The eSports King’s Crush - Chapter 1677 beaten, teamfight

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   Chapter 1677 was hit, team battle

  Han Junseok's expression was already terrifying.

  The fat man was still shaking his head with a feigned pity: "This little brat, after 100 days of catching things, not catching anything, just grabbing a keyboard, tell me, isn't this irritating!"

  Han Junxi took a deep breath, unable to laugh anymore.

   He had a hunch that he didn't want to hear what Zhao Sanpang said next!

   How could Fat Master let go of his ears, and another brother put his arms around his shoulders. With Han Junxi's physique, he could only be forced to listen.

"Some time ago, this kid also measured his hand speed." Zhao Sanpang said with a gossip: "Genius also talks about heredity, but these are not the most terrifying. The most terrifying thing is that this kid fights with Qin Xinji every day. As you know, everyone in the world doesn't have his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't hit you like that when we were in the game. As your enemy ally, I think, chi chi..."

  Han Joon Suk will remember the scene that made him lose face all over the world when he heard this.

   Don't want to think about it at all!

   For so many years, the training he has done for Huaxia is to avenge the revenge of the year!

   Hold back, hold back! Can't turn around!

  Han Junxi turned his head, who knew that the little devil Qin just happened to be standing there.

  Han Junxi couldn't bear it any longer, and shouted: "Wu, what are you doing standing there, didn't you mean to play? Why don't you hurry up and prepare!"

   Wu, who was suddenly named, jumped up in surprise: "No, coach, you let me on?"

   "Yeah." Han Junxi also had his own considerations in making this decision. A friendly match was not worth playing for Ye Bing, but this match had to be won, otherwise it would affect the momentum of their entire team.

   Then simply send Wu to play.

   Give them a shot!

  Wu happily patted his back: "I'll go!"

  Han Junxi has been photographed since he came in today. He held back and clenched his fists there: "Move your brain."

   "Don't worry, I'm going to play bey, no, wait, this is enough for ten games." Wu turned his head: "Coach, you're playing with me!"

   is not a team member trained by the system, it is so difficult to bring.

  Han Junxi lowered his voice: "I'm talking about letting you play in teamfights."

   "Team battle? I've fought everyone over there." Wu's interest instantly dropped a bit: "I just want to fight bey."

   As soon as these words came out.

   Zhao Sanpang amiably picked up a glass of homemade fruit and vegetable juice and looked at Hanxi: "I heard what someone said."

   "I'll make him regret it!" Han Xi, who has always been reluctant to talk, has never been so cruel.

   The person from Team H over there whispered: "Wu offended the ADC on the opposite side, and he wants revenge."

   Hearing this, the panda bear covered his face and said in his heart, what do you guys know, Han Xi just didn’t want to drink that cup of homemade special blend!

   "Oh, yes, and yours." Zhao Sanpang is very fair in caring for the team members.

   Even Feng Xiaonai put a cup in front of him, not to mention Panda and the others.

   As one can imagine, the scene was quite sensational.


   "You can't lose even if you die!"

  Tenghui and Adolf were about to roll up their sleeves and beat someone.


   If you drink that thing, can you still live!

  The players from country H looked at each other, as if to say, what happened to them?

   Mo Bei, who was leaning against the door, also glanced at the homemade special tune brought by the little devil Bo, and there were more rare words: "You go and tell Fat God, I will not release water, and I will not give the other party a chance."

   (end of this chapter)

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