The Master’s Master Can’t Be a Mortal - Chapter 1577 Talk about collapse, the woman in the coffin

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"What a dead immortal emperor, who dares to publicly insult this Tianzun, next time we meet, we must pull all your chicken feathers off, and then execute him at a tardy time!"

Lu Tianzun scolded.

In the depths of the starry sky, when Immortal Emperor Dead Ji heard the words, he was so frightened that he almost urinated.

Misty sect.

Ye Feng also heard a voice: "Immortal Emperor Dead Ji, you bald chicken is not very good, but your tone is very big, and you don't know how much garlic you ate."

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji scolded angrily: "If it wasn't for the old dog Lu Tianzun who took action, Ye Feng, you and Mizong Sect were killed by this emperor long ago, it really angered me!"

"Kill me? Just rely on your bald chicken? Sorry, I'm just standing there, you can't beat me, why kill me?" Ye Feng said with a smile.

"You wait for me! Once the Lord of the Black Prison is born, I will kill you immediately."

Deathly Immortal Emperor was very unconvinced.

"I'll wait for you." Ye Feng said, "However, even if the Lord of the Black Prison is born, even if he is the 80th Immortal Emperor, I'm not afraid at all."

"Bragging, who wouldn't?" Immortal Emperor Dead Ji sneered, "I can still kill you with one finger!"

At this time, Lu Tianzun said: "Immortal Emperor Dead Ji, the grievance between you and Ye Zhangmen, this deity does not want to intervene, but your shot at Shenzhou is a provocation to all the souls of Shenzhou, and death is not a pity. "

"You come and hit me!"

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji slammed, very arrogant.

When Lu Tianzun heard the words, he gritted his teeth, and had nothing to do with the shameless and shameless Immortal Emperor Dead Ji.

Ye Feng was too lazy to talk nonsense with Immortal Emperor Dead Ji.

The scolding of the three powerhouses ended like this.

The top of Misty Peak.

Ye Feng sat on the seat.

The incarnation of Shenzhou Tiandao is floating in the air, and there are nine gorgeous fairy lights behind her, which make her more and more sacred, like a **** who saves suffering.

Strong sacrifice read sacrifice. "Senior Tiandao, Immortal Emperor Dead Ji's move is infinitely close to the Immortal Emperor of the 80th Layer. It is extremely powerful. With Shenzhou's current defensive ability, can it be stopped?"

Ye Feng is very concerned about this issue.

"Yes." Shenzhou Tiandao nodded, "Even if Lu Tianzun doesn't make a move, when the sword light comes into contact with the atmosphere, he will still be defeated."

"Then I'm relieved." Ye Feng nodded.

deep in the universe.

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji kept sneaking, and finally came to an endless distant place and saw Lei Wudao.

"How did you come?"

Seeing Immortal Emperor Dead Quiet, Lei Wudao was speechless.

He despised the other party very much, and felt that Immortal Emperor Dead Ji was a waste, and the newly established Black Prison Demon Sect was flattened by Ye Feng in such a short period of time.

"I have a dark disease in my body, I'm afraid I can only heal with your help."

Deathly Immortal Emperor looked aggrieved.

After ending the cross-border scolding with Ye Feng, he suddenly found that because of the shadow he cast, and the fact that Ye Feng had chopped two chicken wings before, his body had been attacked to a certain extent, and it was difficult to recover.

"Healing? That's okay."

Lei Wudao took out the colorful pen and wrote all kinds of ancient characters in the air, leaving a strong source of life and some energy dedicated to clearing negative influences. In less than a quarter of an hour, the dead immortal emperor was cured.

"Your injury has healed. Next, I want to ask you a question."

Lei Wudao put away the colorful pen.

"What's the problem?" Immortal Emperor Dead Ji asked back.

"When will you Lord of the Black Prison come out?" Lei Wudao's face was gloomy, "In view of your recent performance, I don't want to give you Jieyuan Crystal for the time being. If you want something, I will invite the Lord of the Black Prison."

"What, you won't give it?"

Immortal Di Ji glared at him and cursed in his heart.

"Why, you don't agree?" The guardian took a step forward, only showing a slight breath, which made Immortal Emperor Dead Ji sweat profusely and his heartbeat increased.

