The Master of the City - Chapter 1447 Merge with the vine

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Chapter 1447 Integrating with the vines

"The vines need Chutian's assistance to open this hidden mysterious space." Xu Ji saw Chutian leave the divine stone space in an instant, and suddenly understood the reason.

Then he sensed the orientation of the central area.

In his induction, the five gods in the center area, under the full force of the explosion, the great formation has begun to stabilize, and will soon get rid of the center area.

"Once the five gods get rid of the central area, they will inevitably come here to kill..."

"At that time, it will definitely be a thunder strike..."

"Can Chutian successfully open this mysterious space before the five gods are killed?"

Xu Ji was nervous and dignified again.

He now knows that as long as this mysterious space can be opened and the great formation appears, they can smoothly enter the next domain.

But if the five gods were killed before the mysterious space was opened, they would have no chance to escape!

"Xu Ji, what should we do now?" Chen Chen Xixi also understood this and said nervously.

"We can't help a little..."

Xu Ji shook his head with a wry smile.

Although they are powerhouses in the realm of life and death now, they are the five great gods. They are so powerful that they are not even qualified to contain them.

And to open this mysterious space, they can't help at all!

"It can only rely on Chutian and Vine." Xu Ji smiled bitterly.

"Xiaoteng, how do I need to cooperate with you?"

While Xu Ji smiled bitterly, Chu Tian had already entered the outside space and flew towards the incomparably huge vines at high speed. During the flight, he hurriedly asked about the vines.

"Master, I need to be one with you!" Vine conveyed a message to Chutian.

"How to integrate into one?" Chu Tian asked hurriedly.

"Master, I have recognized you as the master, you only need to enter my body, and you will understand later!"

While the vines were transmitting information to the moment, a dazzling lustre suddenly appeared on the middle of his huge torso, which was extremely miraculous!

Chu Tian suddenly understood that the dazzling radiance emanating from the vine's torso was the passage through which he entered the vine's body.

After entering, you can merge with the vines!


Without any hesitation, Chu Tian immediately shot towards this dazzling light.

"Om!" Chu Tian instantly entered the dazzling light and disappeared into the space.

Immediately after

The incomparably huge vines emerged with majestic strength and mysterious luster.

at the same time


The vine majestic torso began to vibrate violently.

"Young master has entered the vines, is this what you want?" Chen Chen Xixi looked at this scene in surprise in the Divine Stone Space.

Then, they saw an incredible scene!

At this moment, when Chu Tian entered the torso of the vines, the huge torso of the vines began to change.

The tens of meters of huge torso began to split at this moment. With the naked eye, you can clearly see that the bottom of the vine's huge torso split into two huge legs.

Then, the upper half of the huge torso formed a huge body, and then split into two huge arms!

And at the top, it changes into a giant head!

"Young master turned into a giant of vines??" Chen Chenxixi in the Divine Stone Space looked at this scene with astonishment.

"This is the integration of Chutian and Vine." Xu Ji said in shock.

He was right in his judgment, Chutian and Vine are now integrated into one!

Chutian, who was integrated with the vines, became a huge vine giant!

That kind of huge, like supporting this world!

"Master, now we work together to open this mysterious space."

"it is good!"

"Om..." Together with the vines, Chu Tian burst out with dazzling power.

Under the fusion of the two, Chutian already knew the method to open this mysterious space.

When the power exploded, Chu Tian, ​​who turned into a giant vine, instantly transformed into a magic seal with two incomparably huge hands.

Under the display of the seal, mysterious waves emerged in the entire space, and they scattered in the space like a wave, causing those terrible avenues in the space to shake.


In Chu Tian's huge palm, two grand Daoist methods appeared!


Chu Tian shouted violently.

Two huge palms were suddenly printed in the space in front of them!

The two grand Taoist methods in his hand suddenly burst into majestic power in space!


In an instant, the mystical cracks that appeared in the space before were quickly spread in the space under Chu Tian's two mystical and powerful Dao methods.

It looks like a huge mirror, cracking at a rapid rate!

The dense space cracks spread and expand rapidly, the terrifying ancient atmosphere, from these cracks, constant terror erupted.

"You want to open this mysterious space, crazy dreaming..."

A violent shout shook the entire space.

"The five gods are here..." In the space of the gods, Chen Chenxixi heard the sound, and her face turned pale.

Xu Ji also changed suddenly.

Seeing that at this moment, the five great gods are in control of the great formation, and they are already out of the center.

Although the central area is far from them, these are the five gods, how powerful.

It's here in the blink of an eye!


The Sanyi God Venerable stared at Chu Tian who had turned into a giant vine, and the seal in his hand instantly transformed.

Then, the mark in his hand suddenly slapped Chu Tian!


What a terrifying blow.

An unimaginable terrifying Taoist magic power directly tore through the entire space and came to kill Chu Tian!

Chutian is now at a critical juncture!

Unable to deal with this blow alone!

"Master, let me block!" Suddenly, Yue'er's voice sounded.

see you later

Yue'er escaped and turned into a divine sword form!

"Om..." Yue'er burst out with dazzling power, like a star bursting with dazzling power, and greeted the blow of Sanyi God Venerable!

Xu Ji and Chen Chen Xixi in the Divine Stone Space watched this scene with extreme tension.


Both erupted in Skyrim.

The entire world was hit by this blow, showing a terrifying scene, wreaking havoc with terrifying power!

Yue'er's powerful blow temporarily blocked the power of the blow from Sanyi God Venerable.

But it only resisted the momentary scene, Yue'er's strength was exhausted, lost its luster, became dull, and was shaken back weakly.

The terrifying power of this blow from Sanyi continues to come to Chutian's terrifying slaughter!

At this moment, Chutian is drinking violently!

"Open for me..."

The moment the violent shouting sounded, the two Dao Techniques in his two giant hands suddenly filled with violent and incomparable power.

Then, Chu Tian's two giant hands suddenly ripped apart!

"Om..." The mysterious space was finally successfully opened by Chutian. The magnificent and terrifying atmosphere of the ancient times suddenly emerged like a tsunami in the sky...

(End of this chapter)

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