The Female Cannon Fodder Is Highly Poisonous - Chapter 5187 end

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  Chapter 5187 Ending Chapter (new article reunion)

  The doubts and rumors of outsiders will eventually disappear, and the unbelief of the son is fatal.

  The Toffee knows this better than anyone, so even if things have passed for more than ten years, she is still cautious, and the concealment is seamless.

  If it hadn’t been for the envy of Yan Youshu in the palace this time, which triggered a series of subsequent stories, I’m afraid no one would know that Shushu’s identity was false.

Toffee    reluctantly smiled and told Ruan Yue not to listen to the rumors. She is a mother, wouldn’t she know her daughter?

  Ruan Yue smiled without saying a word.

  Sitting in silence for a while, he left, leaving the Toffee with trouble sleeping and eating.

  But the knife on the neck still fell down after all.

  British grandfather and others united to play, the crime of the Concubine Hui and Concubine Shu deceiving the emperor not only revealed the identity of Concubine Shu, but also completely revealed the transfer of the concubine.

  The government and the people were shocked.

  After learning the reason, everyone was even more puzzled.

  The Toffee liked Yan Jinyu when he was young, but it is understandable, but Yan Jinyu is mediocre. If it weren’t for the ancestor’s yin, I’m afraid that the general would not be able to sit on it, and then there would be shameless acts of treason.

  How did he get to the point where he would abandon his biological daughter in order to leave his blood?

  Everyone wants to break their heads, but they don’t understand.

  But it’s okay. If you don’t understand it, it will not affect their attitude and position on this old case.

  In any case, the concubine should be punished by the law, and concubine Shu should go back to where she should be.

  The ministers all asked the concubine to go to the palace to face off. Jing Qian did not agree. No matter what Yan Youshu's status, she was true to him, and some of the insights and strategies she put forward were very helpful to him in governing the country. He could not lose Yan Youshu.

Toffee    missed an opportunity to go to the palace, but she heard the news for the first time.


   was shocked.

   After waking up, she faced Ruan Yue with a gloomy face, and he was still holding a bowl of medicine in his hand.

  In a daze, the toffee thought she saw her deceased husband Ruan Ji.

   Ruan Ji had murderous eyes and asked her indifferently why she wanted to harm his daughter and why she should treat his daughter like that!

   Toffee's eyes were splitting, thinking that Ruan Yue was going to kill her, she raised her hand and overturned the medicine bowl as if she was frightened.

  Not long after, the subordinate rushed in and shouted "The Toffee Empress is crazy".

  Ruan Yue calmly got up and walked out.

  At this point, no matter whether it is crazy or crazy, it is a good choice for her to be crazy, she may not be crazy, she said nothing.


   "Are you crazy this time?" Ruan Tang asked.

   Jing Xuan shook his head, “I don’t know, but Ruan Yue is a very cruel boy. He dug Yan Jinyu’s grave early and dug his bones out. It seems that he has been waiting for this day.”

  Ruan Yue not only dug up the bones of Yan Jinyu, but also declared that his sister is still alive, and the one in the palace is just a fake, a person who should have died long ago.

  Anyone who can abandon her own daughter for Yan Jinyu will naturally be unable to bear it when she sees that Yan Jinyu's grave is dug up and her baby girl's identity is exposed.

  It is estimated that she is more likely to be crazy this time, but it does not rule out that she pretends to be crazy and behaves stupid.

  But this matter has little to do with them.

  Recently, North Korea has not been peaceful, mainly because Jing Qian not only did not abolish her after discovering Yan Youshu’s identity, but instead wanted to make her a queen, which angered many of his father-in-laws.

  Those who used to be rivals joined hands. How could the little emperor be their opponent?

  They fight them, Jing Xuan continues his pre-marital honeymoon.

As many worlds have done in the past, they will travel the whole world this time. They returned to the capital again ten years later. The nine princes who said they were dead and improperly emperor were driven off the shelves by ducks, and now they have been ascended to the throne. Years.

As for Jing Qian, he was taken down by his old father-in-laws a long time ago, and the empress who was originally affectionate became his most resentful person. The two were banned by the new imperial circle and tortured each other endlessly for the rest of their lives. .

  I thought that Jing Xuan and Ruan Tang could rest for a while when they came back, but they didn’t stay for two days and then slipped away, and he had to suffer as the emperor.

  And Jing Xuan and Ruan Tang chose Huizhou for their next stop, where they will start a new life.

  Until they get old, until they leave.

  Until they live forever in another world.

  The story of the shuttle will end, but their story is still very long, and maybe one day, I will meet with you again.


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  (End of this chapter)

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