The Alchemist of Harry Potter - Chapter 1091 reach new heights

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Ministry of Magic, Auror Office.

Scrimgeour stood at the door, looked at the empty office, walked to his seat with a blank expression, pulled out his chair and sat down, and began to read the newspaper in his hand.

Scrimgeour gave a simple comment on the front page headline of today's "Daily Prophet": "Death struggle."

Despite Fudge's desperate efforts to whitewash himself through the Daily Prophet, he is still no match for other newspapers and the strong evidence presented in them.

Now the voices of the wizarding world calling for Fudge to step down are getting louder and louder. Scrimgeour is very clear that part of it is due to Fudge's political enemies, but Fudge has done a bad year. Not only has the Ministry of Magic become a laughing stock, but also other The wizard lost faith in him.

Putting down the Daily Prophet, he continued to read other newspapers.

Most newspapers have their own focus, one of them focuses on Albert taking on the Ministry of Magic Aurors and portraying him as the next Dumbledore.

"The next Dumbledore?"

Scrimgeour put down the newspaper, looked at the empty Auror office, and fell silent for a while.

At this moment, there were hurried footsteps outside, and there was a knock on the door of the office.

"Come in," said Scrimgeour.

"Director, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries informed us that the professors at Hogwarts have just sent the Aurors to the hospital." The witch secretly observed the expression on Scrimgeour's face and continued in a low voice, "Aurors. We are undergoing rehabilitation treatment, everyone is just a little weak, and they will recover in about two days."

"I see."

Scrimgeour stood up and walked outside. He was going to visit the hapless group at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries in person.

Upon arriving at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries, Scrimgeour was surrounded by reporters waiting in the lobby.

"Director Scrimgeour, everyone is suspicious of the Aurors now..."

Before the reporter could ask a question, Scrimgeour interrupted.

"I know what you want to ask!"

Scrimgeour guessed that he might be blocked by reporters, so he had already made up his mind: "Auror trained by the Ministry of Magic actually lost to a student?"

"Aurors are human too, just well-trained and better at fighting." Scrimgeour motioned for everyone to wait until he had finished speaking before asking questions, "They were losing to the best in the wizarding world for centuries, even millennia. A genius wizard. I hate to admit it, but I think Mr. Anderson might be the most powerful dueling champion ever."

"If I didn't express it clearly enough, I'll just say it straight, maybe Anderson hasn't reached the heights of Dumbledore yet, and that's just because of his age. Do you understand what I mean?"

Since the Aurors were all defeated by Anderson, they could only increase the height of those who defeated them infinitely. As long as Anderson was powerful enough, it would not be a shame to be defeated by him.

Just like the Death Eaters are afraid of Dumbledore, what's the shame of the Aurors losing to a wizard as powerful as Dumbledore?

Scrimgeour, is this a flattery?

Not really.

Albert, who has countless halos above his head, can fully withstand such praise.

No, it's not hype, it's reality.

"Director, do you think Mr. Anderson..."

"I think Anderson's future achievements will definitely be higher than Dumbledore." Scrimgeour interrupted again: "It's predictable, I'm not surprised at all, but the Ministry of Magic unfortunately ran into him and became him. stepping stone."

"People tend to ignore the myriad halos on Anderson's head, and just remember that he's still in Hogwarts, just a grown-up kid who hasn't graduated yet," Scrimgeour said calmly. "That's adulthood. People are arrogant, so they suffer a lot. Sometimes admitting this is not a shameful thing. Not wanting to admit it is the most shameful thing."

"Of course, that's not really a duel. Both sides kept their hands. I can only say that it's lucky that things didn't get out of hand." Scrimgeour is starting to build his own image, if he intends to fight for the position of Minister of Magic in the future. .

Part of the reason is being struck by the harsh reality.

"What do you think about Fudge?"

"I don't have any opinion. The Aurors just follow the orders." Scrimgeour raised his hand to stop the reporters' questions: "Okay, please get out of the way, I'm going to visit the hospitalized Aurors."

The reporters looked at each other in dismay, but kept clear of the way. Scrimgeour's words just now were very topical.

Scrimgeour walked to the Magic Injury Department on the fifth floor. The beds reserved for Aurors at the St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries were already full.

In fact, the vacant beds on the fifth floor were filled with Aurors, and the therapists of the Spell Injury Department were not satisfied with this, after all, there might be an emergency.

"How are they doing?" Scrimgeour asked.

