The Alchemist of Harry Potter - Chapter 1092 Calculate

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On the eighth floor of Hogwarts, there is a DA party in the Room of Requirement.

Harry had grown accustomed to his role in the party, walking back and forth through the crowd, helping students who were not yet familiar with the Patronus Charm.

"Everyone be quiet."

Harry stepped outside the crowd and pointed his wand to his throat.

Everyone was attracted by Harry's voice, and the few Patronus that had been summoned gradually faded into a silver mist, and the room of Requirement seemed much darker than before.

"The final exam is approaching, and the DA activities should stop." Harry just opened his mouth and brought bad news to everyone.

"Will there be a DA rally next term, Harry?" Luna asked, one of the few students who successfully summoned the Patronus.

"I don't know, maybe, maybe not." Harry hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said: "After all, we will definitely get rid of Umbridge next semester, maybe the school will welcome a powerful Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, if it is true In that case, there is no need to continue the gathering, is it? You don't have to worry, Albert's "Guide to Self-Defense" will be officially published soon, and then everyone can buy books to learn the above knowledge by themselves."

"I like DA meetings, I can learn a lot here!" Neville's face was full of disappointment. He liked such gatherings very much, and there was no harm in learning more useful things.

Hermione persuaded: "Harry, I think the DA party should continue."

Hermione's words were recognized by many people, and everyone was persuading Harry that the DA party should continue.

"Don't be too quick to say no to Harry," Ron advised.

"I'll think about it again." Harry didn't directly refuse, "However, even if we continue to keep DA gatherings next semester, it won't be as frequent as this semester."


Seeing Harry let go, Hermione couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. She knew very well the meaning of the DA gathering. Harry needed the gathering to gather the students of Hogwarts and get everyone's support.

In the cheers of everyone, the DA party officially ended.

Many people came to thank Harry and hoped that Harry could turn the DA party into a formal club, which made Harry feel both relieved and helpless.

"I think if you don't hate it, it's good to keep the DA party going." Ginny turned to Harry and said, "Everyone loves the DA party and the feeling of learning something."

"I don't have much to teach you." Harry said with a helpless smile on his face. He didn't have much to teach you. If it wasn't for the Self-Defense Guide, he really didn't know what to do.

"You can follow the contents of the "Guide to Self-Defense." Hermione said without hesitation, "Most of the contents in that book were carefully compiled by Albert, and they were all very practical magic."

"That's right," Harry said softly.

"Can you still get in touch with Fred and George?"

Ron asked curiously, looking at Lee Jordan who was distributing mail packages to everyone.

"Still in touch."

"Where are they hiding?"

"I don't know." Lee Jordan shrugged. "They usually contact me."

"Mom is almost mad at them and worried about their safety." Ron said helplessly to Harry and Hermione.

"They are very safe. As for where they are hiding, I don't know." Lee Jordan carefully checked the list in his hand, and after making sure that it was correct, he put the parchment in the pocket of his robe, patted Ron on the shoulder and comforted, "They should be hiding in the safe house prepared by Albert, don't worry, those two **** are doing well, and there are house elves to take care of their daily life."

"House-elf?" Hermione keenly caught Lee Jordan's words.

"I think it's called Dobby." Lee Jordan explained to Hermione: "Albert said he might not have as much time to help with the store, so he hired a famous house-elf to help in the store. When you land, help take care of Fred and George's daily life first."

"Look Harry, I'll say there are people out there who would want to hire house-elves, and they wouldn't have to worry about finding a job." Hermione was delighted that Dobby had a job.

"No, I think they can only find work in Albert, because that guy doesn't lack Galleon at all, and doesn't care about Galleon." Ron couldn't help laughing at himself after hearing Hermione's words, " If you don't believe me, when you earn money from work, you can try to hire a house-elf to take care of yourself, and you will find out what a luxury it is."

Just as Hermione was about to retort, she heard a shrill scream from the castle.

Everyone didn't respond much to this, and even thought the sound was quite beautiful.

Now, everyone has no other complaints about Umbridge who is stranded at Hogwarts, and even hopes that Umbridge will stay until the end of the semester and then get out. Unfortunately, it seems that the Ministry of Magic intends to suspend her investigation.

"The toad has finally been punished!"

Every time Umbridge gets unlucky, it always brings everyone a good mood all day.

