The Druid Master of Hogwarts - Chapter 671 O.W.L. Exam (Part 1)

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.l. The exam will last for two weeks. The theory test in the morning, the practice test in the afternoon, and the astronomy practice test in the evening.

And the first exam, Charms Theory, is scheduled for Monday morning.

On Sunday, the atmosphere in Hogwarts was even more anxious, and Hermione even carried a book wherever she went.

Only Fei Xu was different, he still looked leisurely, and happily went around, not taking the upcoming exam at all.

"Feixu is so good, why should you worry about the test results?"


When Hermione asked, Mao Mao replied, and he looked at Hermione suspiciously, "Isn't your grades always good? Why is Meow so unconfident? And you haven't always been Do you like exams, nyan?"

After being reminded by Fisch, although Hermione was still a little nervous, she was finally not as chatty as before, and even took time to play with the cats for a while.

When it was time for dinner, Dumbledore led a small group of aging wizards and wizards through the Great Hall and into the staff lounge on the side.

"Oh my God," Hermione whispered, staring at their backs, "is that them? Is that the examiner?"

After seeing the arrival of the members of the Wizarding Examination Authority, she was relieved, but suddenly became nervous again.

It was a very uncomfortable night. Everyone (except Maomao) wants to hurry up and review, but no one seems to be making much progress.

Originally, Feish wanted to go out for a walk, but Professor McGonagall warned him not to run around. He asked Hermione to post it, and she pushed it away perfunctorily. In the end, the unhappy cat had to go back to the dormitory early. I'm going to bed.

At breakfast the next day, the fifth graders didn't speak much. Parvati practiced the spell silently, the salt shaker in front of her writhing. Hermione was reviewing The Accomplishment of Spells, and she was reading so fast that her eyes seemed blurry. The knife and fork in Neville's hand kept falling, and he knocked over the marmalade.

After breakfast, the other students went to class, and the fifth and seventh graders wandered around the hall. At half past nine, they were called into the auditorium class by class.

The auditorium had been re-arranged, with the four college desks removed and replaced by many single-person desks, all facing the staff desks at the end of the auditorium, with Professor McGonagall standing in front facing them.

After everyone was seated and quiet, Professor McGonagall said, "It's time to start." She turned over a huge hourglass on the table next to her, which also had spare quills, inkwells, and a roll of sheepskin. Paper.

Fish opened the test paper in front of him and glanced at the questions on it...

"It's not too difficult, isn't it similar to the previous exam, meow? Why are you so scared?"


The cat scratched his head curiously and asked loudly.

"Keep quiet!" Professor McGonagall glared at the little cat.



Feixu pouted, then swayed from side to side as if he had fleas growing on his body, while writing on the test paper.

After about an hour or so, Mao Mao threw the quill in his hand on the table and raised his arms high.

"Minerva~Fisch finished writing meow!"


"Leave quickly when you're done writing, don't disturb others." Professor McGonagall waved his hand irritably and sent Fish out.

Except for Fisch, no one else turned in the papers early, even if they had already filled up the papers, so Fisch, who was playing with his tail outside, did not see anyone else until the two-hour exam time was over. came out of the auditorium.



Cat Mao dropped his tail and pounced on Hermione.

Then he heard Hermione chatter and ask, "Fish, how did you answer the Happy Charm question? Did you write the Hiccup's cracking spell? I don't know if I should, but I did. Seems like too many...and a twenty-third question..."

"Hermione, stay awake, meow, even if I tell you the answer now, you can't change it."


Fisher looked at her gloomily, then reached out and squeezed her mouth.


Hermione, who was still babbling, made a few odd grunts, and finally became normal.

After resting for a while in the open space outside the castle, everyone returned to the auditorium for lunch with the rest of the school (the four college tables reappeared at lunchtime), then lined up into the small room next to the auditorium and waited. Was called to take the practice exam.

A small group of classmates were called away in alphabetical order, and those who remained murmured spells, practiced wand movements, and occasionally stabbed someone in the back or in the eye.

Hermione, whose surname begins with g, and Seamus, whose surname begins with f, were the first to be called away. They didn't return after the exam, so everyone didn't know what the practical exam was about. Keep practicing.

"Mogra McDowell - Ernie McMillan - Draco Malfoy - Fish McGonagall," shouted Professor Flitwick, who was standing in the doorway after a while.

Fish stood up and walked over with the other three whose names were called.

"Professor Marcheban is free, Fish." Professor Flitwick patted Fish's arm, then pointed to a hunched, thin witch in the auditorium.

"Fish McGonagall." Professor Marchban looked at the cat-eared boy who came to him, and said with a smile, "I've heard the name for a long time."

"Hello meow!"


The cat greeted her casually.

"Let's see how you have learned the Floating Charm first," Professor Marchban pointed to a wine glass on the table, "Let it fly, and then do a few rolls."

This is not difficult for Fisch at all. He took out his wand and did not wave it according to the standard wand movement. Instead, he clicked the wine glass at will, and the wine glass flew into the air obediently, and then under the command of Fisch. , made a variety of fancy moves.

"Silently cast a spell!" Professor Machiban exclaimed loudly, attracting other examiners to look over, but other examinees looked like they were accustomed to it.

At this moment, Harry, Pansy, and Sister Patil also walked in, and Harry walked directly to the examiner who looked the oldest and the baldest next to Fish.

"Harry, you're here meow." Fish waved at Harry.


When he was distracted, the wine glass in mid-air immediately lost control and fell from above. Mao Mao didn't even look at it, he stretched out his hand, and the wine glass fell firmly on his hand.

After putting the wine glass back on the table, Fei Xu shook his ears and asked, "Is that all right, meow?"

"Of course, your performance exceeded expectations!" Professor Marchban exclaimed, and then she asked with a hint of anticipation: "Can you cast spells without a stick?"

Mao Mao tilted his I don't know, Feixu give it a try. ' He put his wand aside and shook his finger at the glass.

The wine glass on the table jolted a few times, and then floated up tremblingly, looking unsteady.

Fish shook his fingers again, and the wine glass swung a few times in the air before returning to its quivering state.

"It seems that it can only be done this way, meow." The wine glass fell back on the table, and Fei Xu shrugged and said.

"It's already great!" Professor Marchban clapped his palms, then took out a mouse from under the table and said, "Let's try the color-changing spell next..."

After that, Professor Machiban took the test of many kinds of spells, but he couldn't help Fei Xu. Not only did he complete all the requirements perfectly, but he didn't recite the spell in the whole process. After Fei Xu finished the test, all the examiners were in Under the leadership of Professor Machiban, they gave Mao Mao a round of applause.


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