"The situation is not too bad. It's just that I was hungry for two days and my body is a little weak. I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow at the latest and go home to recuperate." Mrs. McDougall took the medical record and told Scrimgeour about the situation of the Aurors , "You can go in if you want, but you can't stay there for too long, they need to rest at the moment."

To be honest, when Mrs. McDougall heard that Albert had put the Aurors down and hung them on the wall for two days, her mood was extremely mixed, especially after seeing this group of unfortunate people. thicker.

After Scrimgeour entered, he found that the Aurors were not in high spirits, and bowed their heads in shame when they saw him.

"I know very well that this is not all your fault, and no one thought that the woman in Umbridge could be so stupid, so you don't have to be ashamed." Scrimgeour looked at the Aurors who bowed their heads, calmly. He comforted: "I also need to take part of the responsibility."

Scrimgeour took the initiative to take responsibility, which helped win people's hearts. If he wanted to compete for Minister of Magic, he had to do something.

These Aurors are his foundation.

"But one thing, you made a big mistake, you shouldn't despise your opponent, I know you despise Anderson because he is young, but you don't know that you are facing a wizard second only to Dumbledore, I hope Don't do this again."

In fact, Scrimgeour didn't take Dumbledore very seriously at first. After all, no matter how powerful a person is, he can't be the opponent of a group of people, but Albert told him in the cruelest way that the most elite of the Ministry of Magic Aurors are like that.

In the middle of the night, Eve walked expressionlessly in the long-abandoned Muggle village, and finally stopped in front of a half-collapsed house. He looked up and looked around to make sure that no one was around, then walked in, and finally bent over and got into the dark and dilapidated. In the fireplace, there was a secret passage in the fireplace, and at the end was an old wooden door.

Avery raised his hand and knocked on it a few times. A gap was opened on the door, and a pair of eyes peeked out from the darkness, as if he was peeping at the outside world. The wooden door was creaked open only after seeing someone coming from outside.

"You're late!" Lucius said with a frown.

"Sorry, I've been in a bit of trouble recently and wasted a lot of my time." Avery mumbled, he looked a little tired and seemed to be in serious trouble.

"Come in, the meeting has already started."

Lucius Malfoy took a step back, put Avery from the outside in, and looked out again before closing the wooden door again.

Inside the door is a spacious hall, a round table is full of people, and everyone is whispering.

"Where is the discussion now?"

Avery found a vacant seat and sat down and asked casually.

"We're discussing **** that mudblood!"

"Mudblood?" Avery's eyes were confused, as if wondering if the Death Eaters gathered here to deal with a Mudblood?

"Did you pay attention to the newspaper a while ago?" Lucius Malfoy raised his eyebrows slightly.

"What, newspaper, no, I'm very busy recently, I don't have time to read the newspaper, and... What major news can there be in the newspaper?" Avery was even more confused.

Lucius Malfoy placed several newspapers in front of Avery, who, after reading the headlines above, couldn't help but stare at Malfoy, "So, you want to tell me, is this true? I think you should have a good idea of ​​how watery newspaper news really is."

"Maybe there is moisture, but most of the content inside is true. That mudblood did defeat dozens of Aurors." Lucius Malfoy said this matter, his face was particularly gloomy, he remembered himself a while ago. Also tried to murder the Mudblood named Anderson. "Of course, the Aurors just wanted to catch him, so no dangerous magic was used."

"It's ridiculous, you actually believe it?"

In Bella's opinion, Scrimgeour's boasting was just trying to find a step for those trash Aurors, how could that Mudblood have Dumbledore's level.

Perhaps, that mudblood does have some ability, but he is completely vulnerable in the face of black magic, and it can be solved with a single life of Avada.

"It's very difficult to get rid of him head-on. It is said that the opponent's spells are very fast, and all the Aurors used are silent spells. All the Aurors that were directly hit were caught off guard." Lucius Malfoy said the information his son gave him, gloomy Looking around at everyone with a face, he continued: "His spell is also very strange. Two Slytherin students were just hit by the obstacle spell and broke their whole bodies. They are still in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries. It's almost impossible to beat him in a way."

There were some words that Lucius Malfoy didn't dare to say. He doubted that even if the Dark Lord shot himself, he might not be able to kill him smoothly.

The rise of Albert has made all the pure-blood wizards present feel threatened.

"Is it possible to use other methods?" Antonin Dolokhov suggested: "Start from the friends around him, just like the way he did with Potter."

"The probability is not high. It is said that the mudblood can predict the future, and maybe he will detect what we plan to do." Avery reminded, "If it can't be kept secret enough, the plan may not be successful."

"Let's try after this matter is over!" Malfoy interrupted the conversation. They were not here to discuss dealing with the mudblood.

