The Master of the City - Chapter 1446 The 6th Desolate Ancient Array

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Chapter 1446 The Sixth Desolate Ancient Array

In the vibration of the entire space, all the branches of the vines were filled with a mysterious luster.

Immediately after

The vines, which were originally only one meter high, began to soar.

"Rumbling..." The skyrocketing vines made a terrifying roar in the space.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, the vines that were originally only the size of an adult's thumb suddenly soared to tens of meters thick. Originally only more than one meter high, they soared into the sky.

The sight is both spectacular and thrilling!

"This is... a divine tree?"

At this moment, in the central area, the Sanyi God Venerable, who was working hard to stabilize the great formation, saw this scene.

Although the central area is very far away from where Chutian is now, the vines are so tall now that Sanyi Shenzun was surprised when he saw it.

Especially the mysterious luster emanating from the vines surprised Sanyi Shenzun.

"This is not a tree, it should be a kind of vine." Bu Zhou Shen respectfully said.

"How can such a mystical vine emerge from the Xuan Dao Transformation Realm?" The other three gods were surprised and puzzled at the same time.

"This is the vine of that young man..."

God Venerable Sanyi suddenly remembered that a powerful vine appeared when the powerhouse they sent from the upper realm came to the floating space.

Originally, their upper realm messengers were going to suppress this powerful vine, but they did not expect that a young man suddenly appeared in the floating space and instead killed their upper realm messengers.

And this young man is the one they have been trying to kill in the upper realm!

And the vine in the floating space must have been taken away by this young man.

Obviously, the mysterious vine that appeared now is the vine in the floating space.


At this moment, the world resonates with it!

Immediately, Sanyi Shenzun and others saw a magnificent scene.

At this moment, the huge vine radiated a majestic and mysterious luster, all the branches began to move, and a magnificent scene emerged.

"What a powerful breath..."

The three gods sensed the space, and as the vines changed, there was an indescribable aura.

This kind of breath actually made their moods shake!

"not good……"

When Sanyi God Venerable sensed this breath, his face changed greatly while shaking, "This vine is arranging a large formation..."

"This great formation is likely to enable the young man to understand the profound meaning of the profound way of changing the realm and enter the next realm..."

"This grand formation is about to be completed, we must stop it before it is completed..."

"Om..." Sanyi Divine Venerable drank violently, followed by an incomparably violent burst of power, controlling the great formation under his feet.

The other three gods also know that they must rush over to kill the vines before the formation is complete, otherwise they will let Chu Tian escape under their noses again.

The three God Venerables also did not reserve the slightest moment, and the explosive power was extremely violent.

Buzhou Shenzun glanced at Sanyi Shenzun, pondered for a while, and finally it was a violent burst of power, fully assisting Sanyi Shenzun.

"In this area, there really is a mysterious great formation hidden." In the Divine Stone Space, Chen Chenxixi looked at the scene outside and was amazed.

"This hidden great formation has been imitated by the vines, and the vines will probably open it next." Xu Ji said while suppressing the vibration in his heart.

Chu Tian nodded.

He stared at the scene outside in amazement.

At this moment, the vines, which have become huge, have completely formed a magnificent formation.

With the appearance of the big formation, a majestic and terrifying aura pervaded the entire space.

At this time, the vines appeared as the branches of the great formation and began to move with a mysterious rhythm.


With the movement of the vine branches, the entire Profound Dao Transformation Territory began to vibrate terribly.

All the avenues in the space, at this moment, have become extremely cold.

The terrifying blast towards the vines!

but at this time

"Om..." In the space where the vines were about to appear in the great formation, a mysterious and incomparable luster suddenly appeared.

The emergence of this luster actually caused all kinds of horror avenues in the space to retreat a little.


Under the miraculous movement of the vine branches, a terrible roar sounded in the space.

Then I saw that, as if a mysterious space was being torn apart, a mysterious crack appeared in the outer space, and at the same time, an indescribably terrifying vision appeared.

When the mysterious crack appeared, it was accompanied by an incomparably powerful breath.

"This breath is..."

When Chu Tian sensed this emerging aura in the divine stone space, he couldn't help being stunned.

He felt that this breath was a little familiar!

In the next second, Chu Tian was shocked!

"This is the breath of the ancient great formation..."

Chu Tian reacted instantly. If he didn't judge wrong, the terrifying aura that emerged from the mystical crack was the aura of the ancient great formation.


In the outside space, with the mysterious movement of the vine branches, more and more mysterious cracks appeared.

The powerful aura emerging from the mysterious crack is also becoming clearer and richer!

It was also at this moment that Huo'er's excited voice sounded in Chu Tian's mind, "Brother Tian, ​​the light spot of the sixth great ancient formation has appeared..."

"No, it's not a spot of light, it's a light, like a scorching sun..."

"Brother Tian, ​​the light has changed again. I see that this light is changing into a mysterious space..."

In Chu Tian's mind, Huo'er's incomparably excited words kept ringing.

"Sure enough, it is the Great Desolation Formation!" Chu Tian is now finally completely certain.

This hidden mysterious formation in the Xuan Dao Transformation Realm is the sixth ancient formation!

Chu Tian's heart is full of surprises!

He also did not expect that the sixth ancient great formation was actually a Xuan Dao Transformation Realm!

Chu Tian stared at the scene outside excitedly!

As long as the vines fully open the hidden mysterious space, then his sixth ancient great formation will appear in the space of heaven and earth.

But at this time, Chu Tian suddenly found out.

In the outer space, the speed at which the mysterious crack appeared has slowed down significantly!

Chu Tian even saw that the huge vines were also shaking slowly at this moment.

Obviously the vines are already struggling!

"The vines cannot fully open the hidden mysterious space!" Chu Tian was shocked.

It was also at this moment that Chu Tian suddenly sensed that the vine was contacting him.

"Master, I need your assistance to open this hidden space."

Sure enough, just like Chutian's judgment, the vines can't open the hidden space alone!

"Whoosh..." Without any hesitation, Chu Tian burst out with majestic power, turned into a long rainbow, shot out from the space channel of the divine stone, and flew towards the huge vines...

(End of this chapter)

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