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji gritted his teeth and said, "You first give me ten realm crystals, and then, I will immediately go to find the Lord of the Black Prison and ask him to help you, how?"


Ray Wudao shrugged.

The daoist seems to be looking at a fool.

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji's eyelids twitched, and he changed his words: "How about you give me eight first... Five, how about it? Why are you still staring? Three, just three!"

Lei Wudao sneered and said, "You are a complete waste. You are not enough to fail, and you still want Jieyuan crystals? You don't have one!"

"It's really deceiving!" Immortal Emperor Dead Ji smirked in anger, "I'm going to find the Lord of the Black Prison right now, but after I find him, you won't have anything to do with you. At that time, we won't have anything to do with each other!"

After all, he turned and left.

"What a waste!" Lei Wudao shrugged and looked at the guardian beside him.

"Understood." The guardian nodded.

next moment.

A dazzling sword beam slashed through the void, and Immortal Emperor Dead Ji who was escaping was cut off by an arm, so frightened that the man's face turned pale, and he ran away cursing.

After half an hour.

The arm that was still floating in the air gradually expanded into a huge chicken wing.

"Immortal dead immortal emperor, but the seventy-level immortal emperor really doesn't know whether to live or die."

Ray Wudao sneered.

As he looked at the chicken wing, a grim smile appeared on his indifferent face. He immediately absorbed the Phoenix blood essence inside, refined and purified it with a colorful pen, turned it into a drop of golden Phoenix blood essence, and came to Asgard.

An ancient coffin is suspended here.

In the coffin lay a beautiful woman, who was number two on the Invincible Supreme List.


"Xiaoxiao, this is the precious blood of the phoenix, which has been condensed by me. If you absorb it, you can make your body stronger. When you are resurrected by me, you should be able to be promoted directly to the Immortal Emperor."

Lei Wudao said softly.

This time 17bXW* Zhang Si. Immediately, he dripped the blood of the phoenix essence on Donghuangxiao's eyebrows to help her absorb it, and left a phoenix mark the size of a grain of rice on the eyebrows.

"It's so beautiful, so beautiful!"

Lei Wudao smirked.

At this moment, he found that Dong Huangxiao's figure had also changed a lot, and his figure became more arrogant, which surprised him.

"Phoenix blood essence still has this effect?"

Lei Wudao stared at Dong Huangxiao's chest, UU reading found that it seemed to be a big circle, and his expression became more and more excited.

"It seems that I need to get more Phoenix blood essence."

Lei Wudao smiled.

He looked at the Taoist guardian beside him, "Senior, I want to talk to Xiaoxiao by myself."

The guardian heard the words, turned and left.

Deep in the starry sky.

Immortal Emperor Dead Ji clutched his wounds, stared coldly at the void behind him, and said with a wicked smile, "It's such a good thunder, you can wait for me too!"

With that said, he escaped into the wilderness of the universe.

There, Immortal Emperor Dead Ji sensed the breath from the Lord of the Black Prison, and his mood gradually became excited.

Misty sect.

Everyone has finished the banquet, and the members of the sect have collectively broken through to the Immortal Emperor Realm, and the foundation is solid, and the breath on their bodies is far beyond the same level.

The weakest disciple can hang and beat the Fifth Immortal Emperor.

Mo Ying, Huo Yunjie and the others were walking in the universe, looking for an opportunity to attack the Thirty-Fourth Immortal Emperor and enter the legendary realm of immortality.

In the central courtyard.

Ye Feng rubbed his eyebrows.

"Immortal Emperor Death is a threat after all. The Lord of Black Prison behind him is even more terrifying. My strength is not enough to kill them, and I must improve as soon as possible."

"Right now, the first small goal is to strive to break through the fiftieth layer of the Creation Realm."

"Only in this way, can I see Yuling Tianzun again and ask what happened to the black prison."

"As for the Black Prison Demon Sect, although the mountain gate was flattened by me, there are still dozens of fifty-level ancient ancient immortal emperors and a large number of practitioners fleeing, which must be resolved."

Ye Feng calmly analyzed the situation.

Make a big tyrant. 【good night! 】

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