"Now that the Ministry of Magic is in turmoil, the Dark Lord thinks the time has come, and the specific time is this Friday."

Lucius Malfoy brought the topic back again. They gathered here to help the Dark Lord capture the Prophecy Ball and capture the famous Harry Potter, and the wizards sitting here will all participate in this conspiracy.

"Actually, I have always had doubts." Avery said suddenly.

"What doubts?"

Everyone looked at Avery in unison.

"The main goal of this mission is to predict the ball, right?" Avery asked.

"Yes," Malfoy said.

"Then why didn't the Dark Lord get it himself?"

"He got it himself?" Bellatrix laughed wildly, glaring at Avery and said, "You idiot, the Dark Lord's return has been completely ignored, why would he walk in at this time? Ministry of Magic, exposing yourself to the Aurors?"

Avery didn't pay attention to Bella's words, but looked at Lucius and continued: "The Dark Lord has been planning for so long, just to get the prophecy ball and confirm the contents of the prophecy ball, this is more important than all tasks, right? ?"

"What do you want to say?" Lucius asked with a frown.

"Why didn't the Dark Lord go to the Department of Mysteries to get the Prophecy Ball himself, and then left, it didn't take a few minutes." Avery reminded: "No one knows that the Dark Lord took the Prophecy Ball, even if he is worried about being If someone else finds out that the prophecy ball is missing, they can also destroy some nearby prophecy **** as cover, and then no one will know that a prophecy ball has been lost."

"If you lure Harry Potter to steal the Prophecy Ball, and then let us take it back, it will undoubtedly be unnecessary." Avery ignored the gazes of others around him and continued, "There are more processes in the whole plan, which means that A mistake in any part can lead to the failure of the entire plan.”

"You're scared."

"I just don't want the plan to fail again, I've had enough of the Cruciatus." Avery muttered.

"It's impossible for the plan to fail." Lucius Malfoy glared at Avery and said in a positive tone.

"I don't think Harry Potter rushes to the Ministry of Magic, the members of the Order of the Phoenix will be indifferent, they will definitely run for reinforcements at the first time, and then we need to fight against the group of members of the Order of the Phoenix at the Ministry of Magic. Honestly, it's not a very pleasant thing, because we may also have to face reinforcements from Dumbledore and the Aurors from the Ministry of Magic."

Without a doubt, Avery pointed to the biggest problem with the whole thing, which is instability.

Harry Potter itself is an uncertain variable, let alone handing the prophecy ball to Potter, God knows what will happen.

"You're right Avery."

Lucius Malfoy was silent for a moment, then nodded in recognition.

"But one thing, you didn't take into account, as Bella said just now, the Dark Lord doesn't want to expose himself too early, that will unite the entire magic world, and it's not good for us to control the Ministry of Magic, I think you shouldn't forget In the last experience, we are not as strong now, so it is necessary to hide ourselves well, especially when we can use Fudge to attack Dumbledore."

"By enticing Harry Potter to do this, we can not only get the crystal ball, but we can also use this to capture Harry Potter and bring him to the Dark Lord, even if we can't catch Potter, It was also Harry Potter who broke into the Ministry of Magic to steal the prophecy ball. I believe Fudge would be happy to trouble him. Potter will lose his asylum by then. Compared with other methods, I think it should be Use the Ministry of Magic against him."

Lucius knew that some words were untenable, but there were some words he didn't dare to say, that is, this whole thing was actually the Dark Lord's punishment for his diary being destroyed. If you fail, you will be punished more severely.

The Dark Lord has cornered him and will never allow him to fail.

The most important thing is that the probability of success of the whole plan is actually not low. As long as you get the prophecy ball and leave the Ministry of Magic, there will be no other problems at all.

Avery took a deep look at Lucius and said nothing.

Of course, what Lucius didn't say is that since Harry Potter unexpectedly escaped from Voldemort last year, many people have doubted that prophecy, thinking that Harry Potter is the one who defeated the Dark Lord.

This is actually the reason why Voldemort made up his mind to hear the entire contents of the prophecy. Voldemort thought that he could find a way to get rid of Harry Potter in the prophecy.

After the meeting, Lucius Malfoy began to talk about his entire planning process, and was asked by others to improve the plan, develop more countermeasures, and avoid mistakes during the process, as Avery said , the longer the process, the more prone to problems.

As for persuading the Dark Lord, Lucius never thought he could do it, much less would he be stupid enough to try it, and if the Dark Lord needed to do it himself everywhere, what else would they do?

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