The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 682 - Qiao Qing is Cute

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Chapter 682: Qiao Qing is Cute

“I was able to do everything I was too afraid to do before. This morning, I suddenly ran out and ignored everything on hand. That is the best proof of it!”

His words made the crowd uproar.

“This evaluation is a high one! So this judge didn’t leave because Qiao Qing’s perfume was bad?”

“This judge hasn’t made any good comments towards anyone. Plus, he sounds so excited. That means Qiao Qing’s perfume is good?”

“Oh my god, my worldview is being tossed around. Aren’t we here to watch her fail? How did things roll out this way?”

Xu Lu laughed, “What a slap in the face. You were just shaming her for naming her perfume that name. The actual truth is that your hearts are dirty! Plus, you accuse her of making a poor product, but the judge gave her such a high evaluation!”

She was surprised to hear herself say that.

She’d been worried that Qiao Qing would make a fool of herself. Yet Qiao Qing’s perfume got such high praise?!

Those who once mocked Qiao Qing showed signs of awe.

Xu Pingting’s entire body quivered. She never expected any of this to happen.

Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen exchanged glances and saw each other’s confusion.

Gong Yi felt lost as well. Mu Jinghang scratched his head, “Sis-in-law’s perfume is good?”

Lang Yin rolled his eyes in the dark. No wonder even a fox thought he was unworthy.

Just then, someone stood up, “But she used a Spiritual Cotton Flower? Everyone knows how bad that flower smells once it’s in an oil form. It’s impossible to dilute the scent or mix it with anything. How could she have made it into a good-smelling perfume?”

Everyone nodded at her words and expressed confusion.

Towards everyone’s skepticism, Zhang Heng was not at all flustered.

He gestured for everyone to quiet down then said, “Everyone, please be quiet. I have the same questions as you. Why don’t we let Ms. Qiao explain.”

He then looked over to Qiao Qing, “Ms. Qiao, did you really use a Spiritual Cotton Flower in your perfume?”

Qiao Qing nodded, “I did.”

Zhang Heng then said, “How did you get rid of its original scent?”

Qiao Qing said, “It’s very difficult to dilute its scent using the traditional way. If you put the oil made from the flower in the open air for seven days, let the air soften it up, then soak it in water with Buddha’s hand for two days, a chemical reaction occurs. A brand new product is formed and that new product is nice to smell. It’s also irreplaceable and cannot be imitated by any other type of oil.”

Her words generated another round of uproar. Everyone felt like her explanation was unclear.

Zhang Heng misled as well, “How did Ms. Qiao know to use this method to dilute the scent from the Spiritual Cotton Flower?”

Qiao Qing gently coughed, “Before, I thought that flower smelled bad so I once extracted its oil and used it to smoke out a small animal.”

“After seven days, I failed to smoke out the animal. At the time, I had Buddha’s hand with me so out of fury, I shoved it with the oil and left it there.”

“After two days, I noticed that the Buddha’s hand somehow changed the smell of the oil. It was because of that event, I became interested in perfume mixing.”

“After that, I investigated the timing of each step and did some experiments. In the end, however, I decided that the best result is when you leave the oil out for seven days before mixing.”



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