The Druid Master of Hogwarts - Chapter 672 O.W.L. Exam (Medium)

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In love with, the druid master at Hogwarts

The next day's exam was Transfiguration. There was nothing to say in the morning's written exam. Fixu finished it early again, and was the first to submit the paper.

In the afternoon practice exam, the person in charge of the assessment is still Professor March.

"Meet again, Fishu." Her already wrinkled face huddled into a ball after seeing the cat, "Let's test the assessment items of Transfiguration first... Let's cast the spell silently, Right?"

"Transfiguration is so powerful! You can do it without a wand!"

Cat Mao said imposingly.

Then he did all the Transfiguration practice exams without really using a wand.

"It's breathtaking," Professor Marchban applauded Fish again, then stared into Fish's cat ears, "I've always heard people say you're a 'born Animagus'. ', then, can you change it for me to see? This can be used as a bonus, even if you are 'born', it doesn't matter."

"Of course there's no problem, Fish can turn into many kinds of cats!"

Without waiting for Professor Marchban to ask in detail, Fish's body shrank suddenly, turning into a black-footed cat with a big slap and a round head and a round head.

The little black-footed cat jumped lightly and jumped onto the table in front of Professor Marchban. During the process of his jumping, his body shape and coat color also changed, becoming the original tabby cat.


Fisher's performance once again attracted all the examiners. They all put down their work and focused their attention.

After turning into a tabby cat, Fisch shook his body again, his body swelled up again, and the hair on his body was also growing wildly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a black and white Maine Coon cat that was half a meter long.

The Maine Coon's body almost occupied the entire table, so Fish jumped off the table again, while the body swelled for the third time, but the hair shrank back - this time he became a clouded leopard.

Professor Machiban and other examiners stood up excitedly. If the previous changes were only in the "cat" range, then the clouded leopard in front of him was completely different. Although they were all "cats", The difference is not the slightest bit.

As for the first black-footed cat, they didn't care because it looked too much like an ordinary cat.

Just when the examiners were excited, they didn't realize that the other candidates looked like they were facing a formidable enemy... Everyone guessed what Fisch was going to change next.


The majestic white tiger appeared in the auditorium and let out a roaring sound, which shocked the examiners. His legs softened and he fell back to his seat.

The pranked cat changed back into a human form, and asked the frightened Professor Machiban with a smile, "How much points can Fish get in this way, meow?"

In the form of werewolf and wildkin, Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore did not let him show it to others casually, which made Fisher a little regretful. He originally wanted to fly one in front of everyone.

"Of course it's the highest level of extra points," said Professor Marchban, who was relieved, while stroking his chest and shaking his head: "But based on your previous performance, it doesn't really matter whether you add points or not, as long as Your written test scores are not too bad, there is absolutely no problem with getting an 'o' in this class."

She wasn't afraid to reveal her results to Feixu in advance. After all, Mao Mao's performance was obvious to all, and it was a strange thing that she didn't get an "o".

Later, when Hermione heard about this, she was very angry, because no one told her that Animagus could get extra points during the exam!

As for Harry, he is an Animagus who has only been trained this year. He has not registered with the Ministry of Magic yet. In order to avoid being troubled by Fudge in the name of "abuse of magic" again, Harry decisively chose to remain silent. And he was influenced by his father and godfather, and he didn't actually plan to go to the Ministry of Magic to register his Animagus.

Wednesday was the herbal medicine class exam. The practical exam was different from the previous two days. Everyone was scattered and assigned to different greenhouses to conduct tests on herbal transplants and nursing.

The candidates in the greenhouse with Feixu made a lot of money. Those plants such as the fangs geraniums that were grumpy have become honest around Feixu, making it easy for everyone to deal with them.

The two examiners in charge of this greenhouse didn't know why, and thought it was something wrong with the plants. They checked it several times, but found nothing, and could only sigh: "This year's candidates are lucky."

Thursday's Defence Against the Dark Arts exam was equally lively.

After testing all the items, Professor Tofdy, who was in charge of Harry, asked Harry to conjure up his Patronus and told him that this would give him extra points.

Then Hermione, who had already finished the exam but didn't leave, ran back immediately.

"Professor! I can also conjure a complete Patronus!" She shouted at the examiner who invigilated her before, and quickly conjured up her own cat Patronus.

"It's just a patron saint..." Malfoy, who was taking the exam, glanced at Harry's stag, waved his wand, and a silver-white peacock flew out from the tip of his wand.

With the two of them taking the lead, the students who had also learned the Patronus Charm took action one after another. For a time, silver light flickered in the entire auditorium.

It shocked Professor Marcheban and the others.

In fact, the examiners have already noticed that the average level of this year's candidates in Defense Against the Dark Arts is obviously much higher than that of the previous year, but so many people have mastered the Patronus Charm. , still surprised the examiners.

You must know that even among the examiners, some people cannot summon a complete Patronus. The Patronus Charm is not the kind of spell that can be mastered by strong magic power and skilled casting skills. It pays more attention to the inner strength of the user.

"I read the interview between you and Harry, it said that you both summoned the Patronus to resist the Mystery and his subordinates..." Professor Marchban looked at Fish, who was motionless in front of him, curious. "Why don't you summon your own Patronus with them?"

Feixu pursed his lips when he heard the words.

In order to convince readers that the content of the article is true, Rita Skeeter does not describe in detail what Fish's Patronus looks like, only mentioning that he and Harry summoned the Patronus and Voldemort together. deal with.

This naturally made the cat who defeated Voldemort dislike that article very much... even if he knew that it would be better to write it this way.

"Fish's patron saint is a little too big, so I can't put it here, meow."

Cat Mao replied absentmindedly.

He said this, but made Professor Marchban even more curious. She stood up and took Fisch to go outside, "Come, let's go outside and see what your patron saint looks like! "

Feixu's performance in the past few days has already conquered all the examiners, not to mention the influence of animal affinity, so the other examiners once again put down their work and followed.

Fifth graders other than Slytherin have already joined the cat They have already seen the patron saint of Fish, but they will not refuse to see it again, and they can still Seeing the examiners and Slytherin students startled by Fish's patron saint...why not?

A group of people came to the open space outside the castle, and some students who happened to be free now also gathered around.

This time, Fish raised his wand honestly, and drew a circle above his head in a standard motion...

"Shut up guard! Meow!"


The silver-white towering tree appeared in front of everyone, and the examiner and the students who had never seen the patron saint of Fish were naturally taken aback.

Fischer looked up at his Patronus, then nodded with satisfaction...

Compared with the last time, his patron saint has a few more leaves, and one day, it will be as lush as the tree in his dream!

The cat is looking forward to it in his heart.


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