"No Hermione, Umbridge hasn't gotten her retribution yet. Spending the rest of her life in Azkaban is the retribution." Harry didn't intend to let the vicious woman go so easily, Azkaban is her final destination.

At this moment, Harry suddenly felt the scar on his forehead burning hot, and instinctively reached out to cover his hot forehead, as if something had invaded his brain.

"Harry, are you alright!"

Hermione supported Harry, who almost fell, with worry on his face, and Ron next to him hurried over to help him, so that Harry would not fall directly to the ground.

After Ginny heard the sound, she turned back with Luna, looked at Harry covering his forehead, and asked worriedly, "What's wrong with Harry?"

"I think you should send him to the school hospital," Luna reminded kindly.

"Oh, yes, go to the school hospital first."

Hermione took a deep breath and calmed down again.

"I'm fine!"

Harry opened his eyes and struggled to his feet from the ground, looking like he was ill, his face paled slightly.

He took out a bottle from his pocket, poured out a few vigor tonics and threw them into his mouth, regaining some strength from his weak body.

"You don't look like you're okay." Luna looked Harry up and down and said, "Maybe, you should go to the school hospital for a checkup."

"No, no, I'm fine."

Harry took a deep breath and walked forward quickly, Ron and Hermione quickly followed.

"What's wrong with you Harry?" Hermione asked anxiously.

"I saw Voldemort, he was torturing Sirius, right in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic," Harry said in a low voice, "He was trying to use Sirius to get the Prophecy Ball, he was torturing Sirius, he said he Will kill Sirius in the end!"

"But... how could it be," Hermione seemed to think of something, and her face became extremely pale, although Harry had mentioned it a long time ago, she always felt that it was not a good idea.

"It's a trap," Harry said firmly.

As ridiculous as the trap seemed to Harry, he knew exactly what it meant.

"Harry, are you really going on an adventure?" Ron asked weakly.

"I have no choice." Harry shook his head and said, "There are some things that cannot be avoided. Even if I avoid this time, there will still be a next time. Right now is the most powerful situation for me."

"Strange, though, isn't it? How the Death Eaters broke into the Ministry of Magic without the employees of the Ministry of Magic noticing." Hermione was still trying to convince Harry, "It could also be that the Death Eaters did it on purpose. A trap set to lure you into the bait, and I think Fudge would be happy to fire you."

"The Ministry of Magic has long been infiltrated by the Death Eaters. It's not a secret." Ron was not surprised by this.

People like Lucius Malfoy are in the Ministry of Magic, and the situation in the Ministry of Magic can be imagined.

"Don't worry about Hermione, the situation is not as bad as you think, we have already prepared!"

Harry took the leather bag from the pocket of his robe and took out a well-protected box containing a bottle of golden potions.

"Lucky Potion!"

Ron's lips trembled slightly, and he had heard people mention this magical potion more than once.

"Yes, I think having this thing should ensure my safety." Harry took off the sealant and took a sip, "This bottle of Flux can last a whole day of luck, but I don't need it. That long, maybe four or five hours is enough.”

"Don't be silly, we don't trust you to go by yourself," Hermione muttered.

Ron licked his lips and said, "I've always wanted to taste Fuling."

"Where are you going?" Neville came out of nowhere.

"What happened?" Ginny, who hurried over, looked at Harry uneasily. "Where are you going."

"It's nothing, just a little trouble," Harry said casually.

"Little trouble, are you sure?" Luna raised her eyebrows. "Your expression doesn't look like little trouble."

"You definitely need help, Harry," said Neville.

"No, I don't need it for now." Harry shook his head. "Okay, we should go."

"How are we going to get to the Ministry of Magic!" muttered Ron. "On a broomstick?"

"The Floo network in Umbridge's office should still work."

There were countless ways to go to the Ministry of Magic in Harry's head, but they were quickly rejected by him one by one. He needed to give the members of the Order of the Phoenix enough time to react.

Harry seemed to have thought of something, raised the bracelet on his wrist, and sent a notice to Sirius and his group. If they foolishly ran to the Ministry of Magic now, without giving the members of the Order of the Phoenix time to react, it would likely cause them to run into big trouble. .

"Perhaps, we can go to Grimmauld 12 Square through Floo fans and discuss this with Sirius and the others." Hermione still didn't want Harry to act recklessly.

