the equipment."

Jiang Han made arrangements.


Zhu Jin was very quick in his work, so he arranged to go immediately.

a few days later.

Zhu Jin's messenger successfully contacted Guo Changfeng and spread Jiang Han's words to Long Kingdom.

within the Dragon Kingdom.

Su Muxue was very surprised when she learned that Jiang Han was progressing smoothly.

I personally transported the equipment from the base with Qin Siwen, Liang Hua and others, and after disassembling it according to Jiang Han's instructions, sent it to the desert border town.

Dragon City.

The three elders are closing their eyes and cultivating.

The special envoy crept in: "Elder, Jiang Han has moved."

"Very good, what does he have to say?" Gao Mingyang asked coldly.

"He said that good things are coming soon. The side agreed to mine. After the mining is successful, they will give the elders five hundred tons of high-quality mines every month." The messenger said.

"What did Guo Changfeng say?" Gao Mingyang nodded.

"Guo Changfeng said everything is true, Jiang Han is very happy outside the territory." The messenger said.

"This man is a talent, but unfortunately he is too ambitious and difficult to tame."

"Have you sent an expert to inspect his equipment?"

Gao Mingyang asked.

"It's useless."

"It's all disassembled, all high-tech and indispensable."

"Even if we get it, we can't assemble it, and we can't use it. The surname is Jiang, this is still a ghost." The messenger said.


"Then let him be majestic first and wait and see what happens." Gao Mingyang closed his eyes.

With the secret help of Xionggui, the equipment was quickly sent to the border.

After entering the border.

Zhu Jin was afraid that Murong Zhan would interfere, so he chose to start by sea.

Murong Zhan did not let Jiang Han's plans go.

The reason why he can still speak his mind in the army right now is because he privately controls the distribution of primeval stones for military supplies.

Once this situation is broken.

With countless primeval stones, the king can create a more powerful army.

At that time, his military heart will be difficult to stabilize.

All loyalty is fake these days, and the soldiers will recognize whoever has the primeval stone in his hand.

Made up my mind.

And hijack Jiang Han's equipment at sea.

Once he got it, Murong Zhan could use it to mine other mines privately, and even cooperate with private mine owners in the southern and northern regions.

above the East China Sea.

Zhu Jin sent Li Jimin to personally preside over the shipment.

above the East China Sea.

There have always been three strands of pirates.

The largest group of pirates is called the Giant Whale Gang.

Pirate leader called Juventus.

This person is proficient in water and has the ability of a master in water, known as the water dragon king.

The reason why he can dominate the sea.

It was because of Murong Zhan's backing.

At this time, Murong Zhan's special envoy, Guo Tu, the great merchant of Wangcheng, came to Whale Shark Island in person.

"Master Guo, please."

"What are the instructions from King Dong?" In the island cave, Juventong asked with a toast.

"There will be a group of official cargo ships starting from the sea today."

"There is a navy to watch the custody in person."

"Dong Wang's intention, let you hijack it."

"Because Li Jimin personally deployed, the firepower of this dragon boat is very strong, and the sailors are also elite, you can get snacks." Guo Tu reminded.

"Don't worry, it's not the first time an official ship has been hijacked."

"Date!" Juventus disagreed.

"Tomorrow at noon, they will pass by your whale shark island, and then you can start." Guo Tu said.

"Well, what's the benefit?" This is what Juventus cares about most.

"King Dong said, hijack it and give you 100 tons of primeval stone mine." Guo Tu sneered.

"Well, that's it."

"You wait for my good news." Juventus made a decision.

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