The Age of Gods Return: Start To Kiss the Rift Girl - Chapter 1131 , The gods wake up

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"Are you surprised or surprised?"

Demon God Chiyou looked at the general with a playful look, and his eyebrows were full of teasing.

"You are playing with fire!"

Jiang Chen looked at the ground under his feet with a heavy face, and his eyes showed deep jealousy.

This is not an ordinary mountain, but a **** from ancient times!

Sleeping ancient gods!

"Devil God, you should be aware of the current state of you and me, if the consequences of awakening this god..."

Chi You shrugged his shoulders indifferently, "I'm already reduced to this brat Martial Spirit, I'm still afraid of being a dick!"

"Life and death are indifferent, just do it if you don't accept it!"

"If you dare to move this kid, I will dare to head-on with you!"

"Don't believe me, try it!"

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and looked at the demon **** Chi You, if his eyes could kill people, he would have died eight hundred times.

Is this still the ancient demon god?

It's just a rogue!

Who did you learn from?

Lin Que watched the conversation between the two big men with a dazed expression.

What the hell?


Has the lineage of gods appeared again?

Why doesn't he know?

Without wasting time, Lin Que took out a glass jar containing vigorous jackfruit to replenish his physical strength.

After a while, he stood up and looked at the two people who were still staring at them, and couldn't help but speak.

"I'm talking about two people, why don't you fight a fight!"

"It's not a problem to stare like this!"


Demon Chi You:? ? ?


Who on earth are you with?

Don't you know what I want?

Who is the best teammate in the end?

"This kid is right, it's useless for us to waste it, let us go, it won't do you any harm!"

Jiang Chen snorted: "I don't want to let go of the fat in my mouth!"

"Want to scare me off?"

"If you have the courage, you can try it!"

Chi You's eyes narrowed, his body was full of killing intent, and the dark golden magical energy was flowing.

He is a dignified demon, now threatened by an old lady.

What a shame!

When your strength recovers, you must give this old lady a little bit of color.

"Is that right?"

Just as the two were in a stalemate, Lin Que, who was paralyzed on the ground, stood up, holding a small laser cannon.

"Boy, don't be impulsive!"

Demon God Chi You yelled hurriedly when he saw this scene.

He knew Lin Que's nature too well. This guy was not afraid of the sky and the earth. If an energy cannon were to go down, he would surely startle the sleeping god.

Jiang Chen looked disdainful: "Humans, try it if you have the courage!"

"To shut up!"

Chi You scolded angrily.

Damn, this demon king was brave, you are so excited, you can't shake the sky!

Lin Que grinned: "Don't get excited, I just want a way to survive!"

"Let us go, everything is fine!"

Jiang Chen stepped out, his aura swept towards Lin Qu, trying to suppress him.

However, Lin Que looked indifferent, letting the pressure fall on him.

"Ask once, give a way to survive?"

The minister did not speak, and the power in his body turned into a pair of invisible big hands, slapped towards Lin Que.

"Come on!"

Lin Que looked at the big hand coming, with a wicked smile on his face, and with a move of his finger, he pulled the trigger directly.


The laser cannon finished gathering energy in an instant, and suddenly launched an astonishing beam of light, piercing the earth straight into the ground.


Seeing this scene, the demon **** Chi You helped his forehead, and the real turmoil was pulled away.

After Lin Que fired the laser cannon, he ran away directly, just when the giant palm was about to kill Lin Que.


Suddenly, a loud thunderbolt came out, and a powerful magnetic field extinguished the giant palm on the spot.

Shrinking Chen's pupils, before she could react, the earth began to tremble violently.

The mountain collapsed, and the calm sea continued to roar.

Lin Que staggered and fell to the ground, watching the earth rising under his feet in amazement.

On the sea, four dark brown as thick as sky pillars rose from the ground.

A huge head poked out, sending out a terrifying force that shattered the void.

Lin Que saw this, his brain humming.

This is not an island at all!

It's a turtle!


Jiang Chen frowned and said in a deep voice.

A **** who has been sleeping since the turbulent period of ancient times, now wakes up and possesses the power that she can definitely not resist at this moment.

Demon God Chi You turned into a stream of dark golden light and returned to the soul palace.

"Boy, the turbulent period has begun."

"Be prepared!"

After speaking, there was no movement, and he fell asleep in the soul palace.

Lin Que realized that at this moment, the sleeping ancient gods said by the system had recovered, and he would become the starter of a new era.

Oh shit.

This tyrant awakened by himself.

For a while, he felt a little frustrated. If the Eight Great Nations knew what he was doing well, he wouldn't be caught in a small dark room!

Jiang Chen didn't bother to control Lin Que, so he walked away from the void and disappeared.

In the same place, only Lin Que stood alone on the ground, at a loss.

He raised his huge head and stared at Lin Que.

Lin Que's scalp was numb, he forced a smile that was uglier than crying, and waved hello.


"Have you eaten?"

Ba below greeted Lin Que, his nostrils moved, and he exhaled two breathtaking breaths, and turned him over as a gift in return.


Lin Que was still in a period of weakness and had no power to fight his sniffles at all, just when he was about to be blown into the sea.

A pair of old arms stretched out and picked up Lin Que.


Cang Yuan appeared in time, led Lin Que, stepped on the **** beast and snake, and left the scene quickly...

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