"Go to 12 Grimmauld Square to meet Sirius first, I think where they should meet now." Harry finally finalized the plan and rushed to Umbridge's office with Ron and Hermione.

Neville, Ginny, and Luna all felt that the whole thing was a little inexplicable, but they all knew something must have happened, and they followed Harry to Umbridge's office.

The situation here is not optimistic. The whole room is still as if it was blown up by fireworks before. Harry found the shattered clay pot with some Floo powder left in it.

Hermione had used her wand to light the fire in the fireplace.

Harry grabbed the fly powder and sprinkled a pinch into the hearth, where a green flame was burning, and he stepped into the dancing flames at once, shouting, "12 Grimmauld Place!"

Looking at Harry, Hermione and Ron disappeared into the fireplace one by one. Ginny also planned to follow, but was stopped by Neville and Luna.

"Did Harry say something just now?" Neville asked suspiciously.

"Place name."

Ginny was a little depressed, but stayed to explain to her two friends who were still close friends.

The place protected by the Brave Loyalty Charm, before being told by the secrecy person, even if other wizards say it, others will not know, because it is completely hidden.

"They seemed to say just now that someone was arrested and was planning to go to the Ministry of Magic..." Neville always felt that Harry was in big trouble.

"You guys go back to rest first, I'll go take a look." Ginny grabbed a handful of Floo powder and sprinkled it into the fireplace, also disappearing into the flames, leaving Neville and Luna looking at each other.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are talking to Sirius in Grimmauld 12 Square.

"Harry, what happened?" Ginny came out of the fireplace and looked at the group of people suspiciously.

"Harry, you...why are you here?" Lupin slammed the door open and looked at Harry and the others with the same doubts, who hurried over as soon as he received the news.

"Come and discuss the next thing with Sirius, by the way, have you contacted Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"I haven't been contacted yet." Lupin shook his head. "However, I believe he will receive news soon."

"We must find Dumbledore, who alone can deal with Voldemort," said Sirius earnestly.

Ginny on the side was stunned, Harry seemed to be carrying out a conspiracy against Voldemort?

"It takes about two to three hours to fly on a broomstick from Hogwarts to the Ministry of Magic," Hermione asked, frowning. "How long does it take to fly from here to the Ministry of Magic?"

"Half an hour is definitely enough."

Lupin didn't know either, but he thought half an hour would be enough.

"Potter, this is for you."

Mad-Eye Moody, who had just arrived, handed a fake prophecy ball to Harry and ordered, "After you read the content of the prophecy ball, quietly destroy it, so that Voldemort cannot know the prophecy ball. The prophecy in. If the situation is critical, use this fake one as bait.”

"It's not easy to put it on," Harry muttered softly when he found the false prophecy ball.

"Just use the Invisible Stretch Charm on the robe pocket." Moody walked over to Harry, pointed his wand at Harry's robe pocket and chanted a spell.

"Which of you contacted Dumbledore."

When Kingsley and Tonks walked through the corridor and entered the dining room, they asked directly.

Everyone knew that Dumbledore was the key to ensuring the success of the plan.

"not yet."

"Sirius, you have to make sure Kreacher doesn't leak the secret," Arthur gasped to remind him, a package still in his hand. He had just hurried back home and brought over the things Fred and George had sent Harry.

"Don't worry, UU reading Kreacher has been punished. In order to make sure everything is safe, I stunned Kreacher." Sirius glanced at Hermione and continued, "Also, I also forbid Kreacher. Get out of this house."


"Okay Hermione, now is not the time to discuss this, we must first ensure Harry's safety," Lupin interrupted.

"Others should be coming soon." Mad-Eye Moody suggested, "I think it's time to discuss the entire next plan, and formulate other preparatory plans to ensure that the entire plan is foolproof."

"The timing is very important, Voldemort must be forced to appear, and the wizards of the Ministry of Magic must witness Voldemort." Kingsley is well aware of the two main points of this plan.

Destroy the Prophecy Ball and cut off Voldemort's prying eyes on the Prophecy. The other is to let Voldemort be completely exposed to everyone, in order to reverse Dumbledore's reputation and the attitude of the Ministry of Magic towards Voldemort's resurrection. If the Ministry of Magic can't deal with it correctly, the situation will get